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Saturday January 21st, 2017 - Smart Villages



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With Davos and the upcoming U.S. presidential inauguration, this is a week with a number of important pronouncements and actions by major world leaders. However, looking at the other stories this week, I see these major events as just the tip of a global renewables movement, which increasingly seems built to last and weather any temporary storms. By this, I mean there is strong political support, consumer demand, and business delivery at the village level, which is being documented by the Smart Villages Initiative. We need to see this grassroots momentum continue to be matched by leaders at the national and regional levels – all the way to the very top.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Regional Solutions Key In Asia-Pacific Believes UNESCAP’s Akhtar
The Asia-Pacific region is at a turning point in its energy trajectory. The energy solutions that have fuelled growth in the region over the past few decades are no longer compatible with the sustainable development aspirations of our nations and their people. […]

Shamshad Akhtar – Eco-Business (12.01.17) 

2016 Corporate Solar Funding Hits $9.1 Billion Reports Mercom
Mercom Capital Group, a global clean energy communications and consulting firm, released its report on funding and merger and acquisition activity (M&A) for the solar sector in 2016. Total global corporate funding in the solar sector, including venture capital/private equity (VC), debt financing and public market financing raised by public companies came to $9.1 billion, compared to $25.3 billion in 2015, a 64% drop. […]

Kelsey Misbrener – Solar Power World (10.01.17)

PAYG Critical To Future African Off-Grid Development
While the world electrification rate is roughly 84%, 632 million people do not have access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. This divide is even more glaring between urban and rural areas, where only 19% of the population is connected.Despite the continent’s fast-growing urbanization rate, the total lack of access to energy is still a reality for 65% of the population. The failure to provide basic access to power is partly attributable to an underdeveloped and ill-maintained distribution infrastructure, as well as corruption. […]

Constance Hubert – Global Risk Insights (11.01.17)

Don’t Make Assumptions About Demand Warns Sierra Leone’s Energy Minister
Energy as a significant enabler has a key role to play in both our current economic recovery and in our vision to reach the middle-income status. Energy is also critical for the development of a country and the stimulation of its economy to grow. In Sierra Leone, we need to provide the foundations of an environment where businesses can operate and thrive. […]

TheWorldFolio (11.01.17)

Obama’s Parting US Gift To Paris Agreement
Barack Obama has heeded calls to help secure the future of the historic Paris agreement by transferring a second $500m instalment to the Green Climate Fund, just three days before he leaves office. The fund was a key aspect of the Paris agreement signed in 2015, which aims to keep global warming “well below” 2C and aspires to keep warming to 1.5C. […]

Michael Slezak – TheGuardian (18.01.17)

Xi Commits China To Continuing Paris
The leader of China’s Communist Party lectured the American president-elect on Tuesday about the virtues of globalization, free trade and even green energy a sign of just how much international politics has changed. Chinese President Xi Jinping didn’t need to mention Donald Trump during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland several of his pointed remarks appeared unequivocally aimed at him. […]

Alexander Smith – NBC News (17.01.17)

I Love Solar”, Says Trump
President Elect Trump is quoted in saying “I know a lot about solar, I love solar…”, it gives me hope that Trump will work with the powers that be to encourage more alternative energy resources. The next part of Trump’s statement was about solar being so expensive, that might give pause to the solar power companies, but I hear that a bit differently, I don’t hear Trump trying to stop alternative energy, I believe he is interested in bringing the costs down even further than they have come down in the last 5-10 years. […]


What If Everyone Installed Solar Panels?
What is the economic impact if everyone install solar panel on their roof? Before starting, we should recognize that everyone in the world going up and installing solar panels on their roof is not the most cost-effective approach to energy generation. It costs a lot to get all those panels all the way up those ladders, and residential roof-tops are usually not the best locations. […]

Forbes (16.01.17)

ARE Energy Access Investment Forum
The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) with the kind support of Energias de Portugal (EDP) and the African-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), has the pleasure to invite you to the ARE Energy Access Investment Forum,taking place on 22-23 March 2017 in the Turbine Hall of MAAT/EDP Foundation in Lisbon (Portugal). The aim of the event is to discuss market conditions, key policy initiatives, business opportunities and showcase financial and technical instruments supporting rural electrification projects in developing and emerging markets. […]

Alliance For Rural Electrification (12.01.17)


Energy Entrepreneurs

Solar technologies offer hope in post-disaster Nepal
Smart Villages

Technical Report

Energy and agriculture for smart villages in India
Smart Villages

Featured Video

Education and entrepreneurship: How solar energy impacts Tanzanian villages
Smart Villages

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PERSA: Inclusión Social con Energía Renovable
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Workshop Report: Energy and agriculture for smart villages in India
Smart Villages


Kenya To Push Mini-Grids Into Rural Areas
Maina Waruru – Thomson Reuters Foundation (13.01.17) 

Rural Energy Access Projects Gain Traction In Tanzania
Esi-Africa (13.01.17)

Scope For Variety Of Solutions In Africa Says Ashden
Kavita Rai – African Business Review (16.01.17)

Innovation Key To Sustainable Development Believe Zayed Prize Winners Kopernik
GulfNews Thinkers (16.01.17)

UAE Funds New Wave Of Renewable Projects In Developing Countries
GulfNews Thinkers (16.01.17)

Solar Powers Desalination Plant In Abu Dhabi
Ilias Tsagas – Pv-Magazine (16.01.17)

Manroth Appointed AFDB Director For Energy
AllAfrica (16.01.17)

Masdar And Qatar Electricity In Off-Grid And Renewables Collaboration
TradeArabia (17.01.17)

Saudi Launches $50 Billion Solar Push
Nick Cunningham – OilPrice (16.01.17)


Tesla To Power Factory With 70 MW Solar Farm
Jordan Golson – TheVerge (11.01.17)IKEA Continues To Lead Way With Rooftop Installations
EnhancedOnlineNews (11.01.17)Wind And Solar Outpace Gas Reports Scientific American
Daniel Cusick – Scientific American (12.01.17)

NY Governor Cuomo Pledges Support For Offshore Wind
Governor (10.01.17)

Ordinary Citizens Help Drive Spread Of Solar Power In Chile
Orlando Milesi – IPS News (14.01.17)

South America’s Role In The Global Shift To 100% Renewable Energy
Kara Anderson – MironLine (09.01.17)

Inversion De La UE En Energias Renovables En Colombia / EU Invests In Renewable Energy In Colombia


Lucas Laursen – Wbur (19.01.15)

Science & Technology

Robot Cleans Panels In Israeli Solar Installation
Katherine Martinko – TreeHugger (10.01.17) 

Dipping Enhances Long Term Stability Of Perovskite Cells
Rui Fu, Yicheng Zhao, Qi Li, Wenke Zhou, Dapeng Yu and Qing Zhao – Pubs (11.01.17)

Solpad Mobile Claims To Be Future Of Personalised Off-Grid Sustainable Energy
Yahoo Finance (11.01.17)

Romanian Architects Build Off-Grid Shelter In Challenging Terrain
Yahoo Finance (11.01.17)

Uber Like Models For Off-Grid Electricity
Microgrid Media

River-Powered Taxis Planned For London
Ian Johnston – Independent (13.01.17)

Australia’s CEC Publishes Storage Guide
Eco Generation (16.01.17)

Looming Smart Data Revolution Will Deliver Energy Efficiency Predicts Australian Expert
Eco Generation (17.01.17)


India Plans $1 Trillion Clean Up Of Energy Sector
Zawya (16.01.17)Australia’s Carnegie Clean Energy Pushes Into Solar
Sonali Paul – Reuters (10.01.17)Indian Study Finds Rooftop Solar 50% Cheaper Than Diesel Gensets
EconomicTimes (10.01.17)

Vibrant Gujarat Summit Criticised
Ahmedabad Mirror (12.01.17)

New Business Competition For Indian Smart Villages
BusinessStandard (12.01.17)

One Indian State’s Grand Plan To Get 23 Million People Online
Wired (17.01.17)

Duarte Promises Power To The People
Ian Jeffrey Addatu – Sunstar (15.01.17)

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