Off-grid 74 – Electricity Market Design for the Prosumer Era

Tuesday March 29th, 2016 - Smart Villages


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The Lighting a Billion Lives CONVENTION 2016 is an international forum for universal energy access that brings together practitioners, funders, policy makers, government agencies, development initiatives and businesses to collaborate on developing pathways and measures towards scaling up energy access.

CONVENTION 2016 is hosted by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Smart Villages is a senior partner for the event alongside premier partner UK Aid. Several members of the Smart Villages team including project co-leaders Dr Bernie Jones and Dr John Homes will be presenting at the conference.

Smart Villages will also announce the winners of the India Off-grid Energy Impact Competition during CONVENTION 2016.

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Top Stories

ARENA: Solar and Wind Co-location can Deliver Significant Cost Savings
A total of at least 1GW of large-scale solar could be added to existing Australian wind farms, boosting renewable energy development, generation, and and smoothing its delivery to the grid, according to a new report from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. […]

Sophie Vorrath – PV Magazine (21.03.16)

Electricity Market Design for the Prosumer Era
Prosumers are agents that both consume and produce energy. With the growth in small and medium-sized agents using solar photovoltaic panels, smart meters, vehicle-to-grid electric automobiles, home batteries and other ‘smart’ devices, prosuming offers the potential for consumers and vehicle owners to re-evaluate their energy practices. […]

Yael Parag & Benjamin K. Sovacool – Nature (21.03.16)

Lightbulb Moment for M-Kopa
When Jesse Moore and Nick Hughes decided in 2009 to leave their telecoms jobs and set up a company, they had three criteria for their venture: it would have to take advantage of mobile phone technology in emerging markets, particularly mobile payments systems; it would need to transform people’s lives; and it would need to show potential to become a $1bn company within a decade. […]

John Aglionby – The Financial Times (17.03.16)

South Asia

Smart Villages Make Smart Cities
Nalit Patel – CityUrbanes (22.03.16)

Sri Lanka Vows to Fight Global Warming
Shanghai Daily (18.03.16)

Imperial Student Helps Bangladeshi Villagers Get Access to Energy
Alex Walker – Imperial College London (17.03.16)

Micro Solar Grids Brighten Off-grid Rural Communities
Sangam Prasain – Kathmandu Post (16.03.16)

Tackling the Unreasonable Dream to Light Up the Himalayas
Elisa Wood – Microgrid Knowledge (23.02.16)


Solar-powered Farming, Built in Kenya
Justus Bahati Wanzala – How We Get To Next (03.02.16)

Better Lives Through Cleaner Energy in South Asia
Eco-Business (18.03.16)

Construction Begins on the Largest East African Solar Plant
Adilya Zaripova – PV Magazine (18.03.16)

‘Unlocking Energy Potential of Africa, for Africa’
African Review (17.03.16)

Women Can Power Alternative Energy Solutions for Africa
Fiona Lambe – The East African (12.03.16)

Sierra Leone Poised to Transform Renewable Energy Sector with Strengthened Public and Private Sector Participation
allAfrica (21.03.16)

Homeless UEL Student Michelle Starts Sunshine Academy to Train Gambia Villagers in Solar Energy
Mike Brooke – The Docklands and East London Advertiser (17.03.16)


Carnegie Buys Into Microgrids
renews (22.03.16)

Ugandan Enterprises Win Sh1b for Renewable Energy
Chris Kiwawulo – New Vision (21.03.16)

Panasonic Joins Solliance Project on Perovskite Solar Research
Ian Clover – PV Magazine (16.03.16)

Solar Show Africa 2016 Opens with Promise Across Wide Range of PV Markets
Eckhart K. Gouras – PV Magazine (16.03.16)

Why “Inefficiency” is Needed in Energy Financing for Africa
Aaron Leopold – World Bank (01.03.16)


Endless Energy is All Around Us — And this Woman Has a Brilliant Idea for How to Harness It
Rebecca Harrington – Tech Insider (22.03.16)

An Indie, Off-the-grid, Blockchain-traded Solar Power Market Comes to Brooklyn
Motherboard (18.03.16)

To Thrive, Microgrids Must Help the Macrogrid
Clinton Nguyen – Energy Manager Today (18.03.16)

The Flaw of “Zero Energy Buildings” Without Energy Storage
Mark MacCracken – Clean Technica (16.03.16)

Mother Nature Maps Where We Need Microgrids (Again)
Elisa Wood – Microgrid Knowledge (01.03.16)


Carbon Leads the Way in Clean Energy: New Method Uses Cheap Carbon-based Catalyst to Deliver Energy Using Hydrogen
Louise Durack – Griffith University (22.03.16)

Solar Fuels: A Refined Protective Layer for the “Artificial Leaf”
Helmholtz Berlin (21.03.16)

Scientists Pump Up Batteries with Metal Oxides
Anne M Stark – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (21.03.16)

Nano Plates for Solar Fuels
University of Twente (18.03.16)

Making Electronics Safer with Perovskites
Hokkaido University (18.03.16)

Could Bread Mold Build a Better Rechargeable Battery?
Science Daily (17.03.16)

Smaller, Cheaper Microbial Fuel Cells Turn Urine into Electricity
Elsevier (16.03.16)

Generating Electricity with Tomato Waste
American Chemical Society (16.03.16)

Alternative Fuels Need More Than Hype to Drive Transportation Market
Kat Kerlin – University of California (02.03.16)