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On the anniversary of Partition, mixed fortunes are apparent in the renewables sector for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In India, while the debate over the role of fossil fuels still rages, the saga of rural electrification continues. Conflicting news releases about the levels of success abound, but one to note – and pleasing to us – is the decision by RBI to take a holistic approach to the development of Smart Villages. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to try to build a renewables strategy for Pakistan, while in Bangladesh, the government seems intent on undoing all the good work done in swarming SHS. Finally, Nepal and Bhutan struggle with the aid of some NGOs to introduce more mini-hydro and micro-grids. Another debate resurfacing this week is the absurdity of fossil fuel subsidies.

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Dakar Workshop
Keeping It In The Ground Not Necessarily Green Claims US Commentator
Passionate voices in environmental, political and even academic spheres have recommended elimination of 85% of global energy by keeping oil, natural gas and coal in the ground, thus cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. This, they argue, is for the welfare of the global climate and of the impoverished who, they claim, will be hurt most by the impacts of climate change. […]

Scott Tinker – Forbes (10.08.17)

Continuing Subsidy Folly Attacked
One of President Obama’s main climate policy thrusts was to persuade the world that since you often get what you pay for, the world should stop paying for more extreme climate disruption by subsidizing fossil fuels. Both the G7 and the G20 accepted Obama’s lead – at least nominally. […]

Carl Pope – HuffingtonPost (11.08.17)

UK Fossil Fuel Subsidy Scandal Breaks
Despite committing the UK to invest in renewable energy, taxpayer money is being thrown into climate change affecting fossil fuels in developing countries. Of the £6.13billion the UK put into energy in developing countries between 2010 and 2014, 43 per cent went towards gas, oil and coal projects. […]

Vincent Wood – Express (11.08.17)

UNEP`s Solheim Has Faith In China And India
The main role of UNEP [United Nations Environment Programme] is advocacy for the environment. Within these parameters, I see my role as the promotion of economic systems which work to help the environment. We partner with governments, such as with India on its Clean India [Swachh Bharat] campaign, its solar energy and green growth campaigns. […]

Omair Ahmad – TheThirdPole (11.08.17)

Renewables Gaining Traction In Pakistan
ISLAMABAD: The US-Pakistan Energy Centre (USPCAS-E) at NUST is conducting applied research relevant to Pakistan’s energy needs. It serves as a bridge between the government, industry and academia and is Pakistan’s premier energy think tank to undertake sustainable policy formulation to help Pakistan unleash its enormous potential for economic growth. […]

Dr Mohammad Bilal Khan – Tribune (14.08.17)

SBI Launches Holistic Smart Village Project
MUMBAI: State Bank of India has undertaken a project to adopt 500-600 villages coming under 100 Gram Panchayats across the country to create model ‘smart villages’ which will use digital platforms to help locals take advantage of government schemes. […]

Mayur Shetty| – Mayur Shetty| (14.08.17)

Mini-Grids The Key Says ECOWAS
The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) has reaffirmed its commitment to increase household access to electricity in the sub-region by 35 per cent through renewable energy sources by 2020. […]

PM News (14.08.17)

Does Cash Aid Help The Poor — Or Encourage Laziness?
You don’t have to convince Likezo Nasilele that giving people a small but steady stream of cash with no strings attached may be the smartest way to fix poverty. Just a few years ago Nasilele and her husband, Chipopa Lyoni, couldn’t even afford to feed their four children properly. […]

NPR (09.08.17)


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Nasho Mini-Grid Has Major Impact On Nexus Issues In Rwanda
Andrew Burger – SolarMagazine (10.08.17)Rural Electrification Funds Squandered By Success Governments Confirms Nigerian Report
Premium Times (09.08.17)Côte d’Ivoire Seeks To Be West African Energy Hub
OxfordBusinessGroup (09.08.17)

UK Code Of Practice For Energy Storage Published
OxfordBusinessGroup (09.08.17)

UK Govt Spending Twice As Much On Fossil Research As Renewables
Ben Kentish – Independent (11.08.17)

SEFA Supports First Major Solar Project In Lesotho
NewsGhana (11.08.17)


Coal Country Church Harvests Solar Power
Wymt (13.08.17)Few Nexus Solutions For Off-Grid Mid-East Communities Presented At Arizona University
Speedway (02.10.17)Cleanchoice Energy Surpasses $1.5 Million In Donations
PRNewsWire (10.08.17)

USAID Increases Ghana Energy Access Support
GhanaNewsAgency (09.08.17)

$100 Million Solar Project For South Carolina
Wist (10.08.17)

Science & Technology

Fold-Up Solar Comes To Rescue Of Remote Mines
EcoGeneration (14.08.17)Gravity Lighting Gains More Fans
TechAcute (09.08.17)Nottingham Researchers Make Energy Efficient Data Storage Breakthrough
Phys (10.08.17)

Angaza Design Raises $6.9 Million For PAYG Technology
NewsCenter (10.08.17)

New Technology For Mining Water Flow And Slurry Power Generation
BusinessInsider (10.08.17)


UK-Funded Sunrise Project Puts Solar To Work In India
TheHindu (09.08.17)Major New Rural Electrification Drive In Fuji
Fbc (10.08.17)$5.5 Million Solar Park Planned In New Zealand
ILLYA MCLELLAN – Stuff (10.08.17)

Engie Makes Inroads In China
Chen Yingqun – ShinaDaily (11.08.17)

Indian Government Panel Insists All Families Must Get Power For Village To Be Declared Electrified
timesOfIndia (10.08.17)

Consumers May Be Better Off-Grid Says Australian Expert
Giles Parkinson – RenewEconomy (11.08.17)

Bhutan Looks To Diversify Energy Mix With More Renewables
Kuensel (12.08.17)

Public-Private Renewable Energy Investment Programme Successful In Nepal
katmanduPost (12.08.17)

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