Off-grid 79 – Could Off-grid Electricity Systems Accelerate Energy Access?

Thursday April 28th, 2016 - Smart Villages

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Raising public awareness of rural energy access, sustainable energy technologies, and entrepreneurial approaches to energy in the developing world is an integral component of the Smart Villages Initiative
To further this aim, we hold regional media dialogue events. These events are targeted at gaining insight from local journalists and updating them with the latest technological and business innovations. We hope to encourage a greater focus on this complex area that involves technology, business, politics and rural development.
This week we publish the report of our South Asia Media Dialogue Workshop, held in November 2015. To learn more, please follow the to download the report.


Top Stories

Could Off-grid Electricity Systems Accelerate Energy Access?
Small off-grid electricity systems are growing rapidly in South Asia. A new study provides the first assessment of how these systems are impacting communities in the region. […]

IIASA (26.04.16)

The Sun Exchange Crowdfunds Solar Projects With Bitcoin
South African startup The Sun Exchange is on the lookout for funding as it looks to scale up its innovative marketplace that crowdfunds small-scale solar projects using digital currencies such as bitcoin. […]

Tom Jackson – Disrupt Africa (25.04.16)

Renewable Energy Drive: Solar Energy Creeps at Bridging Gaps
Nigeria’s journey to supply steady electricity has often meant that the quality of life is severely diminished. Currently tied with heat waves and petrol shortages, Suzan Ironsi writes on the cushions of renewable energy prospects […]

Suzan Ironsi – Leadership (23.04.16)

Electrifying India: The Day Rural Hotasar Finally Saw the Light
Celebrations and plans to buy washing machines greeted the arrival of power in Hotasar, Rajasthan, as India’s ambitious electrification plan gathers pace […]

Vidhi Doshi – The Guardian (21.03.16)


SolarKiosk Launches 7kW Solar System in Accra
GhanaWeb (22.04.16)

Ghana Can Tap Solar for Cross-Border Energy Trading – UNEP
Tom Kenning – PV Tech (20.04.16)

Tanzania’s Pioneering Project Takes Solar Power to Bwisya Village
Christabel Ligami – Science Africa (15.04.16)

Rural Schools in Kenya to Adapt Solar Energy for Better Learning
Fred Deya – Talk Africa


New Battery Technology Addresses Need for ‘Fit and Forget’ Energy Sources for IoT Devices
Neil Tyler – New Electronics (27.04.16)

Wind Energy Converter Inspired by Ancient Boats
Amy Pollock & Mohamed Haddad – Reuters (25.04.16)

Grid Energy Storage: The Next Big Thing for Li-Ion?
Myles McCormick – Industrial Minerals (22.04.16)

Off-grid Solution: Using Discarded Smartphone Batteries to Light Up Rural Homes
Edgar Meza – PV Magazine (20.04.16)


Masdar Completes Clean Energy Projects in Egypt
LeAnne Graves – The National (21.04.16)

Senate Passes Energy Bill With Benefits for Solar and Renewable Energy Integration
Christian Roselund – PV Magazine (22.04.16)

Government to Provide Urban Amenities in Smart Villages to Prevent Migration for Jobs
The Better India (27.04.16)

Low Fossil Fuel Prices and Renewable Energy Development
Mike Wootton – The Manila Times (26.04.16)

Going Off-grid in Timor Leste
Sally Bolton – Kopernik (22.03.16)


Trina Solar Sets New IBC Cell Efficiency Record
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (26.04.16)

Does Learning Improve When Every Student Gets a Laptop?
Michigan State University (26.04.16)

Environmental Impacts of Demand-side Technologies and Strategies for Carbon Mitigation
Yale (25.04.16)

Adding Some Salt to the Recipe for Energy Storage Materials
Drexel University (22.04.16)

Thin-film Solar Cells: How Defects Appear and Disappear in CIGSE-Cells
HZB (21.04.16)

Energy Gardens for Small-scale Farmers in Nepal Institutions, Species and Technology
DFID – (20.04.16)

UCI Chemists Create Battery Technology With Off-the-charts Charging Capacity
University of California (20.04.16)

New Studies Highlight Energy Development’s Impact on Birds
Science Daily (20.04.16)

Making Biodiesel With Used Cooking Oil and a Microwave
ACS (20.04.16)