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Within 24 hours this week, I listened to both the U.S. presidential debate and a BBC radio phone-in on fracking. In the former, it struck me that with jobs and industrial growth high on the agenda, neither candidate seems to really grasp the opportunity renewables and off-grid offer. Trump continually referred to China and lost jobs, but he didn’t link the size and value of the modern solar, wind, and hydro industry there to an opportunity for the U.S. Similarly, Clinton failed to use, for example, Tesla as the kind of new manufacturing that could excite American workers and rejuvenate states like Ohio and Michigan. As for the BBC phone-in, I was shocked at the naivety and unpreparedness of the anti-fracking participants. They relied mostly on the negative environmental costs and, even when presented with the chance to say that renewables could deliver, they had no clear idea of timescales or cost leaving the frackers to win the bridging argument. So, it’s evident that whilst we are all becoming more and more excited about the pace of off-grid and renewables’ development, we must work even harder to convince others.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Press Release: 

Energy And Agriculture: Stronger Links Must Be Built For “Smart Villages” To Flourish In India
The Smart Villages Initiative and the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), together with experts from across India and beyond, are calling for closer attention to the linkages between energy and agriculture. […]


Renewables Climb To 23% Of World Total Says WEC
In a news release, WEC said that in the last 10 years wind and solar power had seen “explosive average annual growth” of 23 percent and 50 percent. […]

Anmar Frangoul – CNBC (20.09.16)

Missouri Trials Solar Roads
According to Curbed, a rest stop in Missouri is about to become the home of an experiment to create roadways covered with energy-producing solar panels–and it’s one of several such experiments about to kick off throughout the world. […]

Kevin J. Ryan – (19.09.16)

What If 1% Were Invested In Energy Access Asks SE4All’S Kyte
Climate Action’s Sustainable Investment Forum 2016 kicked off this morning in New York to a packed room of the investment community, with a powerful opening address from Special Representative of UN Secretary General for Sustainable Energy for All, Rachel Kyte. Ms Kyte stressed that ‘very aspect of our lives must have a smaller energy footprint”. […]

Climate Action UNEP (20.09.16)

Africa Rewriting Energy Access Rules
Africa is undergoing a remarkable energy transformation. But African governments and their international partners have to accelerate that transformation if we are to achieve our collective ambitions. Access to clean modern energy, especially in Africa, where 620 million people have no electricity, is critical to the success of global efforts to tackle poverty. […]

Caroline Kende-Robb – HuffPost (20.09.16)

Acumen Founder Calls For Full Off-Grid Solar Energy Eco-System
Jacqueline Novogratz argues that we can make no more important bet than building an off-grid energy ecosystem aimed at providing energy to those living in poverty without electricity. […]

Jacqueline Novogratz – (21.09.16)

New Solutions To Old Problems
Energy access was enshrined in global climate agreements, and included in the Sustainable Energy Goals – committing the international community to bringing energy access to everyone in the world by 2030. Despite this, progress remains slow and the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group, is predicting that the number without energy access will increase (not fall) by 1.2 billion by 2030. […]

Lucy Stevens – (23.09.16)


New Essay

It is not a village but people: Long Lamai, a case study of a smart village
Dr Tariq Zaman, University of Malaysia Sarawak

New Interview

Children in rural Ghana empowered by access to information, IT skills
Smart Villages

Video of the Week

Tanzania: Rural Energy Access with Wind Power

Presentation of the Week

Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation: Water and Sanitation as a Human Right


Elderly Women in Homabay County Embrace Rechargeable Solar Lamps for a Better Livelihood
Fred Deya, Talk Africa (28.09.16)

World’s Largest Biomass CFP Boiler For UK
Energy Business Review (20.09.16)

Biomass Could Fuel Farming Incomes
Gerald Piddock – NZFarmer (20.09.16)

Off-Grid Cabins Offer Respite For Norwegian Hikers
Adam William – New Atlas (21.09.16)

Solar Can Power African Home For $56 Per Year Says Irena
PV Magazine (21.09.16)

IFC Commits $1.3 Billion To Energy Access In MENA 
The Financial (20.09.16)

DfID And IFC Support Off-Grid Solar Development In Nigeria
Megan van Wyngaart – Engineering News (20.09.16)

D.Light Raises $22.5 Million For Growing Solar Lantern And Shs Business
Katherine Tweed – GTM (21.09.16)

Cheapest Solar Plant Ever Offered To Abu Dhabi
Bloomberg (20.09.16)

USADF Continues To Support Female African Energy Entrepreneurs
ESI Africa (23.09.16)

Israel Pioneers Solar Water Distillation For Remote Villages
Sharon Udasin – The Jerusalem Post (21.09.16)

Ethiopia, Uganda Dominate East Africa Energy Awards
Maria Macharia – CAJ News Africa (23.09.16)

Microgrids Improve Reliability In South Africa
Gerry George – T&D World Magazine (25.09.16)


Biomass Set For Significant Growth Says New Report
Erie News Now (20.09.16)

Tesla Already Working On Vehicle-To-Grid
Fred Lambert – Electrek (21.09.16)

Canadian Utilities Look To Replace Diesel Power For Isolated Northern Communities
CBC News (19.09.16)

Remote Canadian Mining Sites Could Switch To Wind
Sima Sahar Zerehi – CBC News (20.09.16)

Apple’s Secret Solar Project Could Take 12,500 Homes Off-Grid
Bryan Clark – TNW (22.09.16)

GWEC Summit On Wind Financing In Argentina
GWEC (22.09.16)

Finding Light In The Blackout
Jerry Franklin – Nation News Barbados (24.09.16)

Growing Influence Of Telecom Companies In Off-Grid Markets
Next Billion (23.09.16)

Smart Villages in the News

Rural Off-Grid Will Change The Face Of Villages
R. Avadhani – The Hindu (24.09.16)

A Smart Village Which Runs On Solar Power
Express News Service – Express News Service (24.09.16)

Access To Reliable Energy Can Help Farmers Double Income
Ashish Tiwari – The Hans India (24.09.16)

Linking Agriculture & Energy A Must For Creation Of Smart Villages In India
BioVoice News (23.09.16)

Off-Grid Energy To Transform Villages
Deccan Herald (25.09.16)

Energie-Agriculture : Une Approche Intégrée de “Smart Villages” à Développer en Inde
Kamagaté Issouf – Fraternité Matin, Côte d’Ivoire (24.09.16)

Science & Technology

Solar Turtle Thwarts Panel Thieves In Africa
Olivia Boyd – Guardian Sustainable Business (26.09.16)TACC Flips Switch On Solar-Powered Supercomputer In Austin
Michael Feldman – Top 500 (20.09.16)

Made For India Power Saving Technology Developed
Technuter (20.09.16)

Duke Trials Weather Resistant Emergency Micro-Grid
Jeff St John – GTM (20.09.16)

JRC Report Urges African Power Infrastructure Changes
AZO Cleantech (20.09.16)

Solar Home System In A Bucket
Adele Peters – (22.09.16)

Solpad Panel + Storage Solution Claims To Be Game Changer
Julia Piper – GTM (22.09.16)


Let’s Create Smart Villages Before Smart Cities
M.J. Prabhu – The Wire (22.09.16)

Off-Grid Losing Out To Grid Extension In Myanmar
Alexander Dow – Myanmar Times (23.09.16)

Softbank Considers Funding Indian Solar Panel Plant To Meet Modi’s Ambition
Bloomberg (20.09.16)

Plea For Off-Grid Solutions For Central Asia
Sohail Hasnie – The Himalayan Times (23.09.16)

Asean Members Chart Course To Renewables Future
Your Renewable News (23.09.16)

Rm8 Billion Needed To Power Sarawak’s Interior
Peter Boon – The Borneo Post Online (22.09.16)

Wind Battles Coal In China
Roger Harrabin – BBC News (20.09.16)

USTDA Supports Sierra Leone Energy Access
U.S. Trade and Development Agency (22.09.16)

Rising Price Of Kerosene Aids Solar Adoption
TMR Energy Research (22.09.16)

High Costs Slow Sri Lankan Solar Drive
Amantha Perera – Reuters (22.09.16)

Solar Protects Myanmar Villagers From Snakes
Sam Pothecary – PV Magazine (26.09.16)

Schneider Rolls Out Solar Light CSR Programme In Asia
Lee Kok Leong – Control Engineering Asia (26.09.16)

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