Off-grid 71 – Electricity is a Means, Not an End

Off the beaten path: rural energy & remoteness
Mar 9th, 9:00am (GMT)

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Far-flung islands in the South Pacific and treacherous terrain in the Himalayas: both pose enormous challenges for rural development and energy. In this webinar, we’ll gather experts who will tell stories about their experiences working in remote areas where energy access is limited or almost non-existent – and what they are doing to promote access.

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Top Stories

Electricity is a Means, Not an End
Development workers agree that access to energy is a game-changer. To a great extent, they are right. According to the World Bank, one in five people on the planet still have no regular access to electricity. They cannot study or work at night, face danger in unlit villages and cities and cannot access vital information technologies, such as phones and the internet. […]

Inga Vesper – SciDev.Net (26/02/2016)

Is the US Undermining India’s Solar Power Programme?
Whatever happened to all the talk of international co-operation to tackle climate change that we heard during the climate conference in Paris just a few months ago? […]

Justin Rowlatt – BBC (27.02.16)

Power to the Powerless
A new electricity system is emerging to bring light to the world’s poorest. The key is persuading customers to pay […]

The Economist (27.02.16)

Bill Gates Says Sub-Saharan Africa has Less Electricity Now Per Person than 30 Years Ago
The amount of electricity per person in sub-Saharan Africa, when you factor out South Africa, is lower today than it was 30 years ago, according to Bill Gates. […]

Kevin J. Delaney – Quartz (22.02.16)


Rwanda: Solar Energy is the Next Big Thing in Rwanda, Says Key Investor
Collins Mwai – allAfrica (29.02.16)

More Phones, Few Banks and Years Of Instability are Transforming Somalia to a Cashless Society
Tonny Onyulo – Quartz (26.02.16)

George’s ‘Off the Grid’ Airport a Major Accolade for Africa
Louzel Lombard – Traveller24 (26.02.16)

Nigeria: Solar Energy Project Empowers a School to Go Off-grid
ESI Africa (25.02.16)


Microgrid Market Worth 34.94 Billion USD by 2022
PR Newswire (01.03.16)

Phoenix Solar Confirms Strong Commitment to its Asia Pacific Business Region
PV Magazine (29.02.16)

An Update from the World’s First Modular Microgrid
Jeff St. John – GreenTech Media (29.02.16)

Enphase Energy Announces New Residential Storage Product
Kyle Field – Clean Technica (25.02.16)


Weather Station on Two Wheels
Science Daily (25.02.16)

Australian Startup Develops Pre-fabricated Solar Farm
Giles Parkinson – PV Magazine (24.02.16)

Ambitious ‘Free Electric’ Bike Project Brings Energy to Poverty-Stricken Areas
James Rogers – Fox News (24.02.16)

Solar-Powered Drones Could Deliver Goods in Rural Areas, Charged by Micro-Solar Home Systems
Derek Markham – Treehugger (09.02.16)

Better Technology Could Take Agriculture Halfway Towards Climate Targets


NREL Researchers Push Past 1V CdTe Cell Barrier
Jonathan Gifford – PV Magazine (01.03.16)

New Molecular Property May Mean More Efficient Solar and Opto-electronic Devices
Science Daily (25.02.16)

Solar Cells as Light as a Soap Bubble
David L. Chandler – MIT (25.02.16)

Replication and Scaling-Up of Isolated Mini-Grid Type of Off-grid Interventions in India
AIMS Press (25.02.16)

Optimizing Biofuel Production from Algae Using Carbon Dioxide Emissions
American Chemical Society (24.02.16)

UW Engineers Achieve Wi-fi at 10,000 Times Lower Power
Jennifer Langston – University of Washington (23.02.16)

Virginia Tech Researchers Discover a Royal Flush in Powering Fuel Cells with Wastewater
Amy Loeffle – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (23.02.16)

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