Off-grid 90 – Conditions are Right for Off-grid Electrification of Africa

14 de julio de 2016 - Smart Villages

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A from the has argued that achieving energy access for everyone requires more and better targeted investment. The paper asks what role climate finance plays in filling the funding gaps?
The examines data on the major climate funds to assess what share of international public finance goes toward energy access and compares this to overall finance needs for the sector. It highlights the flow of climate finance to decentralised energy, which is a key priority for achieving universal access, and identifies key funding blockers. The experiences from Bangladesh and Nepal provide lessons on how climate funds and national policy could be reformed so that climate funding is better targeted at decentralised energy access in low-income countries.

Top Stories

Conditions are Right for Off-grid Electrification of Africa
Mini-grids, mobile payments and smart meters are all helping to create an off-grid model of electricity provision in Africa, helped by bottom-up funding and low-cost solar power, according to Michael Gera, managing partner and co-founder of specialist venture capitalist firm Energy Access Ventures (EAV). […]

Aisling Irwin – European Commision (11.07.16)

UN Chief Stresses South-south Cooperation for Clean Energy
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the International Centre for Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on July 9, as part of his official visit to China. There he acknowledged that South-South cooperation would help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). […]

Chen Boyuan – (11.07.16)

From Basket Weavers to Salt Farmers: The Women Leading a Renewables Revolution
From female basket weavers in Tanzania to the women farming salt in Gujarat, social enterprises are helping women become clean energy entrepreneurs […]

Katharine Earley – The Guardian (09.07.16)


Emerging Solar Lamp Improves Maasai Entrepreneurs Lifestyle
Fred Deya – Talk Africa

Ambitious Plans for Waste Fuelled Micro Grids in Uganda Firm
Waste Management World (07.07.16)

Tanzanian On-site Solar Firm Expands Into Commercial Sector
Tildy Bayar – Desentralized Energy (06.07.16)

Energy Experts to Guide Entrepreneurs in Innovative Technologies
Lominda Afedraru – Daily Monitor (04.07.16)

Solar Power Light Education in Bogoria, Baringo County
Mary Mwendwa – Talk Africa

Women Innovators Stun Public with Green Mower Technology
Loepold Obi – Talk Africa

China Takes the Lion’s Share in Electrifying Africa
Global Construction Review (08.07.16)

African Development Bank Leads on $1.34Bn Loan for South Africa’s Electricity Future
Ian Clover – PV Magazine (11.07.16)

South Asia

How Affordable Solar Energy is Transforming Lives in India
Hugh Bowring – GreenBiz (12.07.16)

Sun Without Subsidy: Advances in Solar Energy Mean it May be Time to Throw Out That Rooftop Solar Panel
The Times of India (07.07.16)

India Undertaking Rural Electrification Using Solar Power
Mark Whittington – Blasting News (07.07.16)

Frontier Markets Walks the Last Mile to Distribute Solar Products
Shipra Mathur – India Climate Dialogue (13.06.16)


Aquion Energy and Solarafrica Deliver Sustainable Off-grid Solar Power System at Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya
Market Wired (12.07.16)

Sierra Leone Partnership ‘Will Attract More Energy Investors’
Jacqueline Echevarria – Energy News Live (07.07.16)

Africa’s Off-grid PV Growth To Surge if Financing is Adapted
PV Insider (05.07.16)


Off-grid Power Just Became Much Easier
Peter Harrop – Energy Harvesting Journal (08.07.16)

Scientist Develops Cooking Stove Powered by Solar Energy
Lominda Afedraru – Daily Monitor (07.07.16)

‘Suitcase Lab’ in the Fight Against Kala-azar
Naimul Haq – SciDev.Net (27.06.16)

Public Urinal Generates Electricity from Urine


Engineering Researchers Strive to Create Cheaper, More Efficient Third-generation Solar Cells
Science Daily (12.07.16)

Scientists Simulate Tiny Bacteria-powered ‘Windfarm’
Oxford University (08.07.16)

New Clues Could Help Scientists Harness the Power of Photosynthesis
Sam Sholtis – PennState (07.07.16)

How Solar Energy Can be Transformed Into Fuel
ScienceDaily (07.07.16)

Berkeley Lab Discovery Could Push Perovskites to 31 Percent Efficiency
Jonathan Gifford – PV Magazine (06.07.16)

Flipping Crystals Triples Solar-cell Performance
Science Daily (06.07.16)

A Watery Roadblock in the Pathway to Biofuels
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (05.07.16)

Engineering E. Coli for Biofuel, Bioproduct Production
U.S. Department of Energy (30.06.16)