Our Week at ACEF2015

Friday June 19th, 2015 - Smart Villages

This week Smart Villages has been attending the Asian Development Bank’s 10th Asia Clean Energy Forum in Manila. More than 1,000 people are participating in this meeting, representing local energy cooperatives, national utilities, NGOs, energy entrepreneurs, financing, regulation and many more sectors.

Project co-leader Bernie Jones said:

It has been great to see how much interest and enthusiasm there is in our Smart Villages concept in Asia and the importance within the region of energy access for off-grid communities. The broad scope of the ACEF meeting has also demonstrated just how much synergy exists in the technologies, business models, opportunities and challenges faced by the on and off grid communities.

By combining innovative and practical technology and entrepreneurial solutions with the right enabling environment, we can achieve access to clean sustainable energy regardless of whether we live in cities or villages, and can use that energy productively to access the services, jobs and lifestyles that we want.