2017 IANAS Smart Villages Symposium

Date/s: 25/04/2017

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Join us on Tuesday, 25 April from 9 AM – 4 PM for our «2017 IANAS Smart Villages Symposium« at the University of Arizona Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona from 9AM – 4PM on 25 April Tuesday.

Present the Smart Village Initiative and the IANAS energy program on underserved populations to generate a space for discussion on the issue of marginal and low-income populations to contribute to their human development.

          FOCUS TOPICS                                                                      SPEAKERS

  • Smart Village Initiative                                                     Rodolfo Lacy (Mexico)
  • The Energy Program of IANAS                                        John Holms (United Kingdom)
  • Energy For Underserved Populations                           Bernie Johnes (United Kingdom)
  • Women, Energy and Water                                             Brayn Wilson (USA)
  • New Energy Technologies                                               Claudio Estrada (Mexico)
  • Program «Luz en Casa Oaxaca»                                     Manfred Horn (Peru)
  • Renewable Energies for food, health, education       Enrique Toledo (Mexico)
  • and rural development



9:00 am Welcome,

Dr. Joaquin Ruiz, College of Science `s Dean

IANAS Co-Chair Skype (TBC)

Claudio Estrada, Energy Co-Chair

9:10 am Keynote Lecture, Rodolfo Lacy

Smart Village Concept

9:50 am  Lecture I: The Smart Villages Initiative, John Holms

10:20 am Lecture II: Development of the Project,  Bernie Jones (United Kingdom)

10:50 am Smart Village Case Studies, Bernie Jones (United Kingdom)

11:00 am Coffee Break

IANAS Energy Program Approach

11:15 am  Lecture III. The Energy Program of IANAS. Claudio Estrada (Mexico)

11:35 am Lecture IV Energy for Underserved Populations: Meeting the basic needs of the poorest people in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Manfred Horn

11:55 am Lecture V. Women, Energy and Water: The Effects of Gender and Culture on the Roles and Responsibilities of Women. Katarine Vemmen. (Peru)

12:15 pm  Lunch

1:15 pm Lecture VI. New energies technologies for Smart Villages. Bryan Wilson (USA)

1:55 pm Lecture VII. Program «Luz en Casa Oaxaca» Enrique Toledo Director

2:30 pm Coffee Break


Discussion Panel

2:45 pm Panel: Renewable Energies for food, health, education, and rural development. Moderator: Joaquin Ruiz

3:45 pm Final Remarks and thanks



9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Space Is Limited!

RSVP: unamtucson2015@gmail.com