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Saturday December 10th, 2016 - Smart Villages



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Hot on the heels of SE4ALL’s call for more industry involvement, comes another this week from SREP. While individual companies have stepped up to the plate funding joint and individual energy access initiatives, there still remains a hesitancy. On the company side, the money is there – even a medium sized enterprise’s corporate social responsibility fund would dwarf many a govt or NGO’s resources. Nor is there much doubt about the benefits – in starkest terms more customers. However, doubts remain about transparency and accountability. We have tried in Smart Villages to open more conversations with industry and the first word that always comes up is outcomes. We have looked at creating acceptable models for this work and encourage others to realise its importance.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
SREP Looks For More Private Sector Commitment
Following a discussion on the May joint committee paper, Strategic directions for the Climate Investment Funds (see CIFs Monitor 13), the June SREP sub-committee meeting agreed “on the need to enhance cooperation between the SREP and other entities and mechanisms in the climate finance architecture”, in particular the GCF, including through “improved coordination on a country level”. […]

BrettonWoods (30.11.16)Buffalo Grid Joins UNDP Business Call To Action
With operations in Asia, Solar energy provider BuffaloGrid has joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA) by committing to reach 27 million people with solar energy and reduce global CO2 emissions by 11,771 tons while creating jobs for 74,000 local entrepreneurs – all by 2020. […]

JustMeans (01.12.16)

Off-Grid Solar Starts To Penetrate Myanmar
Four feet in length, of aggressive disposition, and deadly poisonous: you don’t want to stand on a Russell’s viper in the dark. Especially if there’s no antivenom for miles around. Yet that’s the daily predicament facing millions of villagers in Myanmar, where snakebites cause about 500 deaths every year. […]

Oliver Balch – TheGuardian (02.12.16)

India Grabs Largest Solar Plant Title For The Moment
India has supplanted California as home to the world’s largest solar power plant. A facility in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu in the southern part of the country covers nearly four square miles of land with solar panels that can generate around 648 megawatts of electricity when in full flow. That’s larger in both size and output than the Topaz Solar Farm that previously had the most output with a capacity of 550 megawatts. […]

Nathaniel Mott – Inverse (01.12.16)

First Russian Offshore Wind Project Underway
Russia’s fledgling wind industry is getting a boost from a first offshore project planned in the White Sea, while talks are underway between state-owned nuclear group Rosatom and foreign partners over the construction of three wind farms in Russia with a joint capacity of 610MW. […]



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When villages become education hubs: the work of the Akaa Project in Ghana
Smart Villages

New Report

The energy and water nexus for off-grid communities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia
Smart Villages

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The energy and water nexus for off-grid communities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia
Smart Villages

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Energy4Impact: Accelerating access to energy
Smart Villages

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Webinar – Off the beaten path: Rural energy and remoteness
Smart Villages


Tanzania Opens New Solar Equipment Tender
EsiAfrica (30.11.16)Kenyan REA Commissions Rural Hybrid Solar Plant
Carson Jnr – Hivisasa (30.11.16)

UK Aid Funds Mini-Grids For Sierra Leone
Annup Vyas – AwarenessTimes (30.11.16)

Nigeria Starting To Favour Small Hydro
Jonathan Nda-Isaiah – Leadership (01.12.16)

Sunfunder Adds Beyond The Grid Fund
Anne Field – Forbes (30.11.16)

Berkeley And Bodimetrics Collaborate On Indian Smart Village
DigitalHournal (01.12.16)


Moves To Scale Up Off-Grid Solar In Peru
Katherine Tweed – GreenTechMedia (05.12.16)First US Wind Farm Comes On Line
Eia (02.12.16)

Robert Redford Has His Say On Solar
Robert Redford – Time (05.12.16)

San Diego Leads Way In US Domestic Solar
Rob Nikolewski – SanDiegoUnionTribune (05.12.16)

How Can Latin America Move To Low-Carbon Energy?
Lisa Viscidi and Rebecca O`connor – (24.11.16)

Latin America Energy Ministers Stress Importance Of Sustainable Development

Why Latin America And China Are Beating The U.S. In Renewable Energy
Travis Hoium – Fool (26.11.16)

Latin America And The Caribbean Are Turning To Renewable Energy, Lowering Carbon Emissions
Yasmin Rasidi – Latin Post (25.11.16)

Science & Technology

ADB Invests In Zinc-Air Battery Storage Systems
Andy Colthorpe – EnergyStorage (30.11.16)Geodesic Domes Continue To Attract Advocates
Adam Williams – NewAtlas (30.11.16)

LED`s To Be Mandatory In Indian Off-Grid Schemes
BusinessStandard (02.12.16)

Oxford PV Signs Deal To Commercialise Perovskite
Sam Pothecary – PV-Magazine (02.12.16)

New Inverters From Sungrow
SolarNovusToday (05.12.16)

Innovative Solar Generating Station From Stanford
Taylor Kubota – Stanford (05.12.16)

Era-Net Co-Funding Competition For Innovative Solar Technologies
Gov (05.12.16)


IEEE Smart Village Project Lights Up Himalayan Monastery
Susan Hassler – IEEE Spectrum (01.12.16)Solar Progress In Laos Hindered By Hydro Focus
Tom Kenning – PV-Tech (29.11.16)

USAID Partners With RBI On Off-Grid Rural Solar In India
Andrew Burger – Microgridmedia

Australian Holiday Resort Goes For 5 Mw Mini-Grid
Jonathan Gifford – OneStepOffTheGrid (30.11.16)

Isolated Grids Raise Renewables + Storage Interest In Indonesia
Tom Kenning – EnergyStorage (30.11.16)

Chowder’s Smart Village Takes Shape
TeluguMirchi (30.11.16)

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