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Friday November 11th, 2016 - Smart Villages



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Solar lighting has eliminated some 20 million kerosene lanterns. The impact on health will be significant: 4.3 million deaths are caused by indoor pollution from kerosene lanterns and stoves. Similarly, the effects on households, from kids being able to study longer to adults adding some more productive hours to increased social activities. The ingenuity, resourcefulness, and sheer determination of pioneers such as Solar Sister, Liter of Light, Azuri, M-KOPA, Kopernik, d.light, Sunlabob, and many others should be applauded. What will now be fascinating, given another story this week about Siemens’ interest in LED lights, is how these pioneers will move forward. They are creating markets for off-grid energy, including lanterns, solar home systems, and clean cookstoves. What will be next? Stay tuned… In the meantime, check out “Energy Entrepreneurs“, our feature story series on many of these entrepreneurs.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
LED Revolution Underway Claims Report
Moving to a cleaner, more sustainable world brings with it enormous potential for the creation of new jobs and economies. Indeed, these positive consequences – themselves fostering positive-spirals of knock-on effects are a critical driver for sustainable transitions. This situation is made abundantly clear in research indicating that the transition to sustainable lighting systems in the form of off-grid solar LEDs in developing regions may create some two million new jobs. […]

William Steel – CleanLeap (19.10.16) 

IEA Set To Raise Solar Forecast Significantly
The International Energy Agency (IEA) is due to release its annual report in a couple of weeks, and the agency has said that it will be “significantly” raising its outlook for solar and wind installations, as more countries have been adopting climate change policies. […]

Sam Pothecary – Pv-Magazine (17.10.16)

Sabah Sees Renewable Energy As Way Out Of Poverty
Siemens is putting money into the work of UK charity GravityLight Foundation, which has designed a weight-powered lighting system for places with no grid connection. […]

Steve Bush – ElectronicsWeekly (20.10.16)

Impact Investor Reveals Secrets Of Success In Kenya With Mini-Grids
New business names, terms and buzzwords seem to be created even faster than technological innovations these days as executives and entrepreneurs seek to develop an organizational ¨culture,¨ craft an image and influence public perception and decision-making. Examples include impact investing, an evocative, yet somewhat nebulous, term that GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) defines as follows: ¨Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. […]

Andrew Burger – MicroGridMedia

Link Between Energy Access And Ending Poverty Complex In West Africa Claims Commentator
Since the proclamation of International Year of Sustainable Energy for “ALL” in 2012 up to current, there is still need for progress in terms of reducing the energy gap in developing countries. The role of renewable energy systems remains uncertain in countries like Liberia, even though their development or change is generally supposed to provide universal access to energy. However, there exists low-carbon solutions that ensure access to energy for poor populations and offer them the opportunity to make the most of their privileged access to biomass in the form of energy vectors. […]

Vicent S.T. Willie II – DailyObserver (21.10.16)

Solar Lighting Has Eliminated 20 Million Kerosene Lanterns
Solar-powered lanterns equipped with LEDs have eliminated more than 20 million traditional lighting sources, primarily kerosene lanterns, according to a new report from the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) and International Finance Corporation. The semi-annual report shows a steady and significant uptick for the most basic form of electricity access: modern lighting. […]

Katherine Tweed – GreenTechMedia (21.10.16)

Solar Overtaking Coal As Primary Energy Source Report Claims
Following the Paris Agreement that primarily focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by countries, more and more funding is being poured into technology that pushes the boundaries of renewable energy. Among those involved with the agreement are India and the United States, with both countries being the two of the three largest places generating greenhouse gasses. […]

J Russ I – iTechPost (24.10.16)


New Competition

West Africa: Off-grid Energy Challenge
Smart Villages

New Article

“Jikokoa”: Scaling up clean cookstoves and providing local jobs
Smart Villages

Video of the Week

Scaling up gender: Women in off-grid energy business models and supply chains
Smart Villages

Presentation of the Week

Energy access in rural India Enabling Agriculture
Gram Oorja, Finalist for Smart Villages Off-grid Energy Impact Competition for India

New Article

d.light founder: Solar can leapfrog the grid for people living at the “bottom of the pyramid”
Smart Villages


Solar Farm To Power Irish Cheese Plant
Conor Macauley – BBC News (18.10.16)

Green Climate Fund To Push Decentralised Solutions In Africa
William Brent – ReutersFoundationNews (18.10.16)Retrofitting Diesel Hybrid Systems Surges In Africa Reports EEP
ESI Africa (19.10.16)

Wind Powers Into Villages In South Africa
PennEnergy (18.10.16)

IFC/DIFID Back Solar Power Access For Nigerian SMEs
Akinola Ajibade – TheNationOnline (20.10.16)


Tesla Plans Panasonic Tie-Up For Solar Panels
BusinessGreen (17.10.16)

U.S. Solar Suffering From Wrong Business Model Claim Financiers
Danielle Ola – Pv-Tech (17.10.16)Canadian Remote Telecomms Sites Going Solar
StockHouse (18.10.16)

Argentina Plans World’s Largest Roof-Top Solar Powered Rural Electrification Drive
Alexandre Spatuzza – ReChange (20.10.16)

First Integrated Off-Grid Home Energy Security System Launched
PennEnergy (19.10.16)

Science & Technology

First Integrated Wind-Hydro Plant Planned In Germany
Lorraine Chow – EcoWatch (20.10.16)

NREL Proposes Peroskvite Adoption Strategy
NREL (17.10.16)Micro-Nuclear Plants For Off-Grid Sites Gaining Acceptance In US
ChelseaMendez – Off-Grid (20.10.16)

Could Desalination Be New Storage Market?
Jason Deign – GreenTechMedia (21.10.16)

How Mini Can Hydro Go?
ScienceDaily (24.10.16)


Wave-Based Micro-Grid Gets Funding In Australia
Sophie Vorrath – RenewEconomy (21.10.16)

Solar Home Systems Aid Fiji’s Hurricane Recovery
Ruby Taylor – FijiTimes (19.10.16)Fiji Also Scopes Rural Electrification Needs
Talebula Kate – FijiTimes (19.10.16)

Mpowered” Village Initiative Makes Progress In India
Mrida Group – OpenPR (21.10.16)

Northern Indian State Tries To Increase LED Uptake
MorungExpress (21.10.16)

Studies Into Wind Farm And Community Conflicts Start In Korea
Stephanie Bedo – GriffithUniversity (21.10.16)

267k Filipino Families Still In The Dark Claims Local Politician
Christine F. Herrera – ManilaStandard (24.10.16)

ESCAP Head Akhtar Urges More Asia-Pacific Co-Operation On Energy Access
Shamshad Akhtar – Today (24.10.16)

1000-Year-Old Himalayan Village Lit Up Through Solar Micro-Grids
Ashraf Wani – IndiaToday (24.10.16)

Solar With Battery Storage Plan For Andaman Islands
Tom Kenning – Pv-Tech (24.10.16)

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