Smart Villages News 123 – Could A Nudge Be Better Than A Bribe?

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Whilst we all must continue to focus on efforts to provide energy to the 1.4 billion without access, downstream issues are growing in complexity, and we will try to cover these as they arise. One issue in particular caught my eye this week – how to effectively implement energy efficiency policies. U.S. researchers have found that information to “nudge” behavior is more influential than financial incentives when promoting energy efficiency. Read more in the Americas’ section below, but in summary they found that peer pressure and energy saving tips were more effective than financial incentives in developing countries. This wasn’t entirely news to me since the UK government has an actual “nudge” department which has gone from being an object of ridicule to a trusted policy body in a short space of time. So an area well worth further investigating. Speaking of nudging, I am sure there is no need to persuade you to attend the upcoming SE4ALL Forum in New York April 3-5 where we will be involved in a number of panels and look forward to meeting you.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
New South African Report On Financing Off-Grid Energy Innovations
According to the Africa Progress Panel, based on current trends, it will take until 2080 for every African to have access to electricity. In spite of this rather gloomy prediction, lights are switching on across the continent, thanks to the ingenuity of energy entrepreneurs and their funders. While more than 600 million people in Africa lack access to clean, safe and affordable energy, innovations in solar technology, mobile payments and distribution models are increasingly enabling greater levels of affordable access. […]

Global Network Perspectives (21.02.17)Solar Revolution Comparable To Mobile One Claims IRENA Head
A “solar revolution” is coming to Africa, comparable in scale and importance to the rapid surge in mobile phone use on the continent two decades ago, predicts the head of the International Renewable Energy Agency. Fast-dropping costs for solar power, combined with plenty of sun and a huge need for electricity on a continent where many are still without it, means solar has huge potential in Africa, Irena director general Adnan Amin said. “Africa’s solar potential is enormous,” he said in an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation. The continent gets 117 per cent more sunshine than Germany, which today has the highest installed solar power capacity,” he said. […]

The-Star (22.02.17)Africa To Lead Global Energy Utility Disruption?
Dramatic declines in the cost of solar power and battery storage are finally giving consumers power over their own power supply. Most utilities are hoping it will all just go away. In some ways, the disruption of electricity is following the familiar script of most transformational technological change. However, the setting for the script might surprise many. The blueprint for our energy future could arrive first in Africa […]

Sam slaughter – Chronicle (25.02.17)China’s Solar Mega Structure Captured From Space
China has long been known as a heavy polluter as a result of its rapid industrialization in recent decades, but now it is by far the world’s leading solar energy superpower with some truly impressive honors, including the world’s largest solar farm. The Longyangxia Dam Solar Park in China’s nortmhwestern Qinghai province is officially the world’s biggest solar farm, boasting a staggering 4 million solar panels and covering an area of 27 square kilometers (10 square miles). […]



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Findings from the workshop on energy and agriculture for smart villages in India
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Can telemedicine revolutionise rural healthcare in Africa?
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February webinar: Healthy villages are smart villages: Health, energy, and development
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BONERGIE: Water, Energy and Food Nexus
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75 Million Nigerians Lack Electricity Says World Bank Report
Chukwuma Muanya – TheGuardian (22.02.17)EPS Installs Micro-Grid In Sardinia
Business Wire (22.02.17)Kenya Power’s Rural Grid Extension Programme On Hold
Esi-Africa (22.02.17)New Tanzania Report On Making Mini-Grids Work
Arthur Contejean, Louis Verin – iied, pubs (01.01.17)

Solar Systems Improve Life In South Sudan
UNDP South Sudan (24.02.17)

Namibia Needs To Embrace Renewable Energy Says Minister
Esi-Africa (27.02.17)

Extortion Uncovered In Ghana Rural Electrification
Ghanaweb (26.02.17)

SEFA Commits $1 Billion To The Gambia
African Development Bank Group (27.02.17)

EU Anti-Dumping Measures Against Chinese Solar Panels Upheld
Morningstar (28.02.17)


World’s Largest Grid-Tied Battery System Installed In South Carolina
John Fitzgerald Weaver – Electrek (27.02.17)Mobile Solar Boom Just Beginning Claims Commentator
Craig Enrlich – The Hill (27.02.17)Time To Look At Nudge Approaches To Energy Efficiency Suggest US Researchers
Anant Sudarshan – Forbes (27.02.17)The Basics Of Community Solar Explained
John Fitzgerald Weaver – SolarPowerWorld Online (27.02.17)

Oregon Set For 56 MW Solar Plant
Anmar Frangoul – Cnbc (28.02.17)

India Identifica Al ‘Triángulo Del Litio’ En América Latina / India Identifies ‘Lithium Triangle’ In Latin America
Erbol (23.02.17)

Bolivia, Encima Del Promedio En Energía En América Latina / Bolivia, Above Average In Energy In Latin America
paginasiete (16.02.17)

Brasil: Goiás Lanza Programa De Energía Solar / Brazil: Goiás Launches Solar Energy Programme
Blanca Diaz Lopez – Pv-Magazine (16.02.17)

Estiércol Como Energía Limpia En América Latina Crece / Manure Grows As A Source Of Clean Energy In Latin America

Futuro De La Electricidad / Future Of Electricity (Guatemala)
Prensalibre (01.03.17)

60 Mil Clientes Sin Energía Por Tormenta De Menos De Una Hora / 60 Thousand Clients Without Energy Because Of Storm That Lasted Less Than 1 Hour (Paraguay)
Paraguay (22.02.17)

Science & Technology

PackLite Solar Phone Charger Inflates Into Light
PR Web (23.02.17)Solar LED Companies Merge
Maury Wright – Leds Magazine (22.02.17)Microsoft Launches Skype Lite For Smart Villages
RuchiSharma – The IndianTalks (23.02.17)Steel Drum Contains Complete Off-Grid Solar Charging Station
Derek Markham – TreeHugger (22.02.17)

India’s ITT Develops New Battery Tech
TheHinduBusinessLine (23.02.17)

New Study On Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Challenge Published
Earl J. Ritchie – Forbes (27.02.17)

PAYG Solar And Micro-Grids Become New Class Of Infrastructure Investment
EnergyTransition (27.02.17)


5 Issues To Watch As India Launches Ambitious Energy Target
Bharath Jairaj – World Resources Institute (24.02.17)Energy Efficiency Essential Priority Says India’s Aayog
The Economic Tim es (23.02.17)
Philippines Struggles To Create Level Energy Playing Field
Alena Mae S. Flores – The Standard (23.02.17)Vietnam Emerging As Clean Energy Leader
VN Express (24.02.17)19 Remote Indian Villages Approved For Mini-Grids
DailyPioneer (26.02.17)

As Solar Shines, Time To Balance Generation Says Indian Expert
Vivek Sharma – LiveMint (26.02.17)

Local Politicians In Philippines Push For Solar In Remote Schools After US Trip
Karina V. Canedo – SunStar (26.02.17)

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