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Tuesday January 3rd, 2017 - Smart Villages



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In yet another week dominated by President-elect Trump’s decisions on key political appointments that could affect U.S. and world energy policy, we’ve tried to look deeper for positive stories around the globe. Fortunately there are still many, interestingly often from people who might just also have Trump’s ear. We have Masayoshi Son of Japan’s SoftBank proposing an Asian super grid fuelled by renewables, the U.S. military continuing to invest in solar and renewable for its giant infrastructure base, and Bill Gates launching a US$ 1 billion clean energy fund. Another clear theme is African innovation with stories on PAYG solar moving to include satellite TVs and smart dorpies in South Africa. All in all, there are reasons to remain hopeful that momentum can be maintained.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
The PAYG And Micro-Grid Advantage Explained
Since 2010, EEP, a challenge fund active in southern and east Africa, has assisted over 200 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the region with grant funding during early stages of development and implementation. Through the implementation of these projects, a wealth of knowledge has been captured. […]

Esi-Africa (09.12.16)Global Pathway Not Yet Found
WorldStage Newsonline– Dr Olugbenga Adebanjo Falode, doctor of Petroleum Engineering, University of Ibadan (UI) Nigeria believes that a globally acceptable pathway to a safe and sustainable energy future had not been found, warning that the current energy trend will have undesirable consequences, grave and global threats to the well-being of the human race. […]

Ayoola Ponmile – WorldStage (09.12.16)

Kenyan Energy Budget Slashed
The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum got the biggest budgetary cut in the current financial year. This casts doubt on the possibility of further pushing down the cost of energy as well as increasing the number of Kenyans connected to the national electricity grid in the course of this fiscal year. […]

Macharia Kamau – StandardMedia (08.12.16)

Off-Grid Brings Power To African Villages?
The NASA satellite map of the world at night shows blazing networks of light across North America and Europe. But Africa remains the dark continent. Despite the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal of universal access to electricity by 2030, half of Africans are without power, most living in remote villages that are unlikely to be connected to the grid in the foreseeable future. […]

Erica Gies – TakePart (08.12.16)

Overcharging Creeping In Already?
Renewable energy power developers providing mini (off)-grid electricity in rural areas should not milk their customers through overcharging as the move would render the idea of attracting the private sector in power generation irrelevant, a senior government official has warned. […]

Henry Lyimo – AllAfrica (08.12.16)

Overwhelming Public Support For Biomass And Waste Energy Production In UK 
There is strong public support for producing bioenergy in the UK from both biomass and waste, according to a new survey carried out for the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).The YouGov survey, commissioned by the ETI, questioned over 5,300 adults to gauge public perceptions of bioenergy in the UK, and found that 74% of people surveyed support producing bioenergy from biomass and 81% support producing biomass from waste. […]

Bioenergy Insight (08.12.16)

Asian Super Grid Mooted
A proposed ‘Asian Super Grid’ is attempting to pave the way for global access to “affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” by 2050. Major energy companies in China, Japan, Russia and South Korea recently signed an agreement to investigate the economic and technical feasibility, but even supporters are concerned about the political feasibility. […]

Joanne Lu – Humanosphere (09.12.16)

Smart Dorpies Proposed In South Africa
Johannesburg – People from rural areas should not only serve as labour reservoirs for the cities, says North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo. Earlier this week, News24 spoke to Mahumapelo about a wide range of issues, ranging from the so-called ‘premier league’ in the ANC to the state of the North West province. In the interview, Mahumapelo discussed his rural villages, townships and small dorpies initiative just a few days after hosting his province’s inaugural economic lekgotla. […]

Info-Europa (11.12.16)


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EU And GIZ Launch New Nigerian Rural Provincial Initiative
Hir Joseph – DailyTrust (07.12.16)All Or Nothing Out In Nigeria
Roseline Okere – TheGuardian (07.12.16)

First Micro-Grid For Ghana Resort
Yahoo (07.12.16)

Zuku And Azurri Ink Satellite TV Deal For Kenya
TheStar (07.12.16)

Switch To Smart Grid A Gamble Warns UK Expert
Peter Mccusker – ChronicleLive (07.12.16)

West African Energy Summit To Explore Cross-Border Collaboration
PR Newswire (07.12.16)

Tanzania Reaffirms Commitment To SDG7
Esi-Africa (07.12.16)

First Household Solar Kits Launched In Sierra Leone
MicrofinanceGateway (07.12.16)


Remote Canadian Island School Goes Off-Grid
CBCNews (07.12.16)Tempers Fray At Rural Electrification Delays In Jamaica
JamaicaObserver (06.12.16)
Global Street Lighting Market Rises
Monika Donimirska – SAT Press Releases (06.12.16)

First 100% Renewable Energy Community In Canada
Craig Morris – OneStepOffTheGrid (09.12.16)

Micro-Grids In Brooklyn For Low-Cost Housing
Anca Gagiuc – CPExecutive

Off-Grid Canadian Migration Grows
Michael MacDonald – CapeBretonPost (09.12.16)

US Army Solar Powers Ahead
Joseph Bebon – SolarIndustry (12.12.16)

Latin America Is Set To Become A Leader In Alternative Energy
Economist (10.12.16)

Costa Rica Leads Latin America Renewable-Energy-Producing Countries
Laura Alvarado – TheCostaRicaStar (10.12.16)

Despite Government Momentum, Argentina Lags Behind In Investments For Renewable Energy
Maria Gabriela Ensinck – ElCronista (14.12.16)

Science & Technology

New Off-Grid EV Charging Unit Launched
David Pratt – CleanEnergyNews (07.12.16)Sheffield University Promotes Biogas In India
Robin Whitlock – RenewableEnergyMagazine (07.12.16)
Novozymes Starts Biomass To Sugars Programme
EthanolProducer (07.12.16)

US Technology For Coconut And Palm Kernel Biomass Plant In Liberia
DailyObserver (08.12.16)

Perovskite Cells Gear Up To Go Commercial
Robert F – Sciencee (09.12.16)

New UK Solar Innovation Fund Launched
Joshua Warner – MorningStar (12.12.16)

Gates Launches USD 1 Billion Clean Energy Fund
Oscar Williams – HuffingtonPost (12.12.16)


Indonesian Deregulation Threatens Off-Grid Chaos Warns Expert
Andre E. Susanto – PV-Tech (08.12.16)CAG Report Criticises Pace Of Indian Rural Electrification
Pragativadi (06.12.16)

Chinese Lead Acid Battery Market Growing Rapidly
PRNewsWire (07.12.16)

Another Plea For Clean Cooking In India
PRNewsWire (08.12.16)

ICRISAT Holds Smart Agriculture Workshop
WebIndia123 (09.12.16)

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