Off-grid 77 – Could Solar Giveaway Destroy Kenya’s Off-grid Market?

Thursday April 14th, 2016 - Smart Villages

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On the stage of the Lighting a Billion Lives Convention in Delhi India, Smart Villages has announced Naturetech Infra as the winner of the Smart Villages Off-grid Energy Impact Competition for India.

Naturetech Infra was found to be outstanding in terms of what it has already achieved and in the potential scalability of its approach. The social enterprise provides sustainable, holistic and integrated Solar Energy Solutions to rural Indian households and has developed proprietary smart solar grid technology to benefit rural villages.

Top Stories

World Bank Aims to Add 30GW of Global Renewable Capacity by 2020
The World Bank Group has adopted a new Climate Change Action Plan, aiming to add 30GW of global renewable capacity by 2020. 
Under the plan, the bank plans to mobilise $25bn in private financing for clean energy by the end of this decade. […] (11.04.16)

Can ‘Pay as You Glow’ Solve Malawi’s Power Crisis?
The amount of electricity per person in sub-Saharan Africa is lower today (excluding South Africa) than it was 30 years ago. A rapidly rising population and the slow rate of connection means the “electricity deficit” continues to grow. […]

Matt McGrath – BBC (08.04.16)

Could a Solar Giveaway in Kenya Destroy the Country’s Burgeoning Off-grid Solar Market?
SkyPower’s plan to hand out millions of free solar kits could do more harm than good, argue critics. 
Kerry Adler speaks with the passion of an activist and the bluntness of a CEO. […]
Stephen Lacey – GreenTech Media (06.04.16)

Light for Life: Nepal Solar Farming
In Nepal, roughly 80% of the population lives in rural mountainous regions that lack access to reliable electricity. Solar integration for agricultural purposes has been implemented throughout various parts of rural Nepal to aid in irrigation and agricultural needs all year round. […]

Kristin Lau – Huffington Post (22.03.16)


Ghana Launches 30MW PV Module Factory
Danielle Ola – PVTech (06.04.16)

How 3D Printing Provides New Modes of Learning in Rural Kenya
Sharon Runge – One (29.03.16)

Tanzania: Young Entrepreneur in Kasenda Village Taps Into Solar Energy
Christabel Ligami – Science Africa

Powerhive is Delivering Prepaid Solar Microgrids to Rural Villages
Derek Markham – Treehugger (12.04.16)

New UN Report Focuses on Green, Inclusive Industrialization in Africa
UN (11.04.16)

Fluidic Energy Provides Intelligent Energy Storage Systems for “100 Communities” Renewable Energy Project in Africa
PR Newswire (30.03.16)

Flexenclosure Wins IHS Order for 1,000 Green Hybrid Power Systems in Nigeria
Robin Whitlock – Renewables News (06.04.16)

Opinion: Renewable Energy is Cleaner and Cheaper… Nigerians, Let’s Switch!
Kolawole Talabi – (06.04.16)

South Asia

WB Report: Bangladesh a Bright Spot for Off-grid Solar Firms
Kayes Sohel – Dhaka Tribune (11.04.16)

Govt to Tighten Noose Around Import of Poor Solar Products
Business Standard (11.04.16)

Solar Power Rises in South India
Sanjay Kumar Kar – The Hans India (09.04.16)

Norwegians Prototype Smart Villages in India
Garwood Center (08.04.16)

Prince Harry Works with Renewables Firm to Help Nepalese Villagers
Gavin Thompson – SouthWest Business (08.04.16)

Oracle to Open its First ‘Startup Cloud Accelerator’ in Bengaluru
Sourabh Kulesh – Business Standard (07.04.16)


Why Rise of Solar, and Fall in Costs, Still Shocks Energy Experts
Giles Parkinson – Reneweconomy (13.04.16)

Lux Tips Perovskite PV Commercialization by 2019-2020
Jonathan Gifford – PV Magazine (12.04.16)

Energy Innovation is Creating New Opportunities for Growth
Travis Hoium – Motley Fool (09.04.16)

Who Gets a $1B Line Of Credit? Akon Woos Middle East Investors for Solar Lighting Africa Business
Dana Sanchez – AFK Insider (04.04.16)


Power Crisis: Renewables to the Rescue
Greg Odogwu – Punch (07.04.16)

Technology and Business Could Bring a Little Hope
Robert Swift – The Media Line (07.04.16)

Coal Won’t Solve the Energy Poverty Problem
Tom Sanzillo – Renew Economy (04.03.16)

Back to the Future: Yesterday’s Industry Innovations Have Come Full Circle
Rodger Smith – EnergyBiz


They Said it Couldn’t be Done: Space Internet
Tim Fernholz – Quartz (07.04.16)

Vodafone Americas Foundation Announces Finalists for Eighth Annual Wireless Innovation Project
Marketwired (12.04.16)

Solar Powered ‘Nests’ for the Homeless
Energy Matters (11.04.16)

The Grid Edge Awards: Building the 21St-Century Energy System
Jeff St. John – GreenTech Media (11.04.16)

Graphene-coated Solar Panels Could Create Electricity from Raindrops
Olivia Goldhill – Quartz (11.04.16)

We Need Battery-free Wireless Computers to Power the Internet of Things. Now We Have One
Michael J. Coren – Quartz (08.04.16)


Economic Development Equals Greater Carbon Footprint, Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Science Daily (12.04.16)

PolyU Develops Perovskite-silicon Tandem Solar Cells with the World’s Highest Power Conversion Efficiency
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (12.04.16)

Clean Energy Generated Using Bacteria-powered Solar Panel
Science Dailly (11.04.16)

ORNL Tracks How Halogen Atoms Compete to Grow ‘Winning’ Perovskites
ORNL (06.04.16)

So Long Lithium, Hello Bacteria Batteries?
ACS (06.04.16)

Stanford Scientists Improve Perovskite Solar-cell Absorbers by Giving Them a Squeeze
Mark Shwartz – Stanford (06.04.16)

Graphene Layer Could Allow Solar Cells to Generate Power When it Rains
ResearchSEA (01.04.16)