Smart Villages News 104 – Consumers are king?

Thursday October 20th, 2016 - Smart Villages


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A couple of stories this week remind us of the old adage – Consumers are king – and the effect this is starting to have on the maturing off-grid sector. While till now solar home systems, mini-hydro, wind turbines and to certain extent mini-grids have been “supplied” in a top down fashion by donors, NGOs and social enterprises, there is now clear evidence of awakening consumer demand in even remote rural communities. The example from Kenya on how mobiles are playing a key role in this development is for certain being replicated elsewhere across Africa and Asia. Equally interesting is the piece from Siemens on how consumers in Australia are starting to demand off-grid energy forcing utilities to pay attention.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
One Windy Day Powers Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland — Even by the blustery standards of this notoriously squall-swept land, Aug. 7 was a particularly gusty day.Bursts of rushing air swept across the green expanse of the Highlands, felling trees, submerging boats and forcing wQuick Publish ind-whipped organizers to cancel food festivals and concerts. […]

Griff Witte – Msn (16.10.16)

Community Savings Schemes Provide Access To Solar Home Systems In Kenya
Until almost two years ago, James Mbugua, a farmer living in Karai, a village on the outskirts of Kenya’s capital, relied on kerosene to light his house, and a car battery to power his television so he wouldn’t miss the news. […]

Maina Waruru – Reuters (11.10.16)

Modi’s Dream Project Set To Miss December Deadline
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project of electrifying all 18,500 dark villages in the country is likely to miss its “advanced” completion deadline of December 2016 as most states have failed to put up efforts for last-mile connectivity. […]

Kanchan Srivastava – DnaIndia (12.10.16)

Community Engagement Key Says Global Communities Mcguckin
In today’s partisan environment, we don’t expect most legislation to make it to the floor for a vote, let alone pass both chambers and ultimately be signed into law. And yet earlier this year, we saw the Electrify Africa Act become law, passing with broad bipartisan support. For those of us who believe that tackling Africa’s electrification problem is vital to achieving long term development in the region, the passage of the bill was a welcome victory. […]

Robyn McGuckin – TheHill (11.10.16)

Europe Leads Way In Tackling Energy Trilemma
Europe has made the most significant contribution to the transition away from fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable energy mix, according to a new report from the World Energy Council which benchmarks the work of countries in tackling the energy trilemma of energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability. […]

Joshua S Hill – CleanTechnica (13.10.16)

Call For More Innovation At World Energy Conference To Solve Africa’s Needs
Attention was drawn to the fact that despite being blessed with a vast and diverse wealth of energy resources, Africa is still the least electrified continent on the planet, as two out of three Africans lack the access to electricity.Professionals agreed that new innovative methods are needed to tap Africa’s vast oil and gas reserves as well as its potential for renewable energy sources, including solar and hydropower. […]

Coastweek (17.10.16)


New Competition

West Africa: Off-grid Energy Challenge
Smart Villages

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Thwarting thieves: Solar Turtle keeps solar panels safe & secure
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Video of the Week

Scaling up gender: Women in off-grid energy business models and supply chains
Smart Villages

Presentation of the Week

Frontier Markets: Solar Sahelis

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Mlinda’s pico-grids in India: Powering productive uses at the right price
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Despite Hydro Increase, Namibia Still Needs IPP’s
EsiAfrica (11.10.16)

Nigerian ERC Approves Mini-Licences
Danielle Ola – Pv-Tech (13.10.16)

Off-The-Grid Energy Forum Scheduled For Tanzania In December
TheExchange (13.10.16)

Empower Sets Up Social Enterprise To Bring Solar To Malawi
Shaistha Khan – TheTechPortal (15.10.16)

Off-Grid Solar Takes Off In Senegal
Sam Pothecary – Pv-magazine (14.10.16)

Mobile Phones Making Kenyan Rural Consumers More Savvy
Queen Munguti – BusinessDaily Africa (16.10.16)


Solar Installations Grow On US Tribal Lands
James Ayre – CleanTechnica (12.10.16)

Canadian Solar Donates Panels For Congo National Park Mini-Grid
PR Newswire (12.10.16)

Quebec Off-Grid Community Invests In Biomass
Canadian Green Tech (13.10.16)

Breaking Down Barriers To Female Entrepreneurs

Solar Energy Storage The Future For Islands Claim Hawaii Experts
Colleen Uechi – TheMauiNews (16.10.16)

Solar Sidewalks Debut In Idaho
DailyMail (16.10.16)

Science & Technology

Siemens Shows Micro-Grid Vision
TheUrbanDeveloper (17.10.16)

Global Development Lab Awards Include Zero-Energy Evaporative Cooling System
Ein News (17.10.16)

Global Off-Grid Storage Technology Report Published
WhaTech (12.10.16)

Tesla Powerwall Demand Jumps In Australia
Carolyn Fortuna – TeslaRati (13.10.16)

Solar Powered House Up For Bids
IndiaTimes (16.10.16)

Underground Wind Turbine Seeks Funding

Malaysia Invests In Hybrid Off-Grid ICT Towers
MalayMailOnline (17.10.16)

Off-Grid Solar Water Filtration Systems Installed In Indian Villages
Nidhi Jamwal – IndiaClimateDialogue (17-Ocotber-2016)


India Needs More Smart Villages Than Cities To Stop Employment Falling Says Report
IndiaTimes (16.10.16)

Coal Hopefully Only A Stop-Gap In Mindanao
Viking Logarta – BusinessWorld (12.10.16)

Maharashtra To Provide Broadband For Every Village
TheFinancialExpress (12.10.16)

Cisco Aims To Move Beyond Smart Cities To Smart Villages
TechPost (12.10.16)

Philippines ERC Opens Up To Off-Grid Providers For Unviable Areas
BusinessWorldOnline (13.10.16)

Sarawak Hydro Schemes Under Discussion
FreeMalasyaToday (14.10.16)
Future Of Solar Bright In Indonesia

Call To Electrify More Schools In Kashmir
DailyExcelsior (17.10.16)

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