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Tuesday August 30th, 2016 - Smart Villages


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Sometimes you wonder if politicians and the public realise the enormity of the renewable energy revolution.This week I have take as top stories a series of events that should have made as big an impact as Usain Bolt’s lightning bolt celebration in Rio, but probably will go largely unnoticed. Firstly Scotland powered itself using only renewables for a day. Secondly the first off-shore wind farm in the US is near completion. Thirdly investors and governments in Philippines, Tanzania and India are all integrating off-grid and renewables into their energy strategy to reach areas without electricity. These events are important because they demonstrate confidence in both renewable technology and show the potential of its application. However they are also significant  because if  seen as connected rather than isolated evens and communicated properly they can provide real momentum to universal energy access policy making. That is the challenge we should all take on.

Top Stories


New Report Identfies Hybrid Opportunities
The declining costs of hybrid power systems owing to the rise in the use of renewable energy sources are making them an economically attractive and eco-friendly solution. The lower environmental impact is making hybrid power systems a potential replacement to traditional diesel power generators. […]

OpenPR (09.08.16)Scotland Powers Itself From Renewables For A Day
It`s a landmark day, in which Scotland managed to generate enough electricity through wind power to cover all its electricity demand. […]

Mihai Andrei – ZME Science (12.08.16)Filippino Investors Start To Invest In Rural Off-Grid Projects
The general direction of power investents in Mindanao are more skewed toward off-grid areas.Romeo Montenegro, Mindanao Development Authority (Minda) director for investment promotions and public affairs said that a number of investors have signified interest to invest in these areas. […]

Ace June Rele S. Perez – Sunstar (13.08.16)Micro-Grid Strategy Takes Shape In India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set up an ambitious target of providing 24/7 access to electricity to every Indian citizen by 2019. Ministry of Power is aiming to provide grid connectivity to all villages by 2017 and has extended grid access to over 10,000 villages in the past year. […]

Yahoo (12.08.16)

IFC Unveils Mini-Grid Portal In Tanzania
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has launched an online portal to support the development of renewable energy-powered mini-grids in Tanzania. The portal is designed to help small, renewable power producers who want to sell electricity to the millions in the country that do not have access to the main grid, the development institution said on Thursday. […]

Plamena Tisheva – SeeNews (12.08.16)

Solar-Mini Grids Key To Zambian Rural Electrification
After a gruelling journey of about 60 kilometres on Lake Bangweulu from mainland Samfya to Lunga, located about 800 kilometres north of Lusaka, the entire team was understandably exhausted. No one was looking forward to another three hours or so on Lake Bangweulu, and least of all, under the dark, not even on the 115hp speed boat. […]

Kelvin Kachingwe – DailyMail (15.08.16)

First US Off-Shore Wind Plant Nears Completion
Deepwater Wind LLC is on the verge of completing the first offshore wind farm in U.S. waters, a milestone for an industry that has struggled for a more than decade to build in North America. Workers have installed blades on four of the five 589-foot turbines at the site off the coast of Rhode Island and construction may be complete as early as this week, according to Chief Executive Officer Jeff Grybowski. The 30-megawatt, $300 million project is expected to begin commercial operation in early November. […]

Joe Ryan – washpost (17.08.16)




Smart Villages Podcast 2 – Interview with Dr Vasant Kumar
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Featured Article


Trust, training essential for off-grid energy start ups
Smart Villages

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11 August:
Women & energy entrepreneurship: Business models for off-grid energy and social impact, Part II
Smart Villages

New Brief

Findings from the Smart Villages West Africa regional workshop
Smart Villages



Solar Carts Power Rwandan Mobiles
Sophie Eastaugh – CNN (09.08.16)Our Solution For The Poor Should Be Solar Not Dams
VoaNews (09.08.16)Grid Extension Stalling In Kenya
Isabel Pike – theSTAR (10.08.16)Ghana Uses Mini-Grids On Lake Volta Islands
Kale-Dery & Porcia Ofori – Graphic Online (10.08.16)

Canal Locks Proposed For Mini Hydro Schemes In UK 
Sophie Grubb – OxfordMail (11.08.16)

Reh Commissions Small Hydro Plant In South Africa
Michael Harris – HydroWorld (10.08.16)

Kenya Using Solar Power To Drill For Schools’ Water
Ouma Wanzala – AllAfrica (10.08.16)

Tigo Creates “Smart Village” In Rwanda
TheWorldfolio (10.08.16)

Canary Islands Institute Plans Cabo Verde Rural Electrification
Macauhub (11.08.16)

UN conference On Sustainable Energy For Rural Areas In Beirut

More Rural Areas Than Urban To Have Electricity By 2020 Says Tanzanian Minister
DailyNews (14.08.16)

Off-Grid Lighting Up Ethiopia
WorldBank (15.08.16)



India To Launch Research Into Solar Potential
IndianExpess (09.08.16)Migrant Remittances Fund New Hydro Schemes In Nepal
myRepublica (09.08.16)Sri Lanka Taps Biomass Potential
3BLMedia (10.08.16)Calls For Off-Grid Solutions To Kick-Start Mynmar Rural Electrification
Peter Loftus – TheDiplomat (11.08.16)

Renewed Committment To Rural Electrification In India
TheClimateGroup (11.08.16)

Naxal-Hit Indian Villages To Be Provided With Off-Grid Energy
TheIndianExpress (12.08.16)

Solshare Aims To Create Solar Villages In Bangladesh
Sebastian Groh – DhakaTribune (13.08.16)

Indian State Eyes Smart Solutions For Drought-Hit Villages
Shubhangi Khapre – IndianExpess (15.08.16)

New Report

Smart Villages and Resilience to Natural Disasters
Smart Villages

Science & Technology


Clean Leaf Solar Technology Converts Co2
Kevin Wilcox – ASCE (09.08.16)Floating Solar Power Gains Backers
Mark Lammey – EnergyVoice (09.08.16)Conjugated Terpolymer Technology Advances
Pubs (09.08.16)Perovskite Recycling Proof Of Concept Demonstrated
Pubs (10.08.16)

Manchester To Host World Summit On Sustainability Science In 2017
ISCN (10.08.16)

Berkeley Starts Off-Grid Solar Potential Research
Sam Pothecary – PV-Magazine (11.08.16)

New Study Into Temperature Dependent Behaviour Of Lead Sulfide Quantum Dot Solar Cells
Pubs (11.08.16)

Volkswagen Teams Up With Solar-Power Company
ETEnergyWorld (13.08.16)



Antigua And Barbuda Ramp Up Solar Installations
Sam Pothecary – PV-Magazine (09.08.16)Pennsylvania State Parks Looking At Hydro To Increase Sustainability
Elizabeth Ingram – HydroWorld (10.08.16)Wine Waste Into Biomass
Swinburne (12.08.16)Columbia Hatches Poultry Biomass Plans
YourRenewableNews (15.08.16)

Copmparto Con Uds Una Nota Que Publiqué En Ips
Fabíola Ortiz – InterPressService

Musk Outlines Solarcity Vision
Darrell Etherington – TechCrunch (10.08.16)

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