October 2016 webinar: Scaling up gender Women in off grid energy business models supply chains

In August, we held a successful webinar focusing on women and entrepreneurship in off-grid communities, with views from Solar Sister, Ajima Farms Ltd, Power4All, and Kopernik.

In our current webinar, we will hear from off-grid companies, including Frontier Markets, PEG Ghana, among others, on how they have scaled up inclusiveness and integrated gender into their overall business: supply chains, production, marketing, and beyond.

How can existing successful approaches to gender and women’s empowerment be scaled up? How can the private sector be encouraged to adopt such approaches? And how can gender be “mainstreamed” within a business?

Our webinar series is a little different: each expert will speak for less than 10 minutes and will focus on their on-the-ground experience using photos to tell their story.

Ajaita Shah, Founder & CEO, Frontier Markets
Adel Afele-Gavu, Head of HR, PEG Ghana
Claire Baker, Director of Development, LivelyHoods

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