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I’m writing this editorial at the end of the SE4ALL Forum in Brooklyn. The highlights are covered by the top stories – a raft of launches including the Global Tracking Framework, MIA, Shine and the REN Renewables Report. However, one unheralded event could turn out to be at least equally significant and gives us at Smart Villages great satisfaction. Our Voices from the Village session was a great success as we bought together 4 community leaders from Indonesia, Peru, Haiti and Tanzania  to tell the stories of their journeys along the energy access road. Our aim was to demonstrate that increasingly villagers themselves in off-grid communities  have sufficient knowledge of the dividends of energy access to participate fully in decision making and thus potentially solve the thorny issue of ownership. But imagine our surprise when the leaders of Napo in Peru and Pilate in Haiti announced  on Day 3 that having met and compared experiences they were going to sign a knowledge sharing agreement for the future. If this trend spreads the age of top down solutions is truly dead.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Microgrid Investment Accelerator Launched
Facebook and Microsoft are joining the growing ranks of leading high-tech industry players aiming to expand sustainable energy access and renewable energy microgrid deployment across the developing world. Partnering with clean energy venture capital specialists at Allotrope Partners, the companies aim to raise $50 million from 2018-2020 to fund projects that expand energy access in East Africa, India and Indonesia, Bloomberg News reports. […]

Andrew Burger – MicroGridMedia (04.04.17)Global Tracking Framework Shows Mixed Progress
In every area of sustainable energy, a number of countries are outperforming the world, despite slower than required progress overall to achieve global energy access, renewable energy and energy efficiency goals, a new report finds. […]

WorldBankProgress Not Fast Enough Warns Kyte
The pace of progress on three global energy goals – access to electricity, renewable energy and efficiency – is not moving fast enough to meet 2030 targets, according to a joint report launched today by the World Bank and the International Energy Agency at a United Nations-backed forum in New York. […]

UN News Centre (03.04.17)

REN21 Renewables Report Hopeful Of 100% By 2050
More than 70% of 114 global energy experts interviewed in REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report believe global transition to 100% renewable energy is feasible. However, challenges remain fiercest in areas of transport and larger economies. […]

Ian Clover – Pv-Magazine (04.04.17)

Ask Your Leaders Demands Rachel Kyte
Sustainable energy provides many answers to our global challenges. From functioning clinics and heated schools, to buildings that give back energy to the system and cars that run on clean electricity, to new industrial hubs and cleaner air for the women who cook. Sustainable energy services allow us to build a brighter, cleaner future and to build that future for all. […]

Rachel Kyte – Thomson Reuters Foundation News (03.04.17)

Time To End Myth Of Energy Poor?
1.2 billion people lack electricity in the world today, and that number is set to rise as population growth outstrips new power connections. Nearly 1 in 4 of them are in India. Nothing has cursed efforts to provide electricity to these so-called “energy impoverished” than the persistent myth that the poor, particularly the rural poor, cannot afford electricity because it is too expensive. […]

Carl Pope – News Trust (31.03.17)

Solar Power Support Initiatives On The Cards In Pakistan
The Sindh government is in talks with at least two foreign companies to explore new ways of harnessing solar power. And its planning and development department has been working on modalities of public-private partnership projects in this regard. “The USAID partnership with Pakistani banks (for clean energy project financing) is one of the many funding sources we can rely on. […]

Mohiuddin Aazim – Dawn (03.04.17)

Nice Problem To Have For California?
The end of California’s drought is exposing the full effect of the state’s move to renewable energy. A wet winter has loaded up the hydroelectric system, while solar generation rose by 33 percent in the past year. These increases, combined with the usual spring winds, are pushing gas off the grid, cutting imports, and reducing carbon emissions at an unprecedented level. […]

Bentham Paulos – GreenTechMedia (03.04.17)

Solar Now Employs More Than Gas And Coal In US 
Solar power, once derided as an expensive and unreliable energy source, has become a major generator of employment in the United States, according to new data supplied by The Solar Foundation. In its most recent annual report, Solar Jobs Census 2016, the foundation found that one out of every 50 jobs in the U.S. last year, was created by the solar industry – or 2% of all new jobs. Solar jobs have increased at least 20% over the past four years and have nearly tripled since the first Solar Jobs Census was released in 2010. […]

Andrew Topf – Mining (03.04.17)


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Tiny Scottish Island Powers Itself With Community Owned Off-Grid System
Colin Payne – Inhabitat (31.03.17)AFD Gets $26 Million For African Renewables
Your Renewable News (29.03.17)Theft Stalls Zimbabwean Rural Electrification Programme
The Zimbabwe Daily (31.03.17)

Purge At Kenyan REA 
Business Daily Africa (31.03.17)

African Energy Week To Showcase Home-Grown Solutions
New Times (01.04.17)

AfDB Provides $2.3 Million For Solar In Uganda
Danielle Ola – Pv-Times (03.04.17)


As Solar Jobs Rise In Missouri, Advocates Press For Clearer Policies
Eli Chen – St.Louis Public Radio (30.03.17)

New Hampshire Ponders More Energy Or More Conservation
NH Business Review (30.03.17)

Tesla Collaborates On Hawaiian Off-Grid Homes Project
Duane Shimogawa – BizJournal (30.03.17)

Can Solar Benefit Rural America’s Economy?
Bobbi Peterson – TheEnergyCollective (03.04.17)

Science & Technology

Why Solar And LED Make The Perfect Combination
Intelizon (29.03.17)IEC Calls For Disruptive Technology To Accelerate Universal Energy Access
AltEnergyMag (30.03.17)Solar Mini-Grids Light The Way In India
Rina Chandran – LiveMint (03.04.17)

Remote Indian Villages To Get DC Technology
BrighterKashmir (03.04.17)


Myanmar Villages Switch On To Solar
Thin Lei Win – Thomson Reuters Foundation News (30.03.17)Solar Hope For Bangladeshi Island
Sohel Parvez – TheDailyStar (30.03.17)Tasmania Installs 1Mw Solar Array As Residential Demand Soars
Sophie Vorrath – OneStepOffTheGrid (29.03.17)

India’s Heritage Foods Commissions Off-Grid Captive Storage Systems For Production Plants
EquityBulls (30.03.17)

Fijian Island Of Molokai Aims To Be First Off-The-Grid
A. Kam Napier – HawaiiPublicRadio (31.03.17)

New President For Philippine’s Napocor
Myrna M. Velasco – ManilaBulletin (01.04.17)

I’d Rather Have Smarter Villages Muses Indian Blogger
Ruskin Bond – TimesofIndia (02.04.17)

India Set To Be World’s Third Largest Solar Market This Year
ClimateAction (03.04.17)

Asian Utility Week To Highlight Mini-Grid Opportunities
Sarah Rubenoff – Microgrid Knowledge (03.04.17)

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