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TERI’s recent report on the future of India’s energy sector and the important role renewables could play has created quite a stir this week across the whole spectrum of stakeholders. From the complaints of angry villagers yet to see the benefits of Modi’s smart villages drive, to the snorts of derision from the coal industry still holding to its belief that only coal can deliver the capacity needed. It will be fascinating to follow the debate, but at least it seems that renewables are being taken seriously. Also worth noting is an almost apologetic reference to carbon capture storage (CCS) as a possible answer buried in the press release from the World Coal Association. Which, in turn, begs the question: what has happened to CCS? Rumour is a new CCS facility has just begun operations in Houston, Texas…

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Dakar Workshop
No Electricity, Can’t Get Married
Jagmohan Singh, 48, of Sarvan village, 95 km from Agra city, in Uttar Pradesh has been condemned to remain unmarried because electricity has eluded the village from the time it was established in 1983. Every evening Singh lights up his kerosene lamp and fires up the choolah (earthen stove) to cook his evening meal. It’s a lonely and lovelorn life. But that is destiny for men born in Sarvan, which stands atop a hill. […]

Youth Ki Awaaz (10.02.17)Micro-Grids On The Cusp
Microgrids are one of the hottest topics in the renewable energy world. Solar and wind energy are changing the paradigms of electricity generation toward more decentralised solutions. The utility microgrid segment is mainly driven by autarky and security of supply. The biggest market is in the United States, where an ageing grid infrastructure requires large investments into the grid. Here microgrids are sometimes a more economical alternative. Investments in local generation assets mean in conjunction with microgrids that the improved reliability will have benefits that are felt locally. […]

Thomas Hillig – Energy Storage (07.02.17)When Will Rural India Be Energy Secure?
In the Union Budget 2017, the Finance minister announced that about 10 million people would be lifted from below poverty line (BPL). It is a worrisome fact that millions of citizens are still struggling for food and livelihood. However, it is heartening to see that the government has been trying to phase out poverty. In the Union Budget-2017, the Finance minister expressed intent of the Modi Government to increase investment in the rural sector, agriculture, infrastructure, and allied sectors to boost income generation and improve livelihood. Increasing budgetary allocation to Rs. 48,000 crore for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act (MGNREGA) scheme is meant for asset creation and employment generation. […]

Sanjay Kumar Kar – EnergyWorld (09.02.17)China In Numbers
Unlike fossil fuels, which use finite resources that could eventually become too expensive to retrieve, solar power, along with other renewable energy sources, is generally unlimited in availability. Solar power generation has become a popular alternative to conventional energy sources in recent years, even in less developed nations, who are trying to reduce dependence on expensive imported fuels. […]

Alexa Erickson – Collective – Evolution (12.02.17)

Mumbai Students Aim For Solar Cooking Record
With an aim to set a record and spread a message on renewable energy, 7,438 students from 59 private and civic schools participated in a solar cooking class in Bhayander on Saturday afternoon. Representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records were present at the event but did not confirm if it had set the world’s largest solar cooking class record. […]

Ram Parmar – Hindustan Times (13.02.17)

Has India’s Solar Power Turned The Corner?
New Delhi: India’s solar power sector has turned a corner after the record low-winning bids of Rs2.97 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to build 750 mega watt (MW) plant at Rewa in Madhya Pradesh (MP) on Friday. With effective levelized tariff—the value financially equivalent to different annual tariffs over the 25 year period of the power purchase agreement—of around Rs3.30 per unit, the power from sun has become a competitive energy source vis-à-vis the coal-fuelled conventional source of electricity. […]

Utpal Bhaskar – Live Mint (14.02.17)


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DRC Tries To Develop Energy Sector
TheWorldFolio (13.02.17)US Energy Project Impacts Nigeria
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Uganda Establishes New Renewable Energy Framework
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Malian Minister Calls For Solar Revolution
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Afrique Subsaharienne : Une Terre Abondante En Énergie Renouvelable Et Intermittente / Sub-Saharan Africa: A Land Abundant In Renewable And Intermittent Energy
Noël Ndong – Adiac – Congo (15.02.17)

Défi Énergétique En Afrique: L’Alerte De Practical Action / Energy Challenge In Africa: An Alert From Practical Action


Navajo Nation Starts To Benefit From Off-Grid Energy
Andrew Burger – MicroGridMediaNew Solar Garden In Michigan Solves Domestic Space Problem
Megan Woods – 9&10News (09.02.17)Carter Leases Land To Solar Power Hometown
Jill Vejnoska – PalmBeachPost (12.02.17)On-Grid/Off-Grid Tension Rises In Jamaica
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USAID Announces $4 Million Fund For Off-Grid PV Start-Ups
Esi-Africa (14.02.17)

Energía Cambia Vida En Comunidades Del Norte / Energy Changes Life In Northern Communities
El Nuevo Diario (15.02.17)

Conozca Las Perspectivas Económicas Del Bid Para Centroamérica / Get To Know The Idb’s Economic Prospects For Central America
AmericaEconomia (13.02.17)

Tufts Holds Energy-Water Nexus Conference
David Nickerson – The Tufts Daily (14.02.17)

Electricidad Mediante Energía Fotovoltaica Creció Más De 2000% En 11 Años / Electricity Through Photovoltaic Energy Grew More Than 2000% In 11 Years
Juan García Heredia – El Sol de Zacatecas (13.02.17)

Science & Technology

Solar Generator In A Briefcase
Derek Markham – TreeHugger (07.02.17)Towards Reliable Off-Grid Telecom Base Power
Thomas Rahkonen – Korea IT Times (07.02.17)Solar Needs Batteries?
Dave Elliott – EnvironmentalResearchWeb (11.02.17)Ultra Flexible Solar Cells
Fernanda Lopez – KRQE News (11.02.17)


Indian President’s Estate Switches To Solar
Energy Infra Post (10.02.17)Australian Town Goes It Alone With Solar Mini-Grid
Shana Morgan – TheBorderMail (08.02.17)Pakistan And ADB To Devise Clean Energy Master Plan
Khaleeq Kiani – DAWN (08.02.17)Maldives Micro-Grid A Major Success
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Indian Villages Continue To Be Powerless
Rakesh Prakash – India Times (10.02.17)

Solar Breaks Key Price Barrier In India
TheHindu (13.02.17)

Solar Jobs Grow In Philippines
Alena Mae S. Flores – TheStandard (12.02.17)

Philippines Considers Mini-Hydro Potential
Jed Macapagal – Malaya (13.02.17)

World Coal Association Challenges TERI 
Angharad Lock – WorldCoal (13.02.17)

Australian PM Goes Off-Grid
Giles Parkinson – RenewEconomy (13.02.17)

Agricultural Co-Ops Fear Missing Out In Thai Solar Growth
Bangkokpost (14.02.17)

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