Webinar: Off the beaten path – rural energy & remoteness


Far-flung islands in the South Pacific and treacherous terrain in the Himalayas: both pose enormous challenges for rural development and energy. In this webinar, we’ll gather experts who will tell stories about their experiences working in remote areas where energy access is limited or almost non-existent – and what they are doing to promote access.

What common challenges have they faced, and what solutions are they finding for energy in remote areas? How can these remote, “last mile” villages become places where people have full access to education, health, technology, and livelihoods? What can policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and civil society do to make this a reality?

Our webinar series is a little different: each expert will speak for less than 10 minutes and will focus on their on-the-ground experience using photos to tell their story.

We will also use the recent Smart Villages policy brief on islands and energy to help focus the discussion. This will be shared with webinar participants beforehand.



Have an idea for our webinar series on rural energy & development?

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