Smart Villages News 142 – Grid Defection – flight of fancy or sound decision?

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We’re featuring Interesting stories this week from both Europe and Africa on the increasing pace of grid defection. The number of solar storage systems in Germany alone has reached 60,000. Meanwhile, at PowerGen Africa, speakers from South Africa and Botswana foretold the end of centralised utilities and a move to a decentralised power generation scenario within the next 20 years. Of course these views are extreme – grids will continue to exist and, with smart technology, we hope they will become more efficient. However, it will be interesting to see what happens in areas where consumers have a choice. The European story also points out that several utility companies are already looking at offering storage solutions to “defectors” to woo them back. Similarly how will utilities in countries with significant access problems fight back – no doubt, being government backed, with more stick than carrot!

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
Cooling For All Initiative Launched
As global temperatures reach record highs and heat waves become the norm across the globe, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), a global initiative led by former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to achieve universal energy access, improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy, has launched a new campaign to identify the challenges and opportunities of providing access to affordable, sustainable cooling solutions for all. […]

Sustainable Brands (21.07.17)

Powergen Speakers Agree On Need To Take Distributed Energy Seriously
Emerging from the closing panel at the PowerGen Africa conference is a strong new message – a different approach is needed to unlock 100% electricity access across Africa. […]

Natasha Odendaal – Engineering news (20.07.17)

Smart Villages On Rwanda And Smart Africa’s Agenda
Transform Africa Summit is a yearly leading African forum bringing together global and regional leaders from government, business and international organisations to collaborate on new ways of shaping and sustaining Africa’s on going digital revolution. The summit brings together leaders and experts across Africa to discuss different issues including Information and Computer Technology especially in the Eastern Africa. […]

Dolapo Aina – TheGuardian (21.07.17)

ISIF Asia 2017 Grants And Award Applications Now Open: Internet For Development
Applications for the 2017 ISIF Asia Grants and Award are now open. Through an open and competitive process, AUD 145,000 is available across three grant categories, and AUD 10,000 for one award, for projects that support the development of the Internet and highlight its social and economic impact in the Asia Pacific. […]

Apnic (27.07.17)

Renewable Energy Empowering Women In Nepal
Participants of a programme ‘Sustainable energy for all’ today stressed the need for sustainable energy to improve the lives of women in rural areas. Presenting a paper on ‘Energy: Empowering Women, Uplifting Lives’, programme manager of Centre for Rural Technology Dr Indira Shakya said energy should not only be used to light homes but also to uplift women’s lives . […]

The Hymalayan (22.07.17)

The US Conservative View On Exploiting Natural Energy Resources
Public lands belong to the public, and as such, they should be used for the financial value of their oil, gas and timber, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told the Western Conservative Summit. “Our great lands, our treasures, belong to us,” he said, speaking Friday on the opening night of what is billed as the largest gathering of conservatives outside of Washington, D.C. “The difference in the Trump administration is this: Believe it or not, I work for you. Interior should be the trusted steward. We should be the nice department, the department that says yes.” […]

Erica Meltzer – Denverite (22.07.17)

China Claims Success In Optimising Energy Strategy And Increasing Renewables Share
BEIJING — China’s energy structure continued to improve in the first half of 2017 as the country consumed more clean energy amid a government campaign for greener growth. […]

ChinaDaily (22.07.17)

Grid Defection Reaching Europe
On the back of rapidly decreasing costs for energy storage and solar photovoltaics (PV), consumers wishing to achieve a low-cost and reliable supply of power are considering grid defection—or at least, partial grid-defection—as an increasingly attractive alternative. […]

Julian Jansen – Energy-Storage (24.07.17)


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Gigawatt Global Has Success With Solar Light Islands In Burundi
Max Ndianaefo – CP-Africa (20.07.17)

Ghana’s President Stresses Need For Energy Data
Graphic (20.07.17)

Ghana’s Volta Island Mini-Grids Proving Value
Frank Yeboah Dadzie – MyJoyOnline (21.07.17)

Solarcentury Wins $5.7 Million Contract For Eritrean Village Solar Mini-Grids
Jonny Bairstow – EnergyLiveNews (20.07.17)
Energy Roadmap But No Implementation Money In The Gambia
ThePoint (21.07.17)


Is Electricity Access Causing New Rural Divide In US?
Chris Hardie Ettrick, Wis. – LacroseTribune (23.07.17)

ESA Tries To Spur US Energy Storage Market
Conor Ryan – Energy-Storage (22.07.17)

Sunnova Aims To Disrupt Houston Power Market
Ryan Maye Handy – Chron (20.07.17)

US Congress Urged To Fund Energy Research
Kevin Randolph – DailyEnergyInsider (21.07.17)

Cuba Starts Off-Grid Solar Push
Tildy Bayar – Decentralized Energy (24.07.17)

Solar Panels Being Snapped Up In US Ahead Of Expected Trump Sanctions
Nichola Groom – Reuters (25.07.17)

Science & Technology

Solar Powered Protein Food Production Makes Debut
SolarQuotes (25.07.17)

New Schneider Report On Solving Energy Paradox
3BL Media (23.07.17)

World Bank Offers New Open Source Tool For Electrification Planning
OpenGovAsia (23.07.17)

Hydrogen Micro-Grid Project Starts In UK
Andrew Scott – Proactive Investors (24.07.17)

Latest Small Wind Market Research Published
MarketWatch (24.07.17)

Salt Water Powered Lamp From Philippines Seeks Funding
ABD CBN news (25.07.17)


Sunlabob Provides Solar Mini-Grid For Mynmar Garment Factory
Shiu Wang Chau – Myanmar times (21.07.17)

Philippine Researcher Warns Of China’s Energy Belt Coal Bias
BWorldOnline (21.07.17)

Progress Continues Electrifying Borneo Longhouses
Churchill Edward & George Edward – TheBorneoPost (21.07.17)

New Advisory Body Ponders Renewables Role In Cutting India’S Oil Imports
EconomicTimes (20.07.17)

Smart Village Planned In Arunachal
The Arunachal Times (20.07.17)

Climate Smart Villages Idea Growing In Bhutan
KuenselOnline (20.07.17)

And 50 Villages Selected For Climate Smart Project In Bhopal
The Pioneer (21.07.17)

TATA Power Builds First 15 KWP Micro-Grids In Bihar
Marija Djordjevic – PV-Magazine (21.07.17)

Off-Grid Solar Reduces Diesel Reliance For Indigenous Communities In Australia
Amanda Lennon – Pv -tech (24.07.17)

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