Smart Villages News 139 – A new era for farming?

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Among the hundreds of enthusiastic youth-led projects on show at EDD the other week, one entitled ‘Making Farming Attractive To Young People Again’ stood out for me. It chimes perfectly with thoughts of the Smart Villages’ team, many of whom have worked on a sister initiative Biosciences For Farming In Africa’ which has been looking to raise awareness among small holder farmers of the growing opportunities offered by technology leapfrogging. From weather forecasts and market prices by mobile phone, to solar powered irrigation, grinding and drying and even on to drone crop and flock surveillance, the potential dividends for even the smallest of small holders of access to sustainable energy are immense and could renew interest among the young in farming.  This week also some great new technology ideas and interesting to see both Mobisol and D.Light consolidating and extending their offerings. Are we seeing the beginnings of the first African-born global players?

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Dakar Workshop
Global Coal Investments Fall At Record Rate Says New Finance Report
The falling cost of solar power has made this form of renewable energy an increasingly attractive option to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase access to affordable, clean energy in developing countries through energy finance. This update covers recent investments in solar power generation and other renewables against the background of an accelerating decline in global coal production and consumption. […]

Stefan Jungcurt Ph.D. – IISD (22.06.17)

Thor To Harness Iceland’s Volcanoes
He’s known to aficionados of mythology as the Norse god of thunder, and to cinema lovers as the hammer-wielding, golden-haired superhero of Marvel fame… but now Thor could be lending his name to an ambitious renewable energy project in Iceland. […]

Environmental Technology (24.06.17)

China’s Plateau Province Runs For 7 Days On Renewables Alone
Northwest China’s Qinghai Province has just run for seven straight days entirely on renewable energy.From June 17 to midnight of June 23, Qinghai used only wind, solar and hydro power stations.Quan Shengming, general manager of the provincial grid company, said during the period, electricity use was 1.1 billion kilowatt hours, equivalent to 535,000 tons of coal. […]

Zhang Dongmiao – XinhuaNet (25.06.17)

Carbon Accounting For Biomass Challenged
RUSAL, the world’s second-largest aluminium producer, will stick to its goal to source all of its electricity needs from clean energy by 2020 despite the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change mitigation, according to its deputy chief executive. […]

Eric Ng – SouthChinaMorningPost (25.06.17)

Consolidation Grows As Mobisol Acquires Lumeter
Mobisol, has acquired Lumeter, one of the largest providers of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) software for the off-grid solar industry. The acquisition creates strong synergies between Lumeter and Mobisol’s software for pay-as-you-go services. […]

StandardDigital (27.06.17)

D.Light Responds With “Super” Home Solar System Including TV 
Africans who live too far from the power grid or cannot afford a power connection now have a cheaper option to access a fully powered home entertainment system. d.light, a global solar kit maker has launched a flagship solar home system that will enable users to not only light their homes and charge their phones, but also watch digital TV channels from the comfort of their homes. […]

PV-Magazine (27.06.17)



On demand – Reaping the benefits of energy access: Gender, policy, and practice
Smart Villages

Energy Entrepreneurs

Neha Juneja, Co-founder, Greenway
Smart Villages


Situación actual del acceso a cocinas limpias en Latinoamérica
Smart Villages

Featured Video

Energías renovables: nuevas oportunidades en Nicaragua
Renewable energy: new opportunities in Nicaragua

Smart Villages


Zimbabwe Sets Up Green Energy Fund
The Herald (22.06.17)

Greek Island Wins Sustainable Energy Award For Micro-Grid
ANSAMed (22.06.17)

Masdar To Green DP Ports And Freezones
KhaleejTimes (22.06.17)

Dalberg Champions Idea Of Off-Grid Societies In Tanzania
Alex Malanga – AllAfrica (23.06.17)

Vestas Expands Horizons To New Markets
James Kariuki – Nation (25.06.17)

Rusal To Run All Smelters On Hydro Power By 2020
Eric Ng – SouthChineMorningPost (25.06.17)


As Trump Slams Wind And Solar, Republican Strongholds Embrace Them
Alex Lubben – Vice News (24.06.17)

Unlocking LATAM Solar Capital Conference Held In Miami
SolarPlaza (23.06.17)

Hawaii Mulls Green Energy Strategy

Major Wind Farm Proposed For New Mexico
Steve Terrell – Santa Fe – New Mexican (23.06.17)

Canadian Farmers Urged To Harness Full Potential Of Solar Power

Science & Technology

5 Green Innovations To Change The World?
EuroNews (22.06.17)

Off-Grid Solar Lighting Report Published
OpenPR (22.06.17)

Offshore Kites Set To Take Off
MarEx – Maritime-Executive (25.06.17)

Researchers Underline Potential Of Livestock Generated Biomass In India
SouthChinaMorningPost (25.06.17)

Mini Take-It-With-You Turbine Launched
Leon Siciliano – BusinessInsiderUK (26.06.17)


Papua New Guinea Sharpens Focus On Renewables
OilPrice (24.06.17)

Tribal Areas Still Lacking Electricity In India
P. Sridhar – TheHindu (22.06.17)

Renewables Could Create 300,000 Jobs In India By 2020
StaffingIndustryAnalysts (23.06.17)

India’s REC Aims To Raise $300 Million In Green Bonds

Philippines Targets Appliance Energy Efficiency
Lenie Lectura – BusinessMirror (25.06.17)

First Early Harvest Pakistan Wind Project Starts
Parvez Jabri – BusinessRecorder (24.06.17)

New ERIA Study Promotes Cambodian Lessons From Rural Electrification
Bangkok Post (27.06.17)

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