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[:en]BR7: Lessons learned from the Smart Villages Engagement Programme in East Africa[:es]BR7: Lecciones aprendidas del Programa de Participación en Aldeas Inteligentes en África Oriental[:fr]BR7: Les leçons retenues suite au programme de coopération sur les villages intelligents d’Afrique de l’Est[:]

[:en]This policy brief summarises the findings and recommendations arising from a 15 month programme of engagement in East Africa, commencing in June 2014, undertaken by the Smart Villages Initiative to identify the barriers to off-grid sustainable energy access for development in rural communities and to gather views on how those barriers can be overcome. It …

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WR3: Kigali East Africa Media Workshop Report

This workshop was a two-day residential event featuring a combination of background briefings from local and international experts and entrepreneurs, together with Smart Villages team members on energy markets and provision in general, the off-grid sector in particular, the Smart Villages concept and perceived need, case studies of embryonic Smart Village projects and relevant technologies, …

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