Off-grid 80 – How Long Could You Live Off The Grid With a Tesla Model X

Thursday May 5th, 2016 - Smart Villages

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The Smart Villages Initiative has released an interim review of its findings. This new report summarises collected recommendations from 15 workshops held across East Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and South America over the last 18-months.

Workshops and other engagement activities have involved over 600 front-line workers and researchers to identify barriers to sustainable energy services in rural communities and to assess how those barriers can be overcome.

Top Stories

US Agency in Solar Push for East Africa How Long Could You Live Off The Grid With a Tesla Model X?
Living off the grid is any self-respecting recluse’s dream: No power bills or outages, no email, no Facebook event invitations, and no Uber pizza parties. It’d be great. […]

Nickolaus Hines – Inverse (03.05.16)

US Agency in Solar Push for East Africa
The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a United States Federal government financing agency, has approved a $15 million loan for a new fund set up by SunFunder Inc to support solar energy in developing countries. […]

John Samb – East African Business Week (02.05.16)

Solar Business Models for Growth: The Private Sector Needs to Lead on India’s Rural Electrification Deficit
According to data collected by the Council on Clean Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW), more than seventy percent of Uttar Pradesh’s two hundred and twenty million residents still depend on kerosene lamps and diesel generators for lighting and electricity. […]

Zadie Oleksiw – Huffington Post (28.04.16)

Naryn Innovations: Solar Energy – For the Children!
An innovative project using energy-saving technologies has been implemented in Ak-Talaa rayon of Naryn oblast. In “Ai-Dos” kindergarten in Ugut village there has been installed solar system which allows to heat the water entirely by solar energy. […]

UNDP (26.04.16)


ZIEC Looks At Diversifying Zambia’s Energy Mix
Kelvin Kachingwe – Zambia Daily Mail (04.05.16)

Kenya’s Rent-to-own Solar Products Initiative
Christabel Ligami – Science Africa (02.05.16)

Rwanda: It’s Business Unusual for Green Growth
Johnson Kanamugire – allAfrica (30.04.16)

Fenix Reaches New Landmark for Solar Leases in Uganda
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (28.04.16)

Solar Project Improves Learning Environment in Remote High School
Fred Deya – Science Africa (25.04.16)

U.S. Program Makes First Steps in Expanding Africa’s Power Generation
World Politics Review (02.05.16)

Off-grid Home Solar Provider Fenix International Has Signed 60,000 Leases in Uganda To Date
James Ayre – Clean Technica (30.04.16)

West Africa Slated For 2 GW “Clean Energy Corridor”
James Ayre – Clean Technica (30.04.16)

BOI, UNDP Unveil Solar Micro-grid for 200 Homes in Edo
Nigeria Today (29.04.16)

‘Nigeria Needs Energy Mix to Fix Power Crisis’
Sampson Unamka – The Nation (28.04.16)

South Asia

Nagpur to Be First District With All Villages on Broadband
Payal Gwalani – The Times of India (03.05.16)

Gram Oorja Makes Hay While the ‘Sun Shines’
Rajeshwari Swaminathan – New Indian Express (02.05.16)

Harnessing of Solar and Wind Energy in Rural Areas
Business Standard (02.05.16)

Punjab to Develop 200 Smart Villages
Business Standard (01.05.16)


Euclid Energy Inc Eager to Invest in Punjab Energy Sector
The Nation (PK) (29.04.16)

Caterpillar’s New Hybrid Microgrid Targets African Market
ESI Africa (29.04.16)

Solaris Expands E-commerce Site Offering Complete Solar Panel Kits Including Electrical Diagrams
PR Newswire (27.04.16)


 Avancis hits 17.9% efficiency on 30 cm x 30 cm module Read more: Hits 17.9% Efficiency on 30 cm x 30 cm Module
Jonathan Gifford – PV Magazine (03.05.16)

MIT Team’s “Brain” for Microgrids Wins Clean Energy Prize
Rob Matheson – MIT (02.05.16)

Toward Artificial Photosynthesis: Mimicking the Ingenuity of Nature
Gunnar Bartsch – University of Würzburg (02.05.16)

Study Finds Positive Link Between UK Solar Farms and Biodiversity
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (28.04.16)

UNSW Takes Lead in Race for Non-toxic, Thin-film Solar Cells
Wilson da Silva – UNSW (27.04.16)

Engineers Produce Biodiesel from Microalgae in Three Hours
Science Daily (27.04.16)