Scaling up distributed renewable energy for healthcare in India


This month, Smart Villages and LCEDN are partnering with Power for All to bring you a webinar about the nexus between universal healthcare (SDG3) and universal electricity access (SDG7). As a follow up to our February webinar, “Healthy villages are smart villages”, we’ll ask – how does distributed renewable energy help to make villages healthier places? What type of evidence do we need to show the impact of renewable energy on health outcomes? And how do we begin to think about scaling this up? We’ll focus in particular on India.

Our first speaker, Dr. Hem Dholakia, ‎Senior Research Associate at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), recently completed a ground-breaking study on the impacts of solar electricity access on primary healthcare service provision in rural India. Dr. Dholakia will share findings for the first time in this webinar. We’re also pleased to welcome Prasanta K. Pradhan from Oxfam India, the Lead Specialist for Essential Services and leader of Oxfam’s Inequality Campaign from India. SELCO Foundation Programme Manager Vivek Shastry will speak about the opportunity for innovative public-private collaboration to improve impact on rural healthcare in India.


  • Hem Dholakia, CEEW
  • Prasanta K. Pradhan, Oxfam India
  • Vivek Shastry, SELCO Foundation


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