Smart Villages News 133 – Where the military leads will others follow?

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Personal security has always been high on the agenda when we have asked villagers about the benefits of renewable energy and has helped promote the bottom-up case for mini-grids. An article this week from Michigan University suggests that concerns about national security could also provide top-down reasons for the use of off-grid energy. The authors note that many military bases in the U.S. are now running on mini-grids to ensure security as part of a national plan. They postulate that this could set an example to other key power-vulnerable facilities such as hospitals,
sanitation works, and government departments. Meanwhile don’t forget our photo competition closes soon – looking forward to your entries.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Iceland Taps Volcano For Clean Magma Power
Iceland is known to develop technologies in order to harness clean energy from the Earth or geothermal energy since the 1970s. Now, the country has wittingly named a rig called “Thor” that’s designed to drill into the heart of a volcano to access clean energy. […]

Jess F. – Nature World News (06.05.17)

African Energy Atlas Launched
On 4 May 2017, at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban South Africa, the African Development Bank’s Vice-President Power for Energy, Climate and Green Growth, Amadou Hott and the UN Environment Regional Director, Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo, launched one the most important publications in the energy sector, the ‘Atlas of Africa Energy Resources. […]

AllAfrica (05.05.17)

IEA Again Criticises Subsidies As Roadblock
That’s according to Toshiyuki Shirai, Senior Energy Analyst for the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook team, who says most government subsidy policies in the world’s energy markets should be reformed.He suggests subsidies result in energy prices that don’t reflect their real market value or the full environmental and social costs attached. […]

Jonny Bairstow – Energy Live News (06.05.17)

Sahara Group Calls For More Regional Collaboration On Power
Africa needs to explore harmonizing policies and investment opportunities in the power sector to boost sustainable supply, affordability and off-grid rural power solutions, Tonye Cole has said during the recently concluded World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban, South Africa. […]

EIN News (08.05.17)

Distributed Solar Set To Soar In Value
In less than 10 years, distributed solar-plus-storage systems will reach 27.4GW worldwide and be worth more than US$49.1 billion, with Asia and Western Europe leading the way, a new report from Navigant Research has forecast. […]

Andy Colthorpe – Energy Storage (09.05.17)

Decentralised Energy On The Cusp?
We have been seeing news stories of innovative decentralized energy practice from African countries recently. Microturbine manufacturer Capstone has announced an order for a 600 kW turbine to burn butane gas and provide electrical power for a small community in Mali, and expects the order to be followed for other communities in West Africa. […]

Steve Hodgson – Decentralized-Energy (09.05.17)

Renewable Energy Key To National Security Claims Michigan Report
Power grid vulnerabilities are one of the most prevalent national security threats. The technical community calls for building up grid resiliency using distributed energy and microgrids for stabilization as multiple sources increases the difficulty of triggering cascading blackouts, and following an attack or natural disaster, microgrids can provide localized energy security. An interdisciplinary team calculated what it takes to make military bases more secure. […]

ScienceDaily (08.05.17)


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Energy Entrepreneurs

Svati Bhogle, social entrepreneur and founder, Sustaintech
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Have a look at the latest competiton this week – Smart Villages Energy Innovation Challenge
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Cooking and Energy Access in Displacement Settings
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Press Release

Providing a robust enabling environment investment essential if ambitious ECOWAS clean energy mini-grid targets to be met
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African Leaders Accused Of Failing Populace Over Energy Access
Max Bankole Jarrett – TheAficaReport (04.05.17)

Commentator Calls For More Help For Africa’s Energy Entrepreneurs
Fred McBagonluri – EconoTimes (05.05.17)

SEFA Grants $1 Million For Zimbabwe Solar Roof Panel Project
AfricanDevelopmentBank (05.05.17)

India Funds Mauritanian Electrification Project
Ians – TheEconomicTimes (06.05.17)

World Bank Helps Gambia Look At Mini-Grid Potential
EMILIANO BELLINI – Pv-Magazine (08.05.17)


Remote Solar Powered Watering Systems Increasingly Popular On US Farms
William DeKay – Producer (04.05.17)World’s Largest Lithium-Ion Facility Contracted In Three Weeks In California
Danielle Ola – EnergyStorage news (03.05.17)Island Micro-Grids Become Key Market For Tesla
Jylia Piper – GreenTechMedia (02.05.17)

Vermont Ponders 90% Renewables Target
Anders Holm – BurlingtonFreePress (05.05.17)

As Coal Jobs Decline, Solar Shines In Pennsylvania
Reid Frazer – Scpr (06.05.17)

Science & Technology

New Thin Film Solar Panel Material Shows Promise
Phys (05.05.17)

Swarm Intelligence Harnessed To Create Autonomous Micro-Grid
Derek Markham – TreeHuger (03.05.17)

New Global LNG Report Published
openPR (03.05.17)

GOGLA Webinar On Funding Off-Grid Enterprises
GOGLA (04.05.17)
Palm Kernel Replaces Coal At Japanese Power Plant
Inomics (07.05.17)

New Norwegian Off-Grid Home Designs Launched
BuilderOnline (09.05.17)


Only 5000 Villages Left For Electrification Claims Modi Government
Srividhya Iyer – India (04.05.17)Indian Minister Criticises “Errant” States Over Electrification Progress
BusinessLine (03.05.17)Rajasthan To Develop 3000 Smart Villages
EconomicTimes (03.05.17)

Powerwall 2 Installations Begin In Australia
Giles Parkinson – OneStepOffTheGrid (04.05.17)

Indian Experts Plea For Smart Villages
DailyExcersior (05.05.17)

Ncell Bags Asian Telecomm Prize For Off-Grid Access Solution
TheHymalaian (04.05.17)

Juicepower Makes Play In Indian Micro-Grids Sector
Andrew Burger – MicrogridMedia (04.05.17)

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