Off-grid multi-energy reporting system and AI load controller – Full Technical Report

Off-grid multi-energy reporting system and AI Load controller – Full Technical Report

This report was written to summarise all findings from an InnovateUK Funded research project, aiming to develop a product which could:

1. Report on an entire solar system (AC currents, AC voltages, DC currents, and DC voltages), independent of the equipment manufacturer.

2. Divert excess energy directly from the solar panels to an auxiliary load, using historic data and AI algorithms to determine when there is sufficient excess energy.

You can read more about the project aims here.

The comprehensive report details the main design decisions taken in development of a ‘Mk 1 Protoype’, including different solution options tested, breadboarding steps, calibration and accuracy analysis. It also highlights future improvements required before commercialisation will be possible.

The findings documented in this report reinforce our belief that this device has huge potential to save minigrid installers and community members money, as well as bringing significant environmental benefits through increased energy efficiency of installed systems.

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