Off-grid 91 – Modern Off-grid Lighting Could Create 2 Mn New Jobs in Developing World

Thursday July 21st, 2016 - Smart Villages


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From 22-23 September 2016, Smart Villages and ICRISAT will hold a workshop on energy and agriculture in Patancheru, Telangana, India.

If you would like to apply for a place in the workshop, please send an abstract of your proposed presentation as well as a 1-2 page curriculum vitae. We especially encourage people based in India and South Asia to apply. Please send your applications to Professor Sir Brian Heap by 1 September 2016:

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Modern Off-grid Lighting Could Create 2 Million New Jobs in Developing World
Many households in impoverished regions around the world are starting to shift away from inefficient and polluting fuel-based lighting — such as candles, firewood, and kerosene lanterns — to solar-LED systems. While this trend has tremendous environmental benefits, a new study has found that it spurs economic development as well, to the tune of 2 million potential new jobs. […]

Julie Chao – Science Daily (19.07.16)

Why This Nobel Prize-winning Economist Believes the Data Behind the SDGs ‘Doesn’t Add Up’
The $2 dollar of income per day benchmark may not be a fair or accurate way to measure extreme poverty, Nobel prize-winning economist Sir Angus Deaton said on Tuesday. Speaking at the Overseas Development Institute, he urged development actors to improve the quality of data used to measure aid interventions. […]

Molly Anders – Devex (13.07.16)

$38+ Million Committed by USAID to Global Entrepreneurs & Energy
USAID recently committed more than $38 million to support global entrepreneurs, with investments to be made in key areas. One is called Scaling Off-Grid Energy: A Grand Challenge for Development. The goal of the platform is to grow the off-grid energy market in order to provide clean, affordable electricity to 20 million Sub-Saharan African households. […]

Jake Richardson – Clean Technica (30.12.99)

What It’s Like to Live in a Refugee Settlement Without Energy
Without electricity, we have to collect wood from very far away so we can make a fire to cook with. But without light, it is very dangerous, and women are afraid to leave their homes after dark. When girls and women go far from the camp to get firewood for cooking, it can take many hours, and they face the possibility that they may be attacked. […]

Halima Mohamed – Medium


Kenya Taps Solar to Power Digital Learning
Maina Waruru – (18.07.16)

Solarafrica, Aquion Energy Install Off-grid Solar System in Kenya
Natasha Odendaal – Engineering News (30.06.16)

Solar Energy Firms Get Loans to Light Up Rural Tanzania
Kizito Makoye – Reuters (16.07.16)

Transform Agriculture Into a Wealth Creation Sector, AfDB President Akinwumi Adesina Urges
allAfrica (20.07.16)

South Asia

6 Months on, These 9 Villages Still Await ‘Smart Development’
Deepak Lavania – The Times of India (14.07.16)

Hurry Up With the Micro Hydro
Abdur Rehman Cheema – The Third Pole (18.07.16)

India Will Meet Climate Goals Ahead of Schedule, Says Outgoing Energy Minister
Ian Clover – PV Magazine (17.07.16)

Why a ‘Smart Villages’ Scheme Makes Sense
Ashok Kumar Shukla – The Hindu (19.07.16)


Off-grid, Small Hydro System to Power Victorian Alpine Hub
Sophie Vorrath – One Step Off The Grid (30.12.99)

Why Living ‘Off The Grid’ Isn’t Possible for Most Canadians
Nicole Mortillaro – Global News (30.12.99)

From Tesla Town to Tesla Microgrid: Melbourne Housing Development to Feature Shared Energy System
Sophie Vorrath – One Step Off The Grid (18.07.16)

Argentina Tenders 6,500 Off-grid Photovoltaic Systems
Mirco Sieg – PV Magazine (13.07.16)

Impact Hub Manila, WWF, PEF Scout for Sustainable Energy-focused Startups
Tomas S. Noda III – Deal Street Asia (14.07.16)


EU Decentralized Energy Systems Exposed to Hackers
Diarmaid Williams – Decentralized Energy (14.07.16)

Microgrids: The Electric BTM Line
Joeseph McCabe – Alt Energy Stocks (30.12.99)


Hydrogen’s Day in the Asian Sun
Jessica Cheam – Eco-Business (15.07.16)

A Battery Inspired by Vitamins
Leah Burrows – Harvard (13.07.16)

New Discoveries About Photosynthesis May Lead to Solar Cells of the Future
Lund University (13.07.16)

Researchers Determine Key Improvement for Fuel Cells
Tina Hilding – Washington State University (13.07.16)

New Innovation in Efficient Use of Electricity
Gary Hartley – Energy Saving Trust (12.07.16)

Electricity Generated with Water, Salt and a 3-atoms-thick Membrane
Science Daily (14.07.16)

Genetically Improving Sorghum for Production of Biofuel
Science Daily (19.07.16)

Modeling Predicts Which Counties Could Store More Carbon in Soil by Growing Bioenergy Crops
Katie Elyce Jones – Argonne National Laboratory (19.07.16)

Solar Panels Study Reveals Impact on the Earth
Lancaster University (15.07.16)