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We’ve seen a flurry of reports this week, which, if you have the energy, will give you interesting insights on where the sector is heading: these are not only straight solar, wind, or hydro predictions either. Rather, we are getting sub-sectors such as floating wind and mini-hydro along with micro-grids and storage forecasts. However, we are still lacking more sophisticated predictions of impacts and dividends, a task that our recent conversations with SE4ALL verified is very much on the agenda for 2017. An equally welcome development is a growing number of critical reports such as the ones featured this week on problems with India’s rural electrification and on American scientists’ concerns about the potentially adverse effects of home solar energy storage.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
World Bank Loan Policy Failing Clean Energy Development, Report Claims
A multi-billion dollar global fund is encouraging the construction of fossil fuel projects, at the expense of cleaner options, a study reports. An NGO said that some World Bank policy loans had the effect of supporting coal, gas and oil developments while undermining renewable schemes.It added the loans were intended to boost growth in the low carbon sector.The World Bank disputed the report’s findings, saying it did not reflect the wider work it did with countries. […]

Mark Kinver – Bbc (27.01.17)Modi’s Rural Energy Push Fails To Light Up India
Screams alerted Dadasaheb Vidhate to the fire trapping three of his children in the family’s thatched-roof hut in rural India. “Neighbours rushed to help douse the fire, but we couldn’t save anyone,” Vidhate, 45, said of the blaze four years ago, which he blames on an overturned kerosene lamp. “My children were burned alive before my eyes.” […]

TheEconomicTimes (25.01.17)Accelerating Off-Grid Renewable Energy Report From IRENA
The business case for off-grid renewables as a means to expand rural electricity access keeps growing stronger, thanks to steady cost reductions and technological innovation. Yet further accelerating the growth of either mini-grid or stand-alone solutions will depend also on stable policies and regulations, along with dedicated funds and de-risking instruments for renewables. […]

IRENASmart Villages Partner Practical Action, Scoops Zayed Prize
Practical Action’s main message and goal is to use technology to alleviate poverty in the developing world.Solar PV and mini-grid technologies are among the primary ones in their toolbox.Specifically, the NGO has managed the development of solar PV and mini-grid systems in Zimbabwe and Malawi, which were funded by the European Union. Other projects include water irrigation systems powered by PV in Sudan. […]

Ilias Tsagas – PV-Magazine (27.01.17)

Scale Of Chinese Solar Fishery Inspires U.S. Commentator
Last week, a 200MW solar fishery came online in Cixi City in east China’s Zhejiang Province. The photos below show the immensity of the project. Dual use solar power comes in many forms: parking lot solar is always getting attention, walkable solar glass – like the project built by Apple (though I don’t think the Apple campus solar counts), and solar even roadways are now a thing. […]

John Fitzgerald Weaver – Electrek (29.01.17)

Installed Global Solar Passes 300 Gigawatt Milestone
The German Solar Association in Berlin has announced a new milestone has been reached with 300 gigawatts of total installed solar power capacity around the world. In 2016 there was a global deployment of solar power systems with an additional nominal capacity of around 70 gigawatts. […]

ElectricityInfo (29.01.17)

Texas Researchers Suggest Storing Home Solar Energy Increases Consumption And Emissions
Homes with solar panels do not require on-site storage to reap the biggest economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, according to research. In fact, storing solar energy for nighttime use actually increases both energy consumption and emissions compared with sending excess solar energy directly to the utility grid. […]

ScienceDaily (30.01.17)

Solar-Storage Financing Solutions Next Priority, Predicts Outgoing Industry Association Head
The ITC extension helped the industry refocus on its long-term future, rather than a short-term goal of installing as much as possible before the end of 2016. The extension gives developers much more runway to plan through 2022. The companies SEFA has worked with feel much more relaxed about having sufficient capital and the financing they need to meet their goals. […]

Kathie Zipp – Solar Power World (30.01.17)

Emerging Solar Markets For 2017 Previewed
Solar PV is no longer the domain of just a few developed countries after it saw significant progress in almost every continent on the planet in 2016. Only Europe, the original bastion of solar, has struggled to reignite its matured PV markets, but even France and Spain could be markets to watch out for next year, especially with Spain’s 3GW of solar and wind auctions due. […]

EnergyTransition (31.01.17)


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Kenyan Villagers Install Solar Themselves
Benson Rioba – Thomson Reuters Foundation (25.01.17)Tanzania Lays Out Energy Strategy
Oxford Business Group (24.01.17)

EU Grants Target Energy Efficiency, Health, And Costs In Zambia
Adam Pitt – DevFinance (24.01.17)

Upcoming Carbon Trust Webinar Discusses South African Mini-Grid Potential

Biogas Production In Rural Israel Takes Off
WMW (27.01.17)

Former Military Base Turned Into One Of World’s Largest Solar Parks In Germany
JEERAWAT NA THALANG – Bankokpost (29.01.17)

Azuri Launches PayGo In Nigeria
Finance Yahoo (31.01.17)

En Afrique De L’Ouest, Le Solaire Au Cœur De La Géopolitique Énergétique / In West Africa, Solar Is At The Heart Of Energy Geopolitics
Pascal Airault – Lopinion (22.01.17)

Côte D’Ivoire: Un Sommet Régional De Coopération En Matière D’Énergie / Ivory Coast: A Regional Summit On Energy Cooperation
Isidore Kouadio – RFI (30.01.17)


Chilean Off-Grid Clinic Supplies Improved Health Services
Lucy Wang – Inhabitat (25.01.17)Battle Continues For Future Of Solar Home Industry
Erin Vaughan – Solar Industry (24.01.17)Wisconsin Has Most Successful Year For Solar In 2016
StarTribune (29.01.17)Virginia Plans Largest Solar Farm
Washington Post (29.01.17)

Bolivia Might Become The South American Energy Core
Prensa Latina (25.01.17)

América Latina Discutirá Sobre Proyectos De Energía En EE.UU. / Latin America To Discuss Energy Projects In The U.S.
LaEstrella (23.01.17)

Energía Envuelve Género, Integración Y Clima En América Latina / Energy Involves Gender, Integration And Climate In Latin America
IPS Noticias (26.01.17)

Science & Technology

Wally Solar Powered Generator Also Purifies Water And Provides Internet Connectivity
Mike Farish – Theengineer (26.01.17)New Study On Agricultural Biomass Air Pollution In China
OnlineLibrary (25.01.17)

Global Bio-Briquette Market Survey Published
NewsMaker (25.01.17)

First Biomass Hydrogen-Producing Plant Demonstrated In Japan
HydrocarbonEngineering (25.01.17)

Agenda For 2017 International Biomass Congress Announced
PRNewswire (24.01.17)

Siemens And EOS Collaborate On Storage Systems
CTBR (25.01.17)

Energy Access Equipment Report Now Available
Anurag – Republic-News (26.01.17)

MRSE Publishes Small Hydro Report
SatPRNews (27.01.17)

KPMG Studies Australian Home Solar Impact
KPMG (27.01.17)

Life Expectancy Of Solar Panel Survey
Kelsey Misbrener – SolarPowerWorld (30.01.17)

Floating Solar Panels Report Available
Finance Yahoo (31.01.17)


Ericsson Joins Indian-Berkeley Smart Villages Project
BV Mahalakshmi – TheFinancialExpress (26.01.17)TATA Installs Solar Micro-Grid In Indian Village
India (24.01.17)Biomass Cogeneration Power Plant On Track In Philippines
Bioenergy Insight (25.01.17)China Continues To Invest In Australia’s Coal Infrastructure
Ben Sharples – Bloomberg (25.01.17)

Philippines Targets Remaining Far-Flung Barangays
Pilar S. Mabaquiao – PIA (25.01.17)

Solar Power Saving Australian Poultry Sector
Jess Davis – ABC News (31.01.17)

India’s REC Allocates Rural Electrification Funding To Andhra Pradesh
IndiaToday (30.01.17)

Indian Economist Looks At Reality Of Country’s Electrification Programme
TheIndianEconomist (30.01.17)

German QUINOS Lands Solar/Diesel Hybrid Micro-Grid Contract For Indonesian Eco-Resort
SolarServer (31.01.17)

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