Removing Plastic from Kenya’s Rivers – Year 2 Report

We were so excited to be able to join our Kenyan partners Chemolex again in September 2021, once international travel restrictions had begun to ease, to see the tremendous progress being made on river plastic cleanup, and to sit down together to solve some interesting challenges in the project.

Once again, amazing results have been achieved in Nairobi – a total of 13 plastic removal devices have been built, and operations continue at 10 river sites in Nairobi to remove plastic and other wastes from the rivers and river banks.

Read the year 2 report for yourselves below, but together, since the start of the project, we have removed an incredible 17,000 tonnes of waste from rivers and river banks, created more than 200 new jobs, established 150 waste recycling points, and have begun to recycle the waste plastic ourselves into durable, high quality paving blocks. Most importantly, through Chemolex’s efforts with public engagement, riverside communities are beginning to think differently about their waste, and their environment, and have begun to transform former dumping sites into beautiful riverside parks and market gardens.

Public Engagement through music – singing about plastic recycling and river conservation in Nairobi

Stay posted to see what we can achieve in year 3!

CCC Year 2 project report
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