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Saturday November 26th, 2016 - Smart Villages



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Dear Subscriber,

By coincidence last week just as Smart Villages was holding our opening workshop for the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico region, we received an impassioned plea from Julio Eisman of Fundación ACCIONA Microenergía.

Systematically I look for news in the Americas section of your newsletter but I do not find any new about off grid electrification concerning Latin America. All the news in Americas section end in USA.
Could be really that the real Americas is the Dark Region? That nearly 30 million Latin Americans without electricity do not count, they are invisible?

Rest assured Julio they do count. We have already held several workshops in the region – Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and now Dominican Republic – and will do our best to keep you and our other readers updated on them and other relevant news.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
USAID Invests $4 Million In 8 African Solar Start-Ups
Power Africa Coordinator Andrew M. Herscowitz has announced $4 million in new investments in eight companies that are revolutionizing household power across Africa through the ‘Scaling Off-Grid Energy: Grand Challenge for Development.’ […]

Milly W. Maina – Footprint2Africa (21.11.16)Universal Energy Access In Latin America: MES 2016, Medellin, Colombia
Access to reliable, affordable and clean energy sources is the main prerequisite for economic growth and climate protection. In Colombia, academic institutions have started to partner with private companies to pilot and foster innovative projects adapted to the local context, which encompass economic, social and ecological sustainability. […]

MicroEnergySystems (23.11.16)We’re Not All Equal Reminds Kyte At COP22
The world can’t tackle climate change without also addressing the fact that 1.1 billion people still lack access to energy.Much of the discussion at the Marrakech climate talks has focused on building the energy systems of the future. If those systems are to meet both goals — connecting everyone in the world to energy and also preventing runaway climate change – it will take rigor and discipline to see them realized. […]

Michael Igoe – Devex (15.11.16)

Kammen Keeps Up The Pressure On Trump
The election of Donald Trump in the United States and the installation of a team at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy who are climate change skeptics stands in the face of not only established science, but also of an unambiguous record of data that clean energy projects simply generate more jobs than those in the fossil fuel sector (Wei et al, 2010). […]

Daniel Kammen – UC Berkeley (15.11.16)

Solar Demand Shrinkage Predictions Lowered
Next year’s drop in global solar demand might not be as steep as analysts previously thought, according to GTM Research’s latest Global Solar Demand Monitor. “Last quarter, we were originally forecasting a 10 percent contraction in the global market in 2017, mainly due to policy shifts in China, Japan, U.K. and Germany,” said GTM Research global solar markets research associate Benjamin Attia, author of the Q4 Demand Monitor. […]

Jason Deign – GreenTechMedia (16.11.16)

IEA Warns On Water-Energy Nexus
Energy and water have always been closely intertwined. Water is essential for all phases of energy production, from fossil fuels to biofuels and power plants. Likewise, energy is critical to water supply, wastewater treatment and desalination. […]

Rosalie Starling – HydrocarbonEngineering (18.11.16)

OPIC Welcomes Impact Of Off-Grid In Africa
About 1.2 billion people live without access to an electrical grid. The overwhelming majority of them – about 95 percent – live in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016 released earlier this year by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. In certain countries in Africa, less than 20 percent of the population has grid access. […]

OPIC (17.11.16)

Plea Not To Neglect Energy Efficiency At COP22
The COP22 climate conference, held in Marrakech earlier this month, marked a transition from high-level commitments to concrete actions to tackle the effects of climate change quickly, effectively and at scale. Accelerating adoption of Energy Efficiency (EE) technologies, and LED lighting in particular, have been identified as key elements in achieving the ambitious commitments under the Paris Agreement and transitioning to a low carbon global economy. […]

Arianna Tozzi – TheClimateGroup (21.11.16)

A Smarter Grid Above The Clouds
Smart grids bring improved efficiency and reliability to the centralized energy delivery system that has been in existence for more than 100 years. The electric grid has relied on burning fossil fuels, but is now slowly shifting to renewable energy sources. In contrast, people living in remote areas such as the Himalayas are much smarter in their energy use even without electricity. […]

Patrick T. Lee – SmartGrid


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West Africa Competition: Thank you for your applications
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Watch: New webinar on disaster & resilience
Smart Villages

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Why we need to go beyond coal
Part 2 of our interview with Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley

Smart Villages

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Stories of off-grid impact
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Presentation of the week

Exploring community flood resilience in Bang Rakam,Thailand
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Press Release

Opening Workshop for Central America, Mexico and Caribbean Region Exceeds Expectations
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IRENA And AFID Commit New Round Of Renewable Energy Funding
Esi-Africa (15.11.16)Nigeria To Spend USD 150 Million On Rural Electrification
TheGuardian (16.11.16)Orange And Engie Partner On Solar In West Africa
Danielle Ola – PV-Tech (16.11.16)EU Accused Of Disguising New Coal Subsidies
Aline Roberts – Edie (17.11.16)Off-Grid Solar Lighting 2021 Market Forecast Published
OpenPR (16.11.16)

Cameroon Sets 50% Electrification By 2022 Rate
Yaoundé – Business In Cameroon (24.11.16)

Sunfunder Uses OPIC Funds To Power Off-Grid Homes In Uganda
OPIC (18.11.16)

Zimbabwe Struggling To Meet Energy Demand Admits Minister
Chronicle (19.11.16)

Experts Push For More Mini-Grids In Rwanda
Steven Muvunyi – NewTimes (21.11.16)

Sweden To Ditch Tax On Solar Energy
TheLocal (21.11.16)

Off-Grid Eco Drive Aids Palestinian Communities
Zafrir Rinat – Haaretz (21.11.16)


Totem Offers Smart Cities Solar Storage Vision
Julia Pyper – GreenTechMedia (16.11.16)Florida Votes To Keep Solar Market Competitive
Karl Bode – TechDirt (16.11.16)Novel Renewable Incentives Ideas From US 
Sami Grover – TreeHuger (16.11.16)Tesla Acquires Tanzanian Off-Grid Supplier As Part Of Solarcity Deal
Fred Lambert – Electrek (17.11.16)Brazil Holds Off-Grid Energy Auction
Michael Place – BN Americas (17.11.16)

Strategic Alliance For Sustainable Energy Development In Latin America And Caribbean Meeting In Quito

How Can Women Participate In The Delivery Of Energy Solutions In Latin America And The Caribbean?
Olade (20.11.16)

El Salvador Receives 29 Offers Of Renewable Energy Projects

MEM Peru Holds International Forum On Productive Uses Of Electricity
Expertosenred (05.11.16)

Science & Technology

USAID Offers $600,000 Prize For Off-Grid Refrigeration Ideas
Charlotte McLaughlin – Ammonia (15.11.16)Mission Innovation Challenges Scope Grows
Plamena Tisheva – Renewables (15.11.16)Mobile Solar Water Treatment Plant
John Biggs – TechCrunch (16.11.16)Sheffield University Installs Solar/Biomass Hybrid System To Power Remote Indian Village
RenewablesEnergyMagazine (17.11.16)Text Messages Using Chemicals?
Ghuncha Shaheed – WCCFetch (18.11.16)

Can Your Gadgets Live Off Solar?
Damien McFerran – TechRadar (19.11.16)

Solar Cells From Tin
Warwick (21.11.16)


IEEE Smart Village Success In Himalayas
Mike Wilson – TheInstitute (18.11.16)New Indian Study Challenges Willingness To Pay Assumptions
Scidev (16.11.16)China Aims To Increase Natural Gas Consumption
Chen Aizhu – Rigzone (16.11.16)New Plan To Power Off-Grid Areas In Philippines
Lenie Lectura – BusinessMirror (17.11.16)Pakistan NGO Recognised For Community Micro-Hydro Schemes
PakistanObserver (19.11.16)

ISHA And UNICEF Start Smart Village Initiative In India
TheHindu (24.11.16)

SDF And UNDP Back Female Empowerment Project Through Energy Access
Business-Standard (21.11.16)

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