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[:en]Women & energy entrepreneurship: Business models for off-grid energy and social impact, Part II[:]

[:en] Women are central to successful business models for off-grid energy in developing countries – whether they are founding micro enterprises, building small, medium, and large businesses, or are the consumers choosing the best energy sources for their household. In this webinar, you’ll hear from women working on the frontlines of energy entrepreneurship. They will …

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[:en]Addressing Energy Governance: Questions of Scale and Scope[:]

[:en] This webinar brings together researchers working on energy governance issues from a range of projects funded under two different DFID initiatives. These initiatives are the EPSRC/DFID/DECC funded Understading Sustainable Energy Solutions (USES) programme whose 13 projects are networked under the USES Network and the DFID-funded Gender and Energy research programme which is managed by Energia. …

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[:en]The big chill: Off-grid cooling for water, refrigeration, spaces, and more…[:]

[:en] Cooling is crucial in off-grid villages throughout the developing world: water, refrigeration for vaccines, cooling for Maasai cheese, and even spaces, whether for productive uses of energy (cold chains for fish or agricultural / dairy products) or homes and community spaces. In this webinar, we will hear from several speakers regarding the challenges and …

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[:en]Will energy access alone end poverty?[:]

[:en] A debate with rural leaders, the private sector and scientists 1.3 billion people currently do not have access to electricity and 3 billion people are without clean cooking facilities: these are the people who have been left behind. Many are women and young people. Global initiatives such as SE4ALL are crucial, but there remains …

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[:en]Failure & off-grid energy access: Why failure matters to development[:]

[:en] “Failure” – the word usually carries a negative connotation. But for entrepreneurs, policymakers, and NGOs working to provide energy access to people in the “last mile”, failure can actually provide important lessons. Is failure an important ingredient to success? In this webinar, we’ll gather experts who will talk openly about their experiences with failure …

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Webinar: Off the beaten path – rural energy & remoteness

[:en] Far-flung islands in the South Pacific and treacherous terrain in the Himalayas: both pose enormous challenges for rural development and energy. In this webinar, we’ll gather experts who will tell stories about their experiences working in remote areas where energy access is limited or almost non-existent – and what they are doing to promote …

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Webinar: In discussion, with Dr Scott Watkins

Dr Scott Watskins speaks about perovskites: absorbing materials can be used in an organic solar power. They act as the light absorbing part of the cells but can also transmit the charges. The exciting part about this is that they are dramatically more efficient than previous thin film solar cell technology. He demonstrates his work …

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Introduction Webinar

“Energy is a prerequisite for sustainable rural development” – UNESCO Smart Villages pitches its vision for rural communities with the aim of developing villages primarily in the areas of education, enterprise and health. It promotes the use of off-grid energy, mainly powered by sustainable means, as an alternative to being isolated from the national grid. …

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