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I’m back from the stimulating European Development Days in Brussels last week with several thoughts to share. Almost invariably visitors to our stand made two points. Firstly, they said that Smart Villages could be part of the solution to rural migration by increasing the prospects of inhabitants. Secondly, they suggested that the idea of Smart Villages should be linked to the Smart Cities movement and not viewed in isolation. 
Another topic at the meeting that attracted us was the idea of making agriculture attractive to young people. Here again, Smart Villages’  vision of providing power for a range of technological innovations – from solar irrigation to drones – seems highly relevant.
Finally, we were overwhelmed by requests to hold events in regions we have not covered so far, including Ethiopia, Angola, Madagascar, and the nomadic territories of the Tuareg to name but a few. All of this augurs well for our event with EASAC next week on Smart Rural Development.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Indian Power Sector Slipping Into Crisis?
Being a power surplus nation doesn’t mean India produces more power than it needs. It means the country’s capacity to generate power is now more than what is demanded, which is in turn is determined by access to electricity and ability to pay for it. […]

Hindustan Times – Hindustan Times (12.06.17)Record “Green Energy” Capacity Added Say REN21
The world is now adding more green energy capacity each year than it adds in new capacity from all fossil fuels combined, a United Nations-backed report revealed today, showing that the “renewables train has already left the station” and those who ignore this will be left behind. […]

UN News Centre (07.06.17)

Agency Synchronisation Key To Rural Electrification Success In India Argue Advisors
In his second Independence Day address to the nation in 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised that the government would provide electricity to all 18,452 unelectrified villages in the country within 1000 days. The Power Ministry promises to provide 24 x 7 electricity across the country. […]

Nitin Mehta & Pranav Gupta – OneIndia (11.06.17)

The Indian Energy Access Dividend
Inhabitants of Jawhar, a sub-district of Palghar, Maharashtra, about 100 km from Mumbai, have been living in darkness for ages. Extending the power-grid to hundreds of these tribal settlements is not economically viable. […]

Ksenia Kondratieva – TheHinduBusinessLine (11.06.17)

Oil Giants Need To Invest Properly In Renewables To Survive Claims New Report
More than a fifth of investment by the largest oil and gas companies could be in wind and solar power in just over a decade, according to analysis of how global changes in energy will reshape the sector.Slowing demand for oil and forecasts of rapid growth in renewables posed both a threat and and opportunity BP, Shell and Total among others cannot ignore, said research group Wood Mackenzie. […]

Adam Vaughan – TheGuardian (12.06.17)

Indian Utility-In-A-Box Aims To Solve Multi-Vendor Component Mini-Grid Issues
The solar photovoltaic (PV) system was designed by the US- and Mumbai-based Institute for Transformative Technologies (ITT) and is to be tested by private-sector Indian energy services companies TARA Urja, Mlinda and OMC Power. […]

Tildy Bayar – Decentralized-Energy (13.06.17)

EU Mulls USD 28 Million Off-Grid Solar Support In Sub-Saharan Africa
The European Investment Bank (EIB) considers providing about EUR 25 million (USD 28m) in financing to support the installation of off-grid solar installations in Sub-Saharan Africa, the lender said on Monday. […]

Veselina Petrova – RenewablesNow (13.06.17)

Pamir Wins Ashden Award For Hydro Work In Pakistan And Tajikistan
Pamir Energy has been announced the winner of the 2017 International Ashden Award for Increasing Energy Access for its work in bringing hydropower to 220,000 people in East Tajikistan and 35,000 people in North Afghanistan, as well as to many businesses, schools, and health centres. […]

David Lawal – TheNation (13.06.17)

Mauritius Proposes Smart Villages In Budget
Le député du Mouvement patriotique Jean-Claude Barbier a repris le refrain «paroles, paroles, paroles» d’une chanson de Dalida pour décrire le Budget 2017-2018. Cet exercice, dit-il, est marqué par un endettement sans précédent. […]

Jean Denis Permal – LExpress (13.06.17)


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African Renewable Energy Prize Winners Announced By Accesspower
Naija247 (08.06.17)Sunculture And Energy4Impact Drive PAYG Solar Irrigation In East Africa
StandardMedia (08.06.17)Tanzania Urges Traders To Use Off-Grid Solar To Grow Businesses
Patrick Kisembo, Lilian Lucas – AllAfrica (09.06.17)Women Can Drive Renewable Energy Uptake Says Nigerian NGO 
Chinelo Chikelu – Leadership (10.06.17)


USTDA Funds 130 MW Wind Farm In Zambia
Renews (09.06.17)New Mass Solar Regulations Could Go Further Claim
Joseph Bebon – SolarIndustryMag (07.06.17)Mississippi Benefits From Solar Jobs
Melissa Egan – WMCactionNews (10.06.17)Community Solar Project Launched In South Carolina
SolarDaily (12.06.17)

Hybrid Wind-Solar Plants Solve Water Shortage On Marshall Islands
TristateUpdate (12.06.17)

Science & Technology

Floating Solar Farm Reflects China’s Ambitions
JapanTimes (11.06.17)India To Fund Accelerated Ultracritical Renewables Technology Research
Outlook india (08.06.17)Simpa Launches PAYG TV Package
Andrew Burger – MicrogridMedia (09.06.17)Tesla Plans To Use Solar To Power Superchargers
Rob Stumpf – TheDrive (09.06.17)

Battery Storage Takes Hold In Wind Sector
Jason Deign – GreenTechMedia (09.06.17)

Nextracker Pairs Flow Batteries With Solar Trackers
Eric Wesoff – VanadiumCorp (09.06.17)

Hive Claims Breakthrough In Next Generation Storage Technology
AltEnergyMag (12.06.17)

India’s First Solar TV Rolled Out
Nishtha Chugh – Forbes (12.06.17)


Record 5.6 MWh Battery Storage Installation For Cook Islands
Sophie Vorrath – OneStepOffTheGrid (08.06.17)Ola And WWF-India Team Up For Indian Energy Access Initiative
Outlook india (08.06.17)German Software For New Philippine Island Solar Installation
Rey Anthony H. Chiu – PIA (08.06.17)Controversy Over Potential Australian Solar Tax
Giles Parkinson – RenewEconomy (08.06.17)

Call For Nepal To Focus More On Energy Efficiency
Bishal Thapa – NepaliTimes (09.06.17)

Uttar Pradesh Interested In Both Smart Cities And Villages
Vinod Rajput – Hindustan Times (09.06.17)

Clean Energy Training Program For Female Entrepreneurs Launched In Nepal
Carolyn Fortuna – CleanTechnica (10.06.17)

IRENA Urges Central Asia To Commit More To Renewable Energy
TheTimesOffCentralAsia (12.06.17)

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