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At first glance, there is an incredibly diverse range of stories this week. But upon reflection, they seem to have one common theme: the need to think and act local, supporting on the ground efforts rather than imposing from the top down. This mirrors the findings of our initiative which are due to be published shortly. For example, you see the incredible technology developed by Fatima Ademoh to win the Young Energy Leader prize, and who was also a finalist for our West Africa entrepreneurship competition. Young entrepreneurs like her need to be supported and encouraged to grow. Knowledge transfer is another key issue: Nigerian universities are working with the renewable energy agency and UC Davis has been sharing its expertise with African partners. It’s not all good news, though: the research on caste being a major issue in energy access is worrying, as is news that Africa’s off-grid population continues to grow. However, you could look at this as an opportunity for the continuing march of technology: witness the Facebook drone story and the mini-tidal generator. Finally, I’ve met a few Blockchain prophets recently and have included a couple of stories – you can judge for yourself if this is the Uber moment for energy access or not!

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
African Off-Grid Population Continues To Grow According To World Bank Report
The World Bank’s 2017 State of Electricity Access Report offers a number of important data updates on global progress toward universal electricity access. Among the findings, though, one is clearly the big story of the quest for universal energy access: in Sub-Saharan Africa, the off-grid population is growing. […]

Johannes Urpelainen – TheEnergyCollective (30.06.17)Nigeria’s Fatima Ademoh Wins African Young Energy Leader Award
Abuja — A Nigerian woman, Fatima Ademoh, has emerged winner of ‘Young Energy Leader’ award in Cape Town, South Africa.Ademoh who is Founder & CEO, Ajima Youth Empowerment Foundation, Nigeria, bagged the award at the ‘2017 African Utility Week Industry Awards’ that was announced at the CTICC in Cape Town. […]

Gabriel Ewepu – AllAfrica (29.06.17)

Renewable Energy To Top Energy Investments By 2040 Says New BNEF Report
June 2017: Could the wave of news on financing for renewable energy deployment be the beginning of a surge? According to Bloomberg’s ‘New Energy Outlook 2017,’ yearly investments in renewables can be expected to grow 2-3% per year reaching US$400 billion a year in 2040. […]

Stefan Jungkurt – SDG Knowledge Hub (29.06.17)

African Entrepreneurs Get Microsoft Grants For Last Mile Access Projects
Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative grant programme has for the second year in a row made a number of grants to entrepreneurs working to increase access to and affordability of internet services, with six African startups among the beneficiaries. The programme offers grant recipients seed funding, mentorship and access to a network of peers to help them pilot and scale their solutions. […]

Tom Jackson – Disrupt-Africa (30.06.17)

Start-Up Merges Renewable Energy And Blockchain To Create Energy Uber
Renewable energy is on the rise and so is Blockchain, which has a wide variety of uses in practically every field. While these two industries are disruptors all on their own, one startup dares to ask the question, what would happen if they are merged? That’s exactly what LO3 Energy is doing and it is already on its way to making a big splash. […]

Econotimes (30.06.17)

Mano River Countries Launch New Grid Project
Liberian President Sirleaf and Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara after launching the AfDB funded power grid project. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf along with her counterparts from Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Guinea, broke ground for the Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea (CLSG) interconnection project, on the sideline of the high-level ECOWAS Heads of State summit in Liberia, held Sunday 4 June 2017. […]

AllAfrica (29.06.17)

Trump Plans To Usher In New Era Of Energy Dominance
On Thursday, President Donald J. Trump joined Energy Industry Executives, members of Congress, and Cabinet Officials at the Department of Energy to deliver remarks on unleashing America’s boundless capacity for energy production. “We’re here today to usher in a new American energy policy,” he declared. The President explained that he is not only focusing on “energy independence,” but also “energy dominance.” […]

Whitehouse (30.06.17)

South-South, Africa-India Mini-Grid Strategy Urged
A confluence of key driving factors has unleashed a growing wave of off-grid solar PV and mini/microgrid installations and systems deployments across the developing world. Sharp drops in the cost of solar PV equipment and, more recently, […]

Andrew Burger – SolarMagazine (03.07.17)

EU Ponders Blockchain’s Potential Impact On Energy Market
While EU lawmakers are picking over proposals intended to drag Europe’s electricity sector into a 21st century dominated by intermittent renewable power and decentralised generation, others are already contemplating ways in which new digital technologies might shake things up even more. […]

Robert Hodgson – Euraktiv (04.07.17)


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The future of DC for off-grid
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Featured Presentation

Enhancing access to clean and efficient energy solutions through a microfrancised distribution network and microfinance services in Burkina Faso
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Nigerian REA Partners With 8 Local Universities On Energy Access
Kreazetofa Odey – Leadership (29.06.17)Swedish Clean Energy Crowd Funding Platform Raises Euros 6 Million
Iris Dorbian – PE Hub (28.06.17)
SEFA Provides Funds For Green Mini-Grid Development
AfDB (29.06.17)

Kenya’s Fountain Technologies Partners With Ferri Group For REA Infrastructure Projects
Standard Digital (29.06.17)

Call For More Solar To Combat Crime And Poverty In Off-Grid South African Communities
CityPress (29.06.17)

Crowdfunding Campaign For Solar Lighting In Soweto
IOL (30.06.17)

Nigeria Predicted To Surpass Africa’s Renewable Energy Target By 2020
Emma Okonji – ThisDayLive (03.07.17)

New Way Ahead For Madagascar?
PowerTechnology (03.07.17)


Young Canadians Attracted By Off-Grid Properties
Alexandra Sienkiewicz – CbcNews (01.07.17)UCD Offers Young African Leaders Energy Access Expertise
Julia Ann Easley – The DavisEnterprise (30.06.17)

A Greener Apple?
Heather Clancy – GreenBiz (29.06.17)

Renewable Energy Predicted To Be Hot Topic In Virginia Elections
TheNewsAdvance (30.06.17)

Science & Technology

Recycled Fashion Pioneer Designs Off-Grid Office
Esha Chhabra – Forbes (30.06.17)New Small-Scale Off-Grid Wave Generator Developed By UK Student
Jamie Barlow – Nottstv (29.06.17)

Fatima Ademoh’s Waste2Watt Biogas Innovation In Nigeria
James Karuga – CleanLeap (02.07.17)

Solar-Powered Facebook Drone To Provide Internet Access
EnergyWorld (03.07.17)

Sunbandit Hybrid Technology Advances
Benzinga (04.07.17)

Solar Blinds Could Cut Energy Bills
Metro (04.07.17)


Micro-Power Shows Promise In Pakistan
Fazal Khaliq – DAWN (01.07.17)Indian Finance Experts Ponder USD 2.5 Trillion Cost Of Going Green
Anurit Kanti – BusinessWorld (29.06.17)

New Fiji Budget Promises Solar Funding
Arisma Devi-Narayan Suva – FijiSunOnline (30.06.17)

India’s REC Launches First Green Bond In London
Mondovisione (30.06.17)

China Offers “Win-Win” Renewables Support To Ghana
GlobalTimes (01.07.17)

India’s Koraput Villages Still Missing Out
Orissapost (02.07.17)

Warnings On Impact Of Ditching SHS In Bangladesh
TheFinancialExpress (02.07.17)

Research Claims Caste Major Obstacle To Energy Access In India
Vibhor Saxena – TheConversation (02.07.17)

ITT Pushes UIB Mini-Grids In India With Rockefeller Support
Andrew Burger – MicrogridMedia

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