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Saturday August 12th, 2017 - Smart Villages



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Still lots of general stories around on the need to accelerate energy access, how shocking the situation is, and why is nothing being done… Which is an insult to the multitude of individuals and organisation working tirelessly on the problem worldwide. Of course more money is required, but two articles to note this week again demonstrate that localised approaches and technological advances are the key. Firstly, in his acceptance speech for the Zayed Future Energy Prize, Practical Action’s CEO Paul Lomas highlights   the success of solar home systems and mini-grids matched with  tailored finance schemes. Secondly, US blogger Erin Vaughn contemplates the potential dream combination of 3D printing and peroskvite technology resulting in low cost solar panels being produced literally on the spot.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Biomass The New Coal Claims Advocate
If you’re in the mood for a fiery conversation about the drawbacks of biomass energy, just sit down with ecologist Mary Booth.As founder of The Partnership for Policy Integrity, her firm’s report, “Trees, Trash and Toxics” details all the ways that biomass exploits loopholes in renewable energy policy. […]

Gillian Neimark – SoutheastEnergyNews (07.08.17)Trump Files Notice To Withdraw From Paris
The Trump administration formally notified the United Nations of its plans to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement on Friday, explaining that the United States instead plans to work with countries to help them gain access to fossil fuels. […]

Mark Hand – ThinkProgress (05.08.17)Africa Needs Power
he President of the African Development Bank and former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, speaks on infrastructural development and youth empowerment in agriculture, in this interview with TOBI AWORINDE […]

Punchng (06.08.17)Crowdfunding Boosts Solar Uptake Says Energy 4 Impact
A new study has highlighted the importance of crowdfunding in raising finance for energy needs around the world. Energy 4 Impact’s latest instalment in a series of reports from its Crowd Power Program on energy access-related crowdfunding in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia said the strongest growth has been identified in debt and equity crowdfunding. […]

James Wanzala – StandardMedia (07.08.17)Spurned By Trump Can Green Energy Count On Big Data?
Before June, I will admit I had never heard of ARPA-E. Have you? The Department of Energy wing, formed in 2009, is charged with investing in new approaches to power energy. Its model agency is DARPA, the wacky Defense unit that birthed many things (GPS, advanced aircraft, the internet) that are now central to the technology industry. […]

Mark Bergen – Bloomberg (07.08.17)Practical Action Receives Zayed Future Energy Prize
French energy storage developer and system integrator Electro Power Systems (EPS) has hailed the speedy execution of a microgrid’s expansion in Somalia, which has just been completed in less than 30 days. […]

EnergyStorage (07.08.17)

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Somali Micro-Grid Success
Andy Colthorpe – Energu-Storage (07.08.17)More Nigerian Manufacturers Go Off-Grid To Save Costs
Femi Adekoya – AllAfrica (04.08.17)ABB Secures $30 Renewables Integration Contract In Germany
Ian Clover – Pv-Magazine (04.08.17)Solar-Aid Wins Responsible Business Award
Emma Bartholomew – HackneyGazette (07.08.17)Mini-Hydro Plant Eases Shortages In Rural Zimbabwe
Luthando Mapepa – AllAfrica (07.08.17)


New York Converts Organic Waste Into Green Energy
TheWeatherNetwork (04.08.17)Edison Plan To Provide Solar To Low-Income Households
Kevin Randolph – DailyEnergyInsider (04.08.17)Wyoming Embraces Wind Energy And Its Jobs
Barry Petersen – CBSNews (04.08.17)Good News, Bad News For Solar In Arizona
SteveHanley – CleanTechnica (05.08.17)

Science & Technology

Solar Glasses Can Power Smartphone
BT (08.08.17)New Global Small Wind Turbines Report Published
Lawrence John – TopExaminer (04.08.17)Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Market Predicted To Grow At 11% For Next 5 Years
MarketInsider (04.08.17)Yale Researchers Look At Solar Desalination
Anna Bisaro – NhRegister (06.08.17)Are 3D Printed Solar Panels A Quick Fix?
Embedded (07.08.17)


New Electrification Drive In Fiji
Nirupa Siwan – FijiVillage (08.08.17)Pakistan Starts Major LED Light Installation Programme In Rural Areas
Nation (06.08.17)Tesla Powerpack And Wind Turbine Powers NZ Salt Plant
Gizmodo (08.08.17)Smart Villages A Game-Changer In Indian Elections?
Aniruddha Ghosal – IndianExpress (07.08.17)Poor Households Locked Out Of Green Energy Says Australian Report
Alan Pears – TheConversation (06.08.17)

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