Off-grid 72 – Inside Malaysia’s Smart Villages

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Presentations and a recording are now available from the first in our series of webinars, “Off the beaten path: rural energy & remoteness”.  We would like to thank The Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN) for their support in delivering the event.

Have an idea for our webinar series on rural energy & development? Share it with us! We would be glad to hear your ideas for future webinars & speakers!

Top Stories

Inside Malaysia’s Smart Villages
GovInsider speaks with Ahmad Nizar Harun, who is leading an innovative scheme to transform rural Malaysia. […]

Medha Basu – GovInsider (09.03.16)

Women are Central to Africa’s Energy Transformation
It is time to recognize that modernizing household energy is central to Africa’s development – and that means bringing women to the table. […]

Fiona Lambe & Marion Davis – Reuters (08.03.16)

99 Million Households May be Powered Off-grid by 2020
BNEF has put out a new report which demonstrates impressive growth in the past five years and forecasts a $3.1 billion market opportunity for the off-grid solar industry by 2020. […]

Adilya Zaripova – PV Magazine (03.03.16)

Africa 2030: Roadmap for a Renewable Energy Future
African countries need to meet fast-growing energy demand and extend modern energy services to more communities while also improving other development outcomes. The continent could meet nearly a quarter of its energy needs through the use of indigenous, clean, renewable energy by 2030. This IRENA report was reviewed with the help of the Smart Villages team. […]


South Asia

Rurban Mission Should Aim to Check Migration
Dr S Saraswathi – The Hans India (09.03.16)

In a First, Tribal Village Taps Solar Power

Something Magical Is Happening With Renewable Energy In India
Rebecca Harrington – Tech Insider (02.03.16)

Evidence Aand Gaps in Evidence on the Principle Political Economy Constraints and Opportunities to Successful Investment in Clean Energy in Asia
Ghosh, D.; Ghosh, A. – DFID


Nigeria: Assessing The Opportunity For Pay-As-You-Go Solar – Study
Sun-Connect-News – Sun-Connect-News (10.03.16)

Africa Needs More Than A One-Size-Fits-All Energy Solution Daniel Tomlinson – The Hill (19.02.16)

Lighting Global Powers Off-grid Lighting
Glenn Meyers – Clean Technica (07.03.16)

“Lighting Up and Powering Africa” – AfDb Puts Energy on the Front Burner of Africa’s Development Agenda
allAfrica (07.03.16)

Sweden Invests 20 Million Euros for Clean Energy in Zambia
Anna Hirtenstein – Bloomberg (04.03.16)

Mexico Remains the Leading Distributed Solar Market in Latin America
Blanca Diaz Lopez – PV Magazine (03.03.16)


Solarworld’s Bifacial Modules Getting their First Real-World Run Out in the Us
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (08.03.16)

5 MW Array to Demonstrate Value of Grid Edge Solar
Jonathan Gifford – PV Magazine (07.03.16)

Off-grid Energy Solutions Present a $3 Billion Market Opportunity for Investors, New Report Finds
The Financial (04.03.16)


Miniaturized Fuel Cell Makes Drones Fly More than One Hour
Science Daily (08.03.16)

Energy On Tap with Solar Panel that Fits in a Bag
Shane Hickey – The Hindu (07.03.16)

The Innovators: Portable Solar Panels that can be Unrolled Like a Carpet
The Guardian (06.03.16)

Technological Breakthrough for Cheaper Lighting And Flexible Solar Cells
Rainer Klose – Empa (04.03.16)

How to Make Electric Vehicles that Actually Reduce Carbon
David Salisbury – Vanderbilt University (02.03.16)


Drawing Inspiration from Nature, Student Designs a New Type of Wind Turbine
Science Daily (05.03.16)

Clean Energy Could Stress Global Water Resources
IIASA (04.03.16)

Re-thinking Renewable Energy Predictions
Rebecca Hofland – Okinawa University (03.03.16)

Chemical Snapshot Unveils Path to Greener Biofuel
University of Copenhagen (01.03.16)

A Long-term EKG for Wind Turbines
Science Daily (01.03.16)

Researchers’ New Advance in Quest for Second Generation Biofuels
York University (01.03.16)

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