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I find a recently published report useful, especially regarding arguments about renewables. After shaming sceptics with the number of people still without energy access, exciting them with the progress in technology, and surprising them with the fall in costs, you can then astound them with the new IRENA report’s figures on employment. Globally, nearly 10 million jobs have been added. Yes, the majority are in Asia in manufacturing, but there are promising signs of local manufacturing starting around the world as well as increasing numbers of skilled installation and maintenance posts. In this week’s webinar on cookstoves, for example, several speakers mentioned that they manufacture their cookstoves locally. As an interesting footnote, also see the story on US coal miners retraining as wind turbine installers.

Congratulations to Nafa Naana, the winner of Smart Villages’ fourth entrepreneurial competition, the 2017 Off-grid Energy Challenge for West Africa. Nafa Naana is a social business that improves access to clean and efficient energy solutions through a microfranchised distribution network and microfinance services in Burkina Faso. Congratulations to all the excellent finalists as well. Read about them all here.

Finally, we hope to see many of you at the European Development Days in Brussels next week where we will have a Smart Villages booth in the EDD Village and at ACEF in Manila, where the Smart Villages team will be giving presentations & leading a Knowledge Networking session!

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
9.8 Million Employed Worldwide In Renewable Energy Says New IRENA Report
Nearly 10 million people were employed in the renewable energy sector last year, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said on Wednesday. IRENA’s report, Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2017, states that global renewable energy employment in 2016, excluding large hydropower, hit 8.3 million. If direct employment in large hydropower is included, that figure climbs to 9.8 million. […]

Anmar Frangoul – CNBC (24.05.17)AfDB Starts New Fundraising Drive For Energy Access
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has embarked on a fund-raising drive to finance the expansion of energy with the immediate aim of connecting 200 million people with clean energy even as it continues its push to unlock barriers to effective investments in the agriculture sector. […]

AllAfrica (24.05.17)

Embrace DRE Urges Power For All’s Shirley
Countries in Africa and South Asia should embrace inexpensive decentralised renewable energy (DRE) technologies for clean, sustainable and affordable power for all, says a report.Most national governments are far from solving energy poverty, according to the report released last month (4 April) by Power for All — a global network that advocates for renewable energy. […]

Sam Otieno – Sci Dev (25.05.17)

Dispute Over African Energy Access Figures
The head of Africa at the World Economic Forum recently said that only about 20% of Africans have access to electricity. We pulled the data.Has the vast majority of Africa’s population been left in the dark? […]

Gopolang Makou – AllAfrica (24.05.17)

More Coal Means More Poverty Says New Oxfam Report
Coal power equals poverty, and the Australian government’s aggressive fixation on expanding coal exports to developing nations is putting communities at increasing risk of harm from climate change. […]

EnergyMatters (29.05.17)

US Warns Of Emergency Solar Import Tariffs
The United States has notified the other 163 members of the World Trade Organization that it is considering putting emergency “safeguard” tariffs on imported solar cells, according to a WTO filing published on Monday. […]

Tom Miles – UK Reuters (29.05.17)


Press Release

Smart Villages announces Nafa Naana as the Winner of the 2017 Off-grid Energy Challenge for West Africa
Smart Villages

Energy Entrepreneurs

Amit Saraogi, Co-founder and CEO, Oorja
Smart Villages

New Study

New study shows community-based models may be the way forward
Smart Villages

Latest Webinar

A breath of fresh air: What’s next for clean cookstoves?
Smart Villages

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Green Mini-Grids Market Development Programme
Smart Villages


Major UK Solar Company Sees Sunnier Climes Abroad
Adam Vaughan – TheGuardian (28.05.17)New LNG Supply Chain Planned For Off-Grid Areas In Scotland And Sardinia
Stuart Monteith – EnergyVoice (24.05.17)

Targeting Off-Grid A Priority Says New Rwandan Energy Head
Collins MWAI – New Times (26.05.17)

Korea Opens Renewable Energy Technology Centre In Tanzania
Jimmy Lwangili – AllAfrica (27.05.17)

UK Breaks Solar Records Again
Steve Hanley – CleanTechnica (26.05.17)

Africa Urged To Harmonise Energy Standards
Cynthia Ilako – TheStar (29.05.17)


Coal Country’s Power Plants Turn Away From Coal
Diane Cardwell and Clifford Krauss NYTimes (26.05.17)Money Going Into Off-Grid Technologies
Jeff St. John – GreenTechMedia (26.05.17)

US Solar Creating Jobs At Record Rate
Karla Lant – Futurism (28.05.17)

Wyoming Wind Farm Company Targets Ex-Miners As Trainees
DIANE CARDWELL – NYTimes (21.05.17)

Solar For Remote Nicaraguan Clinic

Energy Poverty Grows In Mexico
Emilio Godoy – ips news

Science & Technology

Ideas For Off-Grid Solar Charging Stations
Jim Innes – AltEnergyMag (24.05.17)Facility Managers Expect To Be Off-Grid In 10 Years Global Survey Finds
Jennifer Hermes – Energy Manager Today (24.05.17)

Off-Grid UPS Grows
TheEnergyst (24.05.17)

Fresh Look At PAYG For IOT Models
Deepak Puri – NetworkWorld (25.05.17)

Indian Rooftop Solar Plant Wins Top US Innovation Prize

Indian Technology Institute To Run On Solar
Karla Lant – Futurism (28.05.17)

Solar-Powered VW Camper For The Hippy In Us All
Alexander Haro – TheInertia (27.05.17)

Global Solar Pump Market Set For Growth Says New Report
WVAlways (29.05.17)


Claims That Only 8% Of Modi’s Electrified Villages Have Actual Household Access
TheNewsMinute (26.05.17)Indian Mini-Grids Project Launched At AfDB
Piyush Goyal – Business Standxard (24.05.17)

100 More Villages Aiming To Be Smart In India
Chandigarh – Nyoooz (24.05.17)

Indonesian Community-Owned Off-Grid Island Project A Model To Follow?
Ilias Tsagas – PV-Magazine (24.05.17)

Solar Pumps To Rescue In Drought-Stricken Indian States
NewIndianExpress (28.05.17)

Solar Mushroom Growing Takes Root In Australia
Michael Bloch – SolarQuotes (30.05.17)

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