Off-grid 93 – solar shows no signs of fading

Tuesday August 9th, 2016 - Smart Villages


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Dear Sir or Madam,

Solar dominates this week’s newsletter–from new breakthroughs in TPV and perhaps photosynthetics through studies on the impact of dust and wildlife to the continuing success of pay-as-you-go schemes in improving energy access. Not forgetting Tesla looking to achieve its ambition of providing a one stop shop for all things solar: batteries, panels and cars.

At Smart Villages we welcome these advances, but hope solar does not overshadow other sources in the minds of scientists, investors, policymakers and, above all, consumers. In our workshops across the world, we see that villages have their own unique needs that aren’t always met by solar power, so let’s remember that hydro power, biomass, wind and other renewables–or a mix thereof–can also be sustainable solutions to energy access.

Top Stories

Carbon-Financed Cookstove Fails To Deliver Hoped-For Benefits In The Field
A new study by researchers from the University of British Columbia, University of Washington and elsewhere — which measured ambient and indoor household air pollution before and after a carbon-finance-approved cookstove intervention in rural India — found that the improvements were less than anticipated. […]

Jennifer Langston – University of Washington (27.07.16)

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Likely Sell Power Grid Services
A little over a year ago, Tesla officially launched its grid battery business with a plan to make batteries that can store energy for buildings and the power grid.But down the road, Tesla could also sell grid battery services, which would use software, smart algorithms, and data to control Tesla batteries to help utilities better manage the power grid […]

Katie Fehrenbacher – Fortune (28.07.16)

Reducing Energy Poverty Not Only For Solar And Impact Investors
With his new solar-powered d.light lamps, the output of Suleman’s chicken farm grew by 30 percent. The light scared away predators and allowed him to feed his chickens in the evening. He was able to produce 15 more eggs a week from the same flock. […]

CleanTechnica (25.07.16)

Mobiles Driving Better Utilities Access
The GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities programme (M4D Utilities) released a new report outlining progress in using mobile technology to deliver energy, water and sanitation services to underserved communities. […]

BusinessWire (26.07.16)



Smart Villages Podcast 1 with Dr Nalin Patel
Smart Villages

Featured Article

Interview with Michael Farrelly, Chololo Ecovillage
Smart Villages


11 August:
Women & energy entrepreneurship: Business models for off-grid energy and social impact, Part II
Smart Villages

New Brief

Smart Villages and Resilience to Natural Disasters
Smart Villages


Dutch Off-Grid Village Concept Gathers Momentum
Senay Boztas – Guardian (12.07.16)

The Africans Buying Sunshine With Their Phones
Guardian (28.07.16)

Nigeria Will Attain 30,000Mw In 2030 – Fashola
Babatunde Akinsola – naija247news (29.07.16)

Solar Sisters Continue To Shine
Alon Mwesigwa – TheGuardian (15.07.16)


Investors Go Off The Grid
Mining Journal (29.07.16)

Villages Need To Be Developed As Complete Unit
Central Chronicle (01.08.16)

Renewables To Be Primary Energy Source In The Long Run: Bibhuti Pradhan, Iocl
Utkarsh Majmudar & Namrata Rana, – EconomicTimes (26.07.16)

Kii To Advise Andhra Pradesh On Going “Smart”
Finance Yahoo (26.07.16)

Ncell Signs Up For Minigrid Anchor-Loads In Nepal
The Himalayan Times (27.07.16)

Guam Workshop Promotes Off-Grid Solutions
Kuam News (27.07.16)

Senvion To Supply Wind Turbines For Coober Pedy Off-Grid Hybrid Plant
Sophie Vorrath – RenewEconomy (26.07.16)

Off-Grid Energy Shines In Indian Village
Jo Winterbottom – Reuters (01.08.16)

How To Realise Solar Energy In Villages In India
Kelly Mermuys – YouTube (15.07.16)

PM Modi Govt To Soon Launch Smart Villages Project
Veblr (29.07.16)

New Report

Smart Villages and Resilience to Natural Disasters
Smart Villages

Science & Technology

Videos Reveal Birds, Bats And Bugs Near Solar Project Power Tower
U.S. Department of the Interior (27.07.16)

Molten Storage And Thermophotovoltaics Offer New Solar Power Pathway
John Toon – Georgia Tech (27.07.16)

Watering Solar Cells Makes Them Grow… In Power!
Michele Fontana – Okinawa University (27.07.16)

Saharan Dust: Reliable Forecasts For Photovoltaic Output
KIT (07.07.16)

Breakthrough Solar Cell Captures Co2 And Sunlight, Produces Burnable Fuel
Bill Burton – University of Illinois (28.07.16)

Apps For Old Phones To Tap Google Blind Spot
Marie Mawad – Bloomberg (27.07.16)

K K Seksaria Elected As President Of Plastindia Foundation For 2015-18 (24-9-2015)

Any Picture Or Text Could Be Inkjet-Printed As A Solar Cell
ScienceDaily (26.07.16)

Silicon-Air Battery Achieves Running Time Of Over 1,000 Hours For The First Time
ScienceDaily (26.07.16)


Stone Edge Farm Creates An Energy-Independent Island
Christian Kallen – SonomaNews (25.07.16)

Tesla To Merge With Solar City
Gavin Bade – UtilityDIVE (01.08.16)

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