Fundraising with DonorSee

As part of our project work, we always come across other small issues in the communities in which we are working that are outside the scope of project funding to be able to address, but which nevertheless are priorities for us, our partners, and the communities. In these cases, often even only a very small amount of money can make a huge difference. Although we want to help every time, it is unfair for us to pick one need over another, and we can’t individually afford to keep paying for these extra side-projects.

We’ve partnered with DonorSee, an online video fundraising platform, to try and share the stories of these communities and individuals, to whom a small donation could make a big difference. Click here to follow our page, and learn more about the projects live on our site.

Projects so far include buying chairs, tables, and dormitory beds for a remote, government secondary school, helping purchase new blood pressure monitors and glucose meters for a rural dispensary, raising money for a woman to start her own veterinary shop for the surrounding community, and helping one lady fix the roof of her house for her and her 6 children.

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