Off-grid 87 – Are Global Goals to End Energy Poverty Doomed With a Centralized Approach?

Thursday June 23rd, 2016 - Smart Villages

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Cooling is crucial in off-grid villages throughout the developing world: water, refrigeration for vaccines, cooling for Maasai cheese, and even spaces, whether for productive uses of energy (cold chains for fish or agricultural / dairy products) or homes and community spaces.

In our next webinar, we will hear from several speakers regarding the challenges and opportunities for cooling in off-grid villages. What innovative solutions have they discovered? How can keeping cool improve the lives of people throughout the developing world, particularly the hottest places?

The Big Chill: Off-grid Cooling for Water, Refrigeration, Spaces, and More..
(Thu, Jun 30, 2016 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CEST)


Top Stories

A Pay-as-you-go Solar Solution Could Kickstart Renewable Energy Adoption In Nigeria
Nigeria’s electricity problems are well-documented. Only 18% of the working connections in Africa’s largest economy enjoy reliable electricity supply. […]

Yomi Kazeem – Quartz (21.06.16)

Are Global Goals to End Energy Poverty by 2030 Doomed With a Centralized Approach?
Development banks likely won’t make it on time with a business-as-usual model. […]

Jason Deign – Green Tech Media (20.06.16)

Accelerator Launched for African Off-grid Energy Projects
UK-based firm EnergyNet, which organises a global portfolio of investment meetings, forums and dialogues focused on the African power and industrial sectors, has launched a business accelerator facility for off-grid energy projects. […]

Tom Jackson – Disrupt Africa (17.06.16)

Clean Energy for Poorest Starved of Investment – Researchers
Only a tiny fraction of climate change funding is going into small-scale solar, biogas and other off-grid systems that may be the best way to get power to the world’s poorest, researchers say. […]

Daily Mail (17.06.16)


Rwanda Welcomes New Off-grid Energy for Irrigation Scheme
Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti – The New Times (18.06.16)

New Analysis Finds Momentum for Solar PV-diesel Hybrid Micro-grids in the Zambian Mining Industry
SolarServer (20.06.16)

Energy Access Ventures Invests in Ghana’s Energy Sector
Business Ghana (18.06.16)

South Asia

India Drafts ‘National Policy for Renewable Energy Based Micro Grids and Mini Grids’
A.Jyothi mahalingam – Microgrid Media (22.06.16)

Small is Smart for This A.P. Village
The Hindu (20.06.16)

A Small Village in East Godavari is All Set to Become One of the First Smart Villages
South Report (20.06.16)


First Ever Commercial Solar Project Realized in Laos
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (16.06.16)

Marks & Spencer Crowdfunds Solar Panels for its Stores
Sarah Butler – The Guardian (16.06.16)


Ghanaian Solar Energy Firm, PEG Raises $7.5 Million for West African Expansion
Victor Ekwealor – (21.06.16)

Solar Market Hitting New Heights, As Costs Keep Dropping
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (21.06.16)

UC Davis to be Living Lab for Young African Leaders Tackling Energy Issues
Julia Ann Easley – UC Davis (17.06.16)


How Storage Can Help Solve the Distributed Energy ‘Death Spiral’
Herman K. Trabish – Utility Drive (21.06.16)

Can Solar Technology Generate Clean Water for Developing Nations?
Marco Attisani – Renewable Energy Focus (17.06.16)

ABB in Portable Hybrid Microgrid Pilot Project
Tildy Bayar – Decentralized Energy (16.06.16)


Chemists Find New Way to Recycle Plastic Waste Into Fuel
UC Irvine (21.06.16)

Drones Could be Cheaper Alternative to Delivering Vaccines in Developing World
Johns Hopkins University (21.06.16)

Solar Cells for Greener and Safer Energies
Institute of Photonic Sciences (20.06.16)

Ultra-thin Solar Cells Can Easily Bend Around a Pencil
Science Daily (20.06.16)

Researchers Find New Ways to Make Clean Hydrogen, Rechargable Zinc Batteries
Science Daily (17.06.16)

Torrefied Biomass Improves Poor Soil
RIKEN (17.06.16)

Let There be Light: Engineer Discovers Light Can Stamp Out Defects in Semiconductors for Better Solar Panels and LED Bulbs
University of Utah (16.06.16)

New Generation of High-efficiency Solar Thermal Absorbers Developed
Science Daily (15.06.16)

Loofah-based Material Could Give Lithium Batteries a Boost
ACS (15.06.16)