Off-grid 84 – Renewable Energy Surges to Record Levels Around the World

Thursday June 2nd, 2016 - Smart Villages

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1.3 billion people currently do not have access to electricity and 3 billion people are without clean cooking facilities: these are the people who have been left behind. Many are women and young people. Global initiatives such as SE4ALL are crucial, but there remains a significant gap between the goal of universal energy access by 2030 and the present rate of progress. What is the role of the EU? Will energy access alone ensure that people around the world have better lives? Can technology transfer transform the lives of the “bottom billion”?

The European Development Days constitute Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation. For their 2016 meeting, the Smart Villages Initiative and EASAC will co-host a debate entitled: “Will energy access alone end poverty?” (June 15, 2016) . For more information about this interactive, inclusive, and engaging session, please visit the event page here.

Top Stories

Renewable Energy Surges to Record Levels Around the World
New solar, wind and hydropower sources were added in 2015 at the fastest rate the world has yet seen, a study says. Investments in renewables during the year were more than double the amount spent on new coal and gas-fired power plants, the Renewables Global Status Report found. […]


Off-Grid Lighting Boom in Africa & South Asia Saved $3.4 Billion for Poor Households
According to the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA), poor households in Asia and Africa saved some $3.4 billion based on the rapid uptake of solar lighting. GOGLA has released its Social Impact Report, which addresses a significant increase in solar lighting products in off-grid locales. The impact of having such lighting solutions available is viewed as “more than doubling households’ available ‘light’ time for work, study or socializing.” […]

Glenn Meyers – Clean Technica (26.05.16)

A Blueprint for Sustainable and Universal Energy Access by 2030
Launched by the United Nations secretary-general in 2011, SE4ALL has three objectives — ensure universal access to modern energy services, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency and double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. […]

Naki B. Mendoza – Devex (25.05.16)

Celebrating Africa’s Entrepreneurial Spirit
Africa’s energy revolution, one of the biggest overlooked stories of our time, is poised to change the lives of millions of Africans. Why has it been overlooked? Coverage of Africa has tended to focus on disasters, coups and terrorism – or on swings in the price of oil and metals. These events have happened. But they do not define Africa. What defines modern Africa is the steady, remarkable progress it has been making for the past 15 years. […]

Caroline Kende-Robb – The Huffington Post (25.05.16)


Nigeria, South Africa Need $90 B to Bridge Energy Gaps for Telecoms Services
Nigeria Today (31.05.16)

Off the Grid – Africa’s Renewable Energy Challenge
Chris Tredger – Web Africa (30.05.16)

How Women are Reaping Benefits from Africa’s Solar Revolution
Jean Chemnick – E&E Publishing (30.05.16)

Namibia: Energy Cost Must be Competitive for Industrialisation – Schlettwein
allAfrica (27.05.16)

Kenya: Firm Solar Takes Solar Power to 3000 Homes
Christabel Ligami – Science Africa (30.05.16)

Boi Commissions 24 kW Off-grid Solar Power in Kaduna
Favour Nnabugwu – Vanguard (26.05.16)

Low Investment Hinders Access to Energy
News Ghana (25.05.16)


Leaving the Electrical Grid in the Upper Peninsula
Allison Mills – Michigan Tech (31.05.16)

An Off-grid Community Goes Solar, and Gets Closer to its Roots
Kate Kyle – CBC/Radio-Canada (28.05.16)

A Response To – Bringing Electricity to More Bangladeshis
Sebastian Groh – The Daily Star (28.05.16)


EDL Picks Hydro Tasmania Tech for Hybrid Power System
SeeNews Renewables – Militsa Mancheva (31.05.16)

Funds Announced for Off-grid Renewable Energy Solution
Sandra van Dijk – Climate Control News (30.05.16)

New, Powerstation 247 Turnkey Technology for Rural Off-gridders Who Want Energy Independence
AltEnergyMag (26.05.16)


Popularising Energy-efficient Fuelwood Stoves in Rural Areas
Nkechi Isaac – Leadership (31.05.16)

The Innovator Who Sees Opportunity in Africa’s Energy Woes
Kate Douglas – Maritz Africa (25.05.16)

This New Neighborhood Will Grow its Own Food, Power Itself, and Handle its Own Waste
Adele Peters – Co.exist (25.05.16)

What’s Behind Caterpillar’s New Hybrid Microgrid Play? Here’s a Deeper Look
Lisa Cohn – Microgrid Knowledge (17.05.16)


Turning Human Waste into Next Generation Biofuel
Science Daily (31.05.16)

Weed Stems Ripe for Biofuel
University of Adelaide (30.05.16)

Decentralized Production of Hydrogen Peroxide – Using Surplus Renewable Power
Fraunhofer (30.05.16)

Investment in Energy Storage Vital if Renewables to Achieve Full Potential
University of East Anglia (25.05.16)

Using Solid-state Materials with Gold Nanoantennas for More Durable Solar Cells
Hokkaido University (25.05.16)

New Concept Turns Battery Technology Upside-down
David L. Chandler – MIT (25.05.16)

Harnessing Solar and Wind Energy in One Device Could Power the ‘Internet of Things’
American Chemical Society (25.05.16)

Why 80% of Regional Energy Customers are Happy to Leave the Grid
Giles Parkinson – Renew Economy (20.05.16)