Smart Villages News 131 – The new big four- Mini-Grids, Storage, Block Chain and Perovskite?

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Even though we’re in May, I’m still getting quite a few releases on trends for 2017! Distilling them, four topics seem to stand out: the first two you are probably well aware of. Mini-grids for the sheer number of projects now being financed as governments look for practical ways to achieve economies of scale in electrifying remote rural areas. Storage as Tesla continues to drive innovation. The other two have so far been under the radar, but Block Chain was a major topic at SE4ALL recently with an increasing number of fans. Finally Perovskite, as you can see from the Science review, has progressed in an incredibly short space of time from truly mad science to being a serious rival to silicone.

Taking of innovation we are also launching our latest competition this week – the third annual Smart Villages Energy Innovation Challenge.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop

UK Has First Coal Free Day Since Industrial Revolution
Friday was Britain’s first ever working day without coal power since the Industrial Revolution, according to the National Grid. The control room tweeted the milestone on Friday. It is the first continuous 24-hour coal-free period for Britain since use of the fossil fuel began. West Burton 1 power station, the only coal-fired plant that had been up and running, went offline on Thursday. […]

Georgia Brown – TheGuardian (22.04.17)

Science Looks At The Reality Behind Perovskite Hype
After a 170-year delay, the discovery of a strange, metallic-looking rock found in the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1839 has ignited a global technology race for a cheaper, more efficient solar cell. It could seriously disrupt the world’s solar market, currently dominated by China. […]

John Fialka – Scientific American (24.04.17)

Deutsche Bank Offers A New Spin On Responsible Etfs
Exchange traded funds and other strategies that incorporate Economic, Social and Governance, or ESG, are increasingly popular with investors and issuers are obliging with an array of new ETFs adhering to ESG investing principles. […]

Tom Lydon – ETF Trends (20.04.17)

Are Cities On Track With SDGs?
We are now almost halfway through the first 1,000 days of implementation of the landmark Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global framework that seeks to eradicate poverty, combat climate change, and promote peaceful and inclusive societies all by 2030. In countries around the world, we’ve started to see burgeoning progress on implementation at the national and, to a lesser extent, local levels. […]
Paula Lucci – citiscope (19.04.17)

How DRE Can Unlock Energy Access SDG
A United Nations goal to end energy poverty by 2030 can only be achieved by accelerating investment in decentralized renewable energy, according to campaign group Power for All, backed by analysis produced by the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at the University of California, Berkeley. […]

Diarmaid Williams – Decentralized Energy (20.04.17)

From Energy Storage To Block Chain – Trends To Watch For In 2017
From blockchain to energy storage to microgrid, experts outline some of the most exciting renewable energy technology trends that are set to make a big impact in Africa and beyond. […]

Chinedu Igbokwe – Eco-Business (24.04.17)



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Have a look at the latest competiton this week – Smart Villages Energy Innovation Challenge
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Refugees and energy: Meeting the needs of refugees and displaced people
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Kenya’s PayGo Energy Raises $1.43m Funding Round
Tom Jackson – DisruptAfrica (24.04.17)Kenyan REA Steps Up Pace
Philip Mwakio – StandardMedia (19.04.17)Five Nigerian States To Build Solar Mini-Grids
Akinola Ajibade – TheNation (20.04.17)

Solar Mini-Grids Start To Impact Sierra Leone
Saidu Bah – Awoko (20.04.17)

Africa Tech Summit Held In London Showcases New Leapfrog Ideas
Gabriella Mulligan – DisruptAfrica (20.04.17)

New Water Agency In Tanzania Focuses On Rural Areas
allAfrica (20.04.17)

World Bank Report Puts African Utilities In The Spotlight
IT BUsinessNet (20.04.17)

New Directors Appointed To Nigerian REA
Salami Hassan – ReportAfriqueNews (22.04.17)


Massive Military Base Solar Installation Goes On-Line In Alabama
Stripes (22.04.17)USTDA Launches Solar Mini-Grid RfP For Haiti
Danielle Ola – EnergyStorage (22.04.17)Tribal Solar Installations On The Increase In California
Joseph Bebon – SolarIndustryMag (24.04.17)

Mass Governor Pushes For More Solar And Low-Income Household Renewables Access
Danielle Ola – Pv-Tech (24.04.17)

Science & Technology

New Drip Irrigation Ideas
Jennifer Chu – Phys (20.04.17)Tiny Giant Off-Grid House Sets New Standards
Adam Williams – New Atlas (20.04.17)Tesla Adds Energy Monitoring To Mobile App
Sophie Vorrath – OnStepOffTheGrid (21.04.17)

River Portable Battery Solar Charger
Derek Markham – TreeHuger (21.04.17)

Envirofit Heads 2017 BNEF New Energy Pioneer Winners
Brian Eckhouse – FinanceYahoo (24.04.17)

Japanese Researchers Find Absorbing Longer Wavelength Spectral Components Boosts Solar Cell Efficiency By 50%
AlphaGalileo (24.04.17)


Pune First To Get Smart Villages In India?
Vijay Chavan – PuneMirror (19.04.17)Mobile Solar Challenges Diesel In Remote Australian Applications
Sophie Vorrath – OneStepOffTheGrid (20.04.17)CSR-Driven Solar Lamp Distribution In Indian State
OrissaDiary (20.04.17)

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Plans Questioned
FHM Humayan Kabir – TheFinancialExpress (22.04.17)

Uttar Pradesh REA Seeks More Power
Twesh Mishra – TheBusinessLine (24.04.17)

Papua New Guinea Claims Progress With Rural Electrification Drive
ReliefWeb (24.04.17)

Remote Sarawak Villages To Benefit From New Govt Electrification Funds
Yunus Yussop – TheBorneoPost (25.04.17)

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