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Thursday October 6th, 2016 - Smart Villages



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One of the sources for this newsletter are alerts on the SDGs. Until now scanning them has been a rather depressing exercise – plenty of noise and initiatives, but all directed at individual Sustainable Development Goals. No sign of attempts to coordinate. So it was a welcome surprise this week to get “Killing Two Birds With One Stone” from the World Resources Institute. Not only do Eliza Northrop, Hana Biru and Mathilde Bouye stress the importance of linking the SDGs together, they go one step further and make a strong case for integrating with the INDC’s designed to achieve the Paris Agreement on Climate Change goals. A case based on strong economic reasoning and promising lasting sustainable benefits which as we have stressed before is key to success.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Killing Two Birds With One Stone?
As leaders gathered last week in New York for the UN General Assembly, it was a momentous occasion for two unprecedented international agreements adopted in 2015. Last week marked the one-year anniversary for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals, while entry into force of the Paris Agreement on climate change came ever closer as an additional 31 countries formally joined it. […]

Eliza Northrop, Hana Biru and Mathilde Bouyé – WorldResourcesInstitute (26.09.16)

Think Of Smart Villages Not Just Smart Cities
Arundhati Bhattacharya: Noted historian Ramachandra Guha once said India will come its through into its own only when we have seven or eight very good chief ministers and not only a Prime Minister. So he actually attributed the growth of India to having better ruled states than to only have a very well ruled centre. […]

EconomicTimes (28.09.16)

East Africa Tops REN’s Off-Grid Solar Investment Table
A new report by the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) found that approximately 50% of global investment made in off-grid solar in 2015 was in the eastern African region, as falling PV prices and favorable policies stimulate growth in the regional off-grid solar market. […]

Sam Pothecary – PV-Magazine (29.09.16)

Global Biomass Set To Hit 165 GW By 2025
Biomass power capacity around the world is set to hit 165GW by 2025, a new report released this week by research and consulting firm GlobalData has predicted. The analysis argued the global biopower… […]

Jocelyn Timperley – BusinessGreen (29.09.16)

Kenya Goes For Universal Access By 2020
NAIROBI – Kenya has declared an ambitious plan to have universal access to energy by the year 2020. Kenyan energy and petroleum ministry cabinet secretary Charles Keter told a gathering of world energy experts in Nairobi on Saturday that the government was exploiting locally available energy sources, including off-grid solutions, to achieve this goal. […]

Enca (02.10.16)

Nigeria Finalises Mini-Grid Regulations To Stimulate Off-Grid Investment
In line with Sections 96(1) and 70(8) of the Electric Power Sector Reform(EPSR) Act 2005 (Act No.6 of 2005), which empowers it to make regulations, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has unveiled plans to finalise works on the regulation on mini-grids as part of the efforts to encourage investors and bring electricity to more rural communities. […]

Ejiofor Alike – NigeriaToday (03.10.16)


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Village Infrastructure Angels: Village agriculture can be powered by solar energy
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Terrat, Tanzania, a “smart village”

Presentation of the Week

What next for pay as you go solar?
Imperial College London and BBoxx


Tesla of Eco-Villages Arrives
Dana Varinsky – BusinessInsider UK (28.09.16)

Chinese To Build 50 MW Solar Park In Kenya
Sophie Kinoti – Citizen (29.09.16)

Europe No Longer In The Solar Race Claims MEP Claude Turmes
Ian Clover – PV-Magazine (30.09.16)

Community Wind Farm Gets Go-Ahead In Shetlands
Chris Cope – ShetNews (30.09.16)

Cost Of Solar Drops 25% In 5 Months
Dom Galeon – Futurism (02.10.16)

Switzerland Unveils World’s Highest Wind Farm
PressTV (02.10.16)

IRENA Pushes Off-Grid Renewables Agenda
Adnan Z. Amin – Ecologist (04.10.16)

Rwanda Reports Major Progress In Energy Access Targets
Thomas Kagera – AllAfrica (03.10.16)


Big Solar Eyes Farm Sector
Travis Hoium – TheMotleyFool (30.09.16)

Canada’s Off-Grid Communities Attract Attention
EdmontonJournal (27.09.16)

Grid Alternatives Aids Native American Communities
AltEnergyMag (27.09.16)

China And Cuba Sign Green Energy Deals
Catharine Paddock – MBN (27.09.16)

Wind Changing US Energy Geography Says Secretary Moniz
David Ward – AweaBlog (28.09.16)

Is New York Ready For Solar? 
Kaya Laterman – NYTimes (30.09.16)

Wind Cheapest In First Argentinian Power Auctions
Vanessa Dezem Silvia Martinez – (01.10.16)

Science & Technology

GoTenna Mesh Improves Off-Grid Communications
Lora Kolodny – TechCrunch (28.09.16)

Gravity-Powered Lights Debut
Anmar Frangoul – CNBC (27.09.16)

New Life For Lead Acid Batteries
Babs McHugh – ABC Rular (27.09.16)

Solshare Swarming In Bangladesh Wins UN Prize
TheDailyStar (30.09.16)

Thailand Gears Up Solar Research Efforts
TheNation (02.10.16)

Estonian Solar Powered House That Moves With You
Lucy Wang – Inhabitat (03.10.16)


First Island Wave Micro-Grid For Australia
EcoGeneration (28.09.16)

Australian Farmers Turn To Solar For Irrigation
Sophie Vorrath – OneStepOffTheGrid (28.09.16)

Australian Blackout Brings Home Off-Grid Benefits
Giles Parkinson – RenewEconomy (29.09.16)

Clean Reliable Renewable Energy The Only Way Says Indian Industry Leader
Ramkumar Krishnan – SiliconIndiaMagazines (29.09.16)

New Turbines Could Power Japan For 50 Years After Storm
George Dvorsky – Gizmodo (28.09.16)

ADB Invests In LED Lighting For India
Judy Lin – LED Inside (03.10.16)

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