[:en]The big chill: Off-grid cooling for water, refrigeration, spaces, and more…[:]


Cooling is crucial in off-grid villages throughout the developing world: water, refrigeration for vaccines, cooling for Maasai cheese, and even spaces, whether for productive uses of energy (cold chains for fish or agricultural / dairy products) or homes and community spaces.

In this webinar, we will hear from several speakers regarding the challenges and opportunities for cooling in off-grid villages. What innovative solutions have they discovered? How can keeping cool improve the lives of people throughout the developing world, particularly the hottest places? As well, what about the environmental impacts of cooling – how can we ensure keeping cool doesn’t cause further global warming?

Our webinar series is a little different: each expert will speak for less than 10 minutes and will focus on their on-the-ground experience using photos to tell their story.


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Each presentation will be 10 minutes, leaving time for questions at the end.[:]

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