Off-grid 94 – Rural electrification still hampered by grid extension dogma

Thursday August 11th, 2016 - Smart Villages



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The good news this week is that several African and Asian governments are again starting to draw up rural electrification strategies. The bad news is that many of these seem still to be driven primarily by grid extension supporters. Of course well managed national grids are in a perfect world a good solution, and it’s not just the developing world that has a problem in this respect – witness the controversy in the UK over Hinckley Point. We believe that off-grid energy provision has a major role to play and it seems that many of the articles we have come across support this view. Note for example the Kenyan blogger who implores his government to consider off-grid solutions because of the failings of the country’s grid, the cautionary note by the Tanzanian press on their country’s dash for gas. Match this with the investments in mini grids in Niger, India and Kenya and exciting new biomass and solar plants being opened in Malaysia, Uganda and Madagascar. Most of all read about the impact of pay-as-you-go solar systems in Zimbabwe in areas the grid has no hope of reaching by 2030.

Top Stories

Uganda Takes World Bank Loan To Fund Off-Grid Investment
The Ugandan Cabinet has approved a USD71M World Bank Loan to increase power access to power by 22 by 2022. Some of the beneficiary districts include Gulu, Lira, Nebbi, Arua, Kole, Oyam and Nwoya. Also approved, is a request by the minister of energy to issue three petroleum production licenses to Total EP UGANDA B.V. […]

URN (03.08.16)

RIG Says Renewables Are Key Part Of Rwandan Energy Policy
A greater energy mix, better infrastructure and advanced skills development are among the benefits to be seen in Rwanda through increased regional integration, says Dr Ivan Twagirashema, Executive Director of Rwanda Investment Group (RIG). […]

TheWorldFolio (03.08.16)

Mali’s Banks Offer Solar Home System Credit
Residents of Mali’s capital, Bamako, and surrounding areas will find it easier to switch on power in their homes thanks to local banks that have begun offering credit to buy solar energy equipment. […]

Soumaila T. Diarra – DailyMail (04.08.16)

Community Schemes Making Solar Affordable In Zimbabwe
Residents of Mali’s capital, Bamako, and surrounding areas will find it easier to switch on power in their homes thanks to local banks that have begun offering credit to buy solar energy equipment. […]

Tonderayi Mukeredzi – ThomsonReutersFoundationNews (08.08.16)

Philippines Looks To Fast Track Rural Electrification
Delivering uninterrupted supply of electricity at affordable prices to all communities across the country has been taken by the new Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi as a priority challenge […]

Voltaire Palana – ManilaTimes (04.08.16)

Mini-Grids To Boost Renewable Energy Growth in India
India aims to deploy as many as 10,000 mini grids based on renewable energy sources to sustainably provide electricity to villages in remote locations. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in June presented a draft national policy on mini and micro grids powered by renewable energy (RE) sources that aims to build at least 10,000 of them across India with a minimum installed RE capacity of 500 MW in the next five years. […]
Sapna Gopal – IndiaClimateDialogue (05.08.16)



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New Brief

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Kopa Pushes Solar Tvs in Kenya
Cat DiStasio – Inhabitat (04.08.16)

Total Unveils Energy Access Programme

Irena To Hold Renewable Energy Conference In Kenya
Altenergymag (02.08.16)

Tambuwal Sees Solar As Key Element In Rural Development
NationaAccord (06.08.16)

REA Chokes On Compensation Bills
Mary Karugaba, Moses Walubiri – NewVision (03.08.16)

Solar Lights Penetrate The Gambia
Janet Pickering – SolarAid (02.08.16)

Solar Power Key To Improved Irrigation In Developing Countries?
Stéphanie Roblin – RenewableEnergyFocus (03.08.16)

Sierra Leone Targets 50,000 Solar Lights
Amady Duramu – GlobalTimes (03.08.16)

Solar Grid Projects Struggle
VoiceOfAmerica (04.08.16)

Doubts Continue About Value Of Biomass
David Watson – HeraldScotland (04.08.16)

Environment-Poverty Nexus On SDG Agenda

France Invests In Kenyan Mini-Grids
ESIAfrica (03.08.16)

The Real Benefits Of Off-Grid Solar
Paul Gubbins – FSDKenya (04.08.16)

Swaziland Goes For Biomass
ESIAfrica (05.08.16)

Sweden Points The Way To Zero-Energy Homes
Lucy Wang – Inhabitat (05.08.16)

Mining Turns To Renewables
Dana Sanchez – AFK Insider (05.08.16)

Solarising Maasai Villages
DailyKos (07.08.16)

Webinar On African Biomass Opportunities
aebiom (09.08.16)

Off-Grid The Way To Power Security Ponders Kenyan Blogger
Kelvin Kinyosi – uReport (07.08.16)

Nigeria Ponders Rural Electrification Options
Jeremiah Bako Gyang – Today NG (09.08.16)

Tanzania Plans Dash For Gas
Fumbuka Ng’wanakilala – ThomsonReutersFoundationNews (08.08.16)

Uganda Completes Largest Sub-Saharan Solar Farm
Godfrey Ojore – NewVision (08.08.16)

New Report

Smart Villages and Resilience to Natural Disasters
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Science & Technology

Uganda Trials Solar-Powered Bus
VOALEarningEnglish (03.08.16)

Spinning Nanoparticles Enhance Solar Cell’S PCE 
Online Library (05.08.16)

Metalloporphyrin-Modified Semiconductors Advocated For Solar Fuel Production
Pubs (05.08.16)

Biomass Steam Gasification Technology Advances
ViaExpo (05.08.16)

Recycled Material Wind Turbine Provides Power In Vietnam
Annie Pilon – SmallBizTrends (05.08.16)

Dhaka Pioneers Solar-Powered Rickshaw
Dhaka Tribune (06.08.16)

Spanish Researchers Crack Organic Solar Cell Voltage Loss
ICIQ (02.08.16)

Pretreatment Essential For Lignocellulosic Biofuels
ACS Publications (02.08.16)


First Solar Sees Encouraging Signs For Growth
Arathy S Nair – Reuters (03.08.16)

Apple To Sell Excess Energy
Aaron Pressman – Fortune (04.08.16)

California May Get World’s Largest Off-Shore Wind Farm
John Anderson – TimesofIndia (04.08.16)

Smart Energy Microgrid Pavilion Headlines September Solarpower International Convention
SolarPowerInternational (05.08.16)


Fiji Launches Village Electrification Schemes
LITIA CAVA – FijiTimes (04.08.16)

Hydro Lights Up Villages
Serafina Silaitoga – FijiTimes (05.08.16)

Call For Assam Villages To Be Electrified
TheSentinel (04.08.16)

Nepal Sees Biomass Potential
The Himalayan (05.08.16)

Solar Could Be Game Changer For Off-Grid Communities In Australia
Kathryn Diss – Abc (07.08.16)

New Technology Reduces Off-Grid Energy Costs For Villages In Philippines
Michael Joe T. Delizo – ManilaTimes (06.08.16)

Lack Of Rainfall Data Hinders (Micro)Hydro Development In India
Nyooz (06.08.16)

Call For Mini-Hydro In Borneo
TheBorneoPost (07.08.16)

Modi Plans 300 “Smart Villages”
TheEconomicTimes (08.08.16)

Malaysians Plan Poultry Droppings Biomass Plant
Eva Yeong – TheSunDaily (08.08.16)

India Considers Rebates For Small Wind Installations
Indian Express (08.08.16)

Bangladesh Invests In Solar
Rejaul Karim Byron – TheDailyStar (04.08.16)

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