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I know it’s a hackneyed old word that many of you would like to consign to history along with synergy and management speak from the 90s. However, my main thought from SE4ALL last week in Brooklyn was that a holistic approach to achieving energy access for all is the only way forward. This thought was born out of the reaction without fail from everyone our team met to the Smart Villages Initiative. “You’re the only ones taking a holistic approach. Others are still thinking in silos” was a constant refrain. Gratifying to hear and I’m sure we’re not the only ones, but it appears the idea of a “Smart Village” that looks at all delivery methods of energy access and its dividends does have a universal appeal. More reflections next week, but I leave you with a picture one of the true stars of the forum – Martin Kariongi, Community Leader of Terrat “Smart Village” in Tanzania and encourage you to listen to his story on our website.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Facebook And Microsoft Back New Minigrid Investment Vehicle
Facebook, Microsoft Corp., and the investment firm of Allotrope Partners have joined forces to establish a facility to finance energy access projects in underserved communities around the globe. The companies are hoping to raise $50 million between 2018-2020 to fund projects that expand energy access in East Africa, India and Indonesia. […]

Renewable Energy Magazine (05.04.17)US Looks To Drive Utility Attitude Change In Africa
The US Department of State, in partnership with the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), officially launched the African Utility Power Sector Exchange (AUPSE) on Tuesday with a summit in Washington, DC, attended by African and US utility CEOs. […]

Engineering News (05.04.17)

Impact Investment Still Needed Say GOGLA
We read with interest Ceniarth’s reasoning for reducing their exposure to the venture-backed solar home system market. While they are of course welcome to change their investment thesis, their article potentially discourages others from taking time to understand the industry. […]
John Keane, Laura Sundblad – Next Billion (06.04.17)

Is Finance Finally Ready To Flow Asks Eibs Singer
Insufficient financing has long plagued efforts to get electricity to the 1 billion rural poor who wake up every day without it. But some recent signs — a $3.5 billion debt fund, the expected approval of a $150 million first-of-its-kind World Bank “off-grid” loan and local African and Asian commercial banks entering the fray — indicate that things are changing. […]

Christine Eibs Singer – Thomson Reuters Foundation News (07.04.17)

Church Group Gets Behind Shine Energy Access Campaign
The World Council of Churches (WCC) has committed to join the Shine Campaign, which aims to mobilise new forms of investments, scale up resources and generate momentum to end energy poverty by 2030. […]

Jonny Bairstow – Energy Live News (08.04.17)

How Mary Robinson Links Human Rights With Energy Access
Nearly one-sixth of our planet’s population — a staggering 1 billion people — live without access to electricity. And more than 3 billion of us still cook and heat our homes with toxic or polluting fuels such as kerosene, wood, crop waste, and dung. […]

Mary Robinson – TheHill (09.04.17)

SE4All Forum Highlights Need For Speed
5 April 2017: The 3rd Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Forum brought together over 1,000 high-level representatives from government, business, civil society and international organizations under the theme ‘Going Further, Faster – Together.’ The Forum’s primary objective was to find solutions for accelerating and scaling-up energy access and energy productivity. Participants gathered from 3-5 April 2017, in New York, US, to broker new partnerships and ideas, spur investment and drive action towards sustainable energy, while sharing stories on how they are making progress towards realizing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 (affordable and clean energy). […]

Alice Bisiaux – SDG Knowledge Hub (11.04.17)


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Rafiki Power and E.ON: Mini-grids for improved livelihoods in Tanzania
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Wide ranging survey of rural off-grid communities stresses importance of bottom-up approach to achieving sustainable energy access dividends

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Major French Bank Eyes Off-Grid Investment Opportunities
Alexandre Jeanblanc – Investors-corner (05.04.17)Denmark’s Velux Backs Solar Lamp Entrepreneurs In Zambia
Jim Daniell – Press Velux (06.04.17)

Malawi Launches Phase 8 Of Rural Electrification Plan
Nellie Kapatuka – NyasaTimes (06.04.17)

More Collaboration Needed Says SE4All African Workshop
Esi-Africa (06.04.17)

Cameroon Presents Rural Electrification Master Plan
Business in Cameroon (07.04.17)

Health Clinics First To Benefit From £35.5 M Sierra Leone Rural Electrification Programme
Ade Campbell – Awoko (07.04.17)

Breaking The Jinx Of Darkness In Nigeria
ChannelsTV (08.04.17)

UK Experiments With Smart Storage Tariffs
Power-Technology (10.04.17)


Amish Build Solar Sheds
Lauren Abbate – BangorDailyNews (08.04.17)Barbados Launches Dream Project To Increase Energy Efficiency And Resilience
TheBarbadosAdvocate (09.04.17)Even The Kentucky Coal Museum Is Going Solar
Morgan Watkins – USA Today (08.04.17)Tesla Unveils Sleek New Solar Panel

Mexico Cuts Solar System Regulatory Tape
Jarrett Leinweber – MexicoNewsDaily (08.04.17)

Controversial Bill To Cut Solar Backing In Indiana
Stephanie Wang – IndyStar (11.04.17)

Science & Technology

3D Printing Moves Into Smart Off-Grid Housing
Clare Scott – 3D Print (07.04.17)Inspirafarms Closes Euros 1.65 M Investment Round For Off-Grid Food Processing And Storage Technology
Next Billion (05.04.17)
New Battery Technology For Transport
Tom Lombardo – Engineergs (09.04.17)Could New Hybrid Material Double Solar Cell Efficiency
Amanda Staller – Electrochem (10.04.17)More On Solar Thermal Utilisation


Calls For ASEAN To Invest In Off-Grid Energy More
Han Phoumin – Bangkok Post (10.04.17)Smart Villages Vital To Rural Growth Says Mukherjee
PTI News (05.04.17)New Standard Could Restrict Battery Storage Growth In Australia
Giles Parkinson, Sophie Vorrath – OneStepOffTheGrid (05.04.17)India And Bangladesh Account For 97% Of Asian Renewable Energy Market
TheEconomicTimes (05.04.17)

UC Berkeley Collaborate On Indian Smart Villages
VoiceAndData (07.04.17)

India Claims To Have Reached 13,000 Village Electrification Milestone
HindustanTimes (06.04.17)

India And UK To Focus On Energy Efficiency Cooperation
TheHinduBusinessLine (07.04.17)

PAYG Spreads To Papua New Guinea
Scoop (09.04.17)

A Smart Village Rises In Bengal
Dhruba Dasgupta – The WIRE (11.04.17)

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