Off-grid 89 – How India’s ‘Smart Villages’ are Centralising Solar Power

Monday July 11th, 2016 - Smart Villages

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Top Stories

How India’s ‘Smart Villages’ are Centralising Solar Power
The Indian government has committed 980bn rupees ($14.5bn; £10.9bn) to a flagship smart cities’ programme, but the social entrepreneur behind the country’s first smart village thinks they’ve missed some low-hanging fruit. […]

Edd Gent – BBC (05.07.16)

Shake, Rattle and Charge: Harnessing the Power of Music
The British musician and drummer Sudha Kheterpal is proudly cradling her new creation. Called a Spark, it’s the size and colour of a peeled mango and when shaken gently, it makes a noise a bit like a maraca. […]

Ed Butler – BBC (04.07.16)

Africa Has Enterprising People, But Too Few Businesses
If anything explains the poverty in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, it is not an unwillingness to work hard—most of the continent’s people still sweat to survive tilling fields with medieval tools. […]

The Economist (02.07.16)

Policy Can Help Drive Growth of Africa’s Off-grid Solar Market
Policy can help to popularise the use of off-grid solar lighting solutions and small home PV systems in Africa by providing clarity to new market entrants, raising consumer confidence through product standardisation, facilitating financing and establishing regulatory oversight of the new business models that are driving the nascent market. […]

Brian Publicover – Recharge (23.06.16)


REG Wins East Africa’s Most Impactful Energy Development Cooperation of the Year Award
Pontian Kabeera – The New Times (03.07.16)

Rwanda Energy Group – Confident To Meet 70% Electricity Connectivity Target
ESI Africa (01.07.16)

Nots Roots for Solar to Boost Access to Energy in Rural Areas
Steven Muvunyi – The New Times (05.07.16)

This $6 a Month Solar Energy Plan Could Power a Million Homes in Africa by 2017
Clinton Nguyen – Tech Insider (03.07.16)

West Africa Solar Takes First Steps Forward
Tom Kenning – PV Tech (30.06.16)

South Asia

New Renewable Energy Policy Likely to be Ready by Month-End
Vithika Salomi – The Times of India (05.07.16)

Now India is Trying to Build Smart Villages
Raman Media Network (03.07.16)

Mukherjee to Develop ‘Smart Villages’ in Haryana
Business Standard (29.06.16)

Nextgen Organizes Workshop on ‘Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions: A CSR Opportunity’
The Economic Times (29.06.16)


Sunlabob Completes 11 Solar Mini-grids in Myanmar Villages
Eco-Business (01.07.16)

Solar Energy Systems: Save on Hydro Costs at Home
The Record (01.07.16)


Mind the Gap: Financing Africa’s Energy Boom
Megan Darby – Climate Home (05.07.16)

Jua Solar Join Global Off-grid Lighting Association
PV Magazine (01.07.16)

Giving Africa the Power it Needs
Graeme Pitt – Bizcommunity (30.06.16)

Access to Power Supply Tops African Business Agendas
Chris Tredger – IT Web Africa (29.06.16)

Off-grid Communities Lack Crucial Investment
Jack Aldane – Development Finance (23.06.16)


Steama.Co: Smart Energy Management for Rural Africa
Lindsay Dodgson – Power-technology (07.07.16)

What Rwanda Can Learn From Japan’s Waste-to-energy Initiative
Peterson Tumwebaze – The New Times (05.07.16)

How Blockchain Helps Brooklyn Dwellers Use Neighbors’ Solar Energy
Grégoire Molle – NPR (04.07.16)

Gamesa Goes Off-grid With Hybrid System
Eize de Vries – Wind Power Monthly (30.06.16)


New Understanding of One of Nature’s Best Biocatalysts for Biofuels Production
U.S. Department of Energy (09.07.16)

Simple Preparation for Affordable Solar Energy Storage
U.S. Department of Energy (09.07.16)

Leicester Students Produce Pedal Powered Cinema
University of Leicester (05.07.16)

From Climate Killer to Fuels and Polymers
Ruhr University Bochum (04.07.16)

Greener Method of Carbon Capture Using Waste Biomass
Science Daily (04.07.16)

Discovery Could Dramatically Boost Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells
Berkely (04.07.16)

Rechargeable Batteries That Last Longer and Re-charge More Rapidly
Science Daily (04.07.16)

New Technology Could Improve Use of Small-scale Hydropower in Developing Nations
Oregon State University (30.06.16)

Solar-powered Oxygen Delivery System Developed by UAlberta Helps Save Lives in Uganda
University of Alberta (28.06.16)

Texas A&M Chemist Says Trapped Electrons to Blame for Lack of Battery Efficiency
Texas A&M University (28.06.16)