Webinar: Off-grid but online – ICT in the last mile

ICT is clearly a game changer both for on-grid and off-grid areas of the world. With smartphones, people in remote, “last mile” areas are increasingly gaining access to the internet and gaining access to information, social media, entertainment, and communication with far-flung family and friends. But mobile phones aren’t the only way that ICT is changing lives in off-grid areas. In this webinar, we’ll be joined by several speakers who will bring their expertise in ICT in off-grid contexts to the table. We’ll address a series of questions including: how can ICT / mobile technology be used to improve development outcomes? How can it impact health, education, and agriculture and livelihoods? What is next on the horizon for disruptive  technologies for off-grid communities?

Join us for this exciting and important webinar, where we’ll be joined by the following speakers:

  • Arianna Freschi, GSMA, Mobile for Development
  • Jay Evans, Medic Mobile
  • Richard Mori, Mesh Power
  • Suhas P. Wani, ICRISAT / CGIAR
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