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We are certainly not short of reports in this sector – GOGLA, REN, SE4ALL, World Bank, BNEF, IRENA have published insightful and useful reports. Another dropped across my desk this week that I can highly recommend. Entitled “Reaching Scale In Access To Energy”, it strives to understand the reasons why, eight years on from their last look at this topic, despite energy access increasing as a proportion of the population, in absolute numbers there are still almost as many households without access. Central to their approach is asking what front line  practitioners themselves think and lessons learned. In that respect they mirror our approach in Smart Villages, and you will be able to read our final report and recommendations later in the year.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Practical Actions’ Stevens On Power Of Off-Grid
More than a billion people around the world still don’t have access to electricity. The 2017 Poor People’s Energy Outlook argues that improved financing for small-scale solutions could change that. […]

DW (10.05.17)

Slight Decrease In Solar Sales Says Latest GOGLA-IFC Report
Today, Lighting Global, the World Bank Group’s platform to support sustainable growth of the international off-grid solar market, and GOGLA, the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association, launched the latest Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, which includes performance data from 55 companies and covers the period of July to December 2016. […]

GOGLA (09.05.17)

Rigorous Commercial Mindset Needed For Energy Access Says Shell Head
One in every six people on the planet still has no access to electricity, according to the World Bank. A billion more only have access to unreliable and unsafe power networks. In this speech at Stanford University, Maarten Wetselaar argues that looking through a competitive, commercial lens is the best way companies can rise to the challenge of ensuring energy for everyone. […]

Shell (09.05.17)

VEF Tackles Energy’s Role In 3 Key SDGs
The Vienna Energy Forum 2017 aims to contribute to the successful implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. It will serve as a platform for discussing and highlighting the importance of the linkages between climate and development as well as the synergies among the SDGs, and the importance of joint and integrated approaches for a successful implementation. […]

Ruralelec (11.05.17)

Maximising CSR Impact In India
CSR spending in India is on the rise. Over the last two years, Indian companies have invested over Rs. 15,000 Cr in CSR activities, as increasing number of companies are consciously taking part in improving their investment in the social sector to meet the mandated 2% of profit spend encouraged by The Companies Act, 2013. Much of the spending was directed into the spaces of education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, skills development and sanitation – some of India’s most prioritized areas of improvement. […]

PRNewsWire (17.05.17)

The Power Of Solar Innovation Intrigues Fast Company
Electrifying the entire world is an important part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Recent advances in renewable energy and microgrids means that it might be possible to do it quickly–and cleanly. […]

FastCompany (18.05.17)

Rural Electrification Not Bringing Expected Benefits Researchers Report
Social scientists from the US and the UK have found that providing electricity to rural communities in India has not brought about the socioeconomic benefits that were predicted. […]

TheEconomicTimes (18.05.17)

HYSTRA Report On Scaleability Highlights Practitioner Experience
What can be learned from the early successes of solar lanterns distributors? Will Pay-as-you-Go be the ‘silver bullet’ of solar home systems? Is there a commercially sustainable model for clean energy microgrids? Why are improved cook stoves not scaling as fast as solar lanterns? What is the business potential for solar irrigation pumps? […]



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Energy Entrepreneurs

Sunlabob: Pioneering rural electrification in southeast Asia
Smart Villages


Have a look at the latest competiton this week – Smart Villages Energy Innovation Challenge
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A breath of fresh air: What’s next for clean cookstoves? 30 May, 9am EST / 2pm UK
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BBOXX And Aeris Collaborate On Global Sim Cards To Increase SHS Flexibility
David Kariuki – CleanLeap (10.05.17)Madagascar Planning More Off-Grid Rural Solar
Emiliano Bellini – Pv-Magazine


Don’t Forget Hydropower’s Potential Pleads UN Addis Conference
Mareeg (10.05.17)

D.Light Partners With Microfinanciers Musoni For Off-Grid Solar
Danielle Ola – pv-tech (11.05.17)

Rural Electrification Stalled By Economic Hardships In Zimbabwe
Tino Tenda Munyukwi – NewsDay (13.05.17)

Oman Ponders Solar-Powered Homes
Gautam Viswanathan, – TimesOfOman (14.05.17)


Princeton Entrepreneur Now Targets Serengeti Farmers
Whitney Rider – Princenton (10.05.17)Balancing Energy Access Data And Privacy Concerns
PV-Magazine (11.05.17)

USDA Provides First Zero-Interest Rural Energy Development Loans
WinsconsinAgConnection (11.05.17)

Ground-Breaking Community Creates As Much Energy As It Consumes In Texas
BuilderOnline (12.05.17)

Corporate America Leads Renewables Push In Coal-Reliant Missouri
Jeffrey Tomich – EENews (12.05.17)

Rural California Deserts Utilities
Jeff St. John – GreenTechMedia (17.05.17)

Smart Grid For Belize Village
BreakingBelizeNews (19.05.17)

Science & Technology

Australian Researchers Trial Printable Solar Tiles
Dom Galeon – Futurism (19.05.17)Siemens Trials Energy Storage/Renewables Pilot In Rotterdam
Liam Stoker – CleanEnergy (18.05.17)Solar Thermosplitting Of Water Becoming Viable

Enzyme Research Could Cut Biofuel Costs
Lab Manager (19.05.17)

Planting Trees No Substitute For Cutting Emissions Say UK Researchers
OutlookIndia (20.05.17)

Save The Birds Guide To Wind Power Published
Michael Hutchins – American Bird Conservancy (19.05.17)

New Simulator For Off-Shore Wind Farms Developed


India Struggling To Meet Rooftop Solar Targets
Mayank Aggarwal – livemint (10.05.17)Solar Powered Refrigerators Save Vaccines In Fiji
EnergyMatters (12.05.17)

World Bank To Fund Pakistan Rural Solar
Zafar Bhutta – TheExpressTribune (12.05.17)

Off-Grid Projects To Kick-Start Rural Electrification In Myanmar
Htoo Thant – MyanmarTimes (12.05.17)

Indian Minister Pushes For Local Solar Equipment Manufacturing
EnergyWorld (12.05.17)

Bihar Minister Points Finger At Franchise System For Rural Electrification Failures
Aruna Sharma – Khabarinda (12.05.17)

Renewables Shift Will Deliver Major Savings For Philippines
Danessa Rivera – PhilStar (15.05.17)

Solar Energy Brings Hope To Indian Salt Farmers
Frances Beinecke – HuffingtonPost (17.05.17)

India Slaps 18% Tax On Solar Gear
John Parnell – pv-tech (19.05.17)

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