Off-grid 76 – Can We Ensure that Clean Energy Doesnt Leave the Worlds Poorest Behind?

Thursday April 7th, 2016 - Smart Villages

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“Failure” – the word usually carries a negative connotation. But for entrepreneurs, policymakers, and NGOs working to provide energy access to people in the “last mile”, failure can actually provide important lessons. Is failure an important ingredient to success?

In our next webinar, we’ll gather experts who will talk openly about their experiences with failure from a variety of angles and why failure is actually an important element in successfully delivering energy access to remote communities.

What have they learned from these so-called “failures”? Must one fail to succeed? Most importantly, how can these stories of failure (and success) help remote, villages to access energy, education, healthcare, etc.?

Top Stories

How Can We Ensure the Race for Clean Energy Doesn’t Leave the World’s Poorest Citizens Behind?
Wind power is booming in Mexico. With more than 3,200 megawatts in operation, the country is on par with Japan. By 2018 it expects to have 10,000 MW installed as part of the government’s Climate Action Plan. Promising, right? […]

Meg Wilcox – ensia (04.04.16)

Using Technology to Bridge the Learning Gap Across Africa
Local context is essential when using technology to expand the educational horizons of millions across the continent […]

Rosie Spinks – The Guardian (04.04.16)

Off Grid Electric Lights a Safer Path for Tanzanians
You could call it a lightbulb moment. Erica Mackey had relocated from the US after graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology, to work with an aid agency in east Africa helping to set up mobile clinics and train rural health workers. […]

Jonathan Moules – Financial Times (03.04.16)

Power to the Poor: Provide Energy to 
Fight Poverty
Imagine life without electricity. With no lights, electric stove, or water pump, you must travel miles to fetch water and firewood, running a particular risk of attack if you are a girl or a woman. […]

Morgan D. Bazilian – Foreign Affairs


East Africa Under the Spotlight at the Africa Energy Forum
Paul Tentena – Business Week (04.04.16)

MTN South Africa Includes Sunstream Solar Charger in New Bundle
Adilya Zaripova – PV Magazine (04.04.16)

Energy Firm Banking on Innovative System to Provide Power
Bekezela Phakathi – BusinessDay (05.04.16)

Indian Minister Mocks the West’s Africa Energy Initiatives
Ed King – Climate Home (04.04.16)


Solar PV Feed-in Tariffs Cut in Tamil Nadu
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (04.04.16)

Modi Govt to Soon Launch Smart Villages Project: Rajnath
Rajiv Srivastava – The Times of India (02.04.16)

Sunedison’s Collapse Casts Doubt Over Imergy’s Battery Storage Sales in India
Jason Deign – Greentech Media (01.04.16)

Hybrid Off-grid Power and Storage for Australian Aboriginal Community
Tildy Bayar – Decentralized Energy (05.04.16)

Outlook of the First Solar Village and Mobile Payment System of Cambodia
Sun-Connect News (30.03.16)


Student With Winning Business Pitch Encouraged by ‘Positive Energy’
Cory Hurley – The Western Star (05.04.16)

10 Companies Chosen as 2016 New Energy Pioneers by Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Renewable Energy Focus (05.04.16)

Bushveld Minerals Limited Signs MOU with Unienergy Technologies a Significant Step for Development
Giles Arbor – DirectorsTalk Interviews (04.04.16)

Fluidic Energy Signs Agreement for Mini-Grid Electricity Project to Help 100 African Villages
Arizona Business Daily (02.04.16)

IHS: No End To Wafer-cell-module Production Imbalance in Sight
Jonathan Gifford – PV Magazine (01.04.16)

Ikea Unveils Ambition to be Number-one Global Residential Solar Retailer
Jonathan Gifford – PV Magazine (31.03.16)

Technavio Expects Global Off-grid Energy Storage Market to Exceed USD 13 Billion by 2019
SolarServer (30.03.16)


Rooftop Solar Energy Could Provide Almost 40 Percent of US Electricity
Science Daily (05.04.16)

Biotech Breakthrough: Sunlight Can Be Used to Produce Chemicals and Energy
University of Copenhagen (04.04.16)

X-rays Reveal How a Solar Cell Gets its Silver Stripes
Science Daily (01.04.16)

For Rechargeable Batteries that Crush the Competition, Crush this Material
NIST (01.04.16)

Crafting a Sustainable Future for Humanity
Science Daily (01.04.16)

Scientists Pinpoint Solar Cell Manufacturing Process
NREL (01.04.16)

Biofuel Producers with Poor Soil Should Consider Prairie Cordgrass
ACES (31.03.16)

Waste Stream to Energy Source: What If America’s Next Big Fuel Source is Its Trash?
Science Daily (31.03.16)

“Community Solar” Systems May Add Savings to Local, Cooperative Energy Projects
42459 – Oregon State University (30.03.16)

Penn Researchers Move One Step Closer to Sustainable Hydrogen Production
Michele W. Berger – Penn University (29.03.16)

Dissertation: The Evolution of Smart Grid Offers Possibilities to Take Back Your Power
University of Vaasa (29.03.16)

Catching More of the Sun
KAUST (20.03.16)

Lithium Hoarding Behind Failure of Promising New Battery
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (01.03.16)

A Step Towards New, Faster-Charging, and Safer Batteries
U.S. Department of Energy (14.12.15)


Can Victoria Build a New Town, from Scratch, Off Grid?
Sophie Vorrath – One Step Off The Grid (06.04.16)

Batteries are the ‘Holy Grail’ for Transitioning to Clean Energy but Development is Slow
Daniel Moore – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (05.04.16)

Tu Graz Working on New Solar Cell and Battery Hybrid
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (31.03.16)

ZSW Sets European CIGs Efficiency Record of 22%
Ian Clover – PV Magazine (31.03.16)